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  1. Chat window settings

    Hi everyone! :) Am I the only one who is not able to apply chat window settings? I tried to change them, to add new chat tabs and remove others, but I can't manage to click on "Apply" [the button is always in grey]. Thank u! Ilya
  2. Constant Disconnect

    Same problem here, and now need to wait for 5 minutes of queue...think the servers are overloaded, maybe.. :(
  3. Moonshade Cemetery

    In the moonshade cemetery dungeon, the treasure chest can't be opened even though one has a key. Thank you Ilya
  4. The chests in Dungeons

    same here :(
  5. ERROR 03001

    I had that same error, but restarting the PC and afterwards the launcher, everything went fine. Do you still get the same error? (and don't worry for the english, it's fine ;) )
  6. I have exactly the same problem. The server keeps disconnecting and each time I have to restart the game, after my character is basically stuck in whatever action she's doing. The internet connection itself is stable, even though the game shows a popup message saying the server connection has encountered an error. Thanks!
  7. Missing subtitles

    Hi everyone :) I noticed that sometimes subtitles are missing during cutscenes. An example: during one of the very first cutscenes, when the Hongmoon school is attacked by Jin Seo Yeon and her "allies", the sentence "It's you, you should be worried about" is not reported in the subtitles. Thank you!
  8. Warlock class missing ?

    Can't wait for that! The warlock is my favourite :D