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  1. Like i said, we are always getting the worse side of things when it comes to being rewarded. And thats not gonna change. Its just how NCWest works.
  2. If you think we are going to get similar rewards to KR[ or better] you are naive. We are always getting the worse side of things when it comes to being rewarded.
  3. What do you expect when NCWest's CEO is KOREAN? There's nothing they can do. They have no power over it. Western players HATE grinding and NCWest acknowledged it during the early bns streams, however with NCWest restructuring 3 times in 4 years[?] everything is gone to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. theres no communication between the teams etc.. And people think UE4 will save it..gosh so naive.
  4. There's absolutely nothing big about this update. Those who still hard-raid are already familiar with whats in the raid and how to deal with it with guides from Korea. As for the rest its just rehashing and nothing -brand new-. the only big updates are classes and specs. the rest are just..❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  5. my fastest speed run has been 14 hours but, id never skip a first playthrough xd
  6. BnS suffers from the same things like Aion and its not hackers. Its management. They simply dont care about the player experience, and thats the fact. They keep releasing unnecessery new item slots, and bns is more pay2win than mobile games, the community is toxic and they keep nerfing gains from lower entry dungeons which hurts new players as if the community didnt do it enough. Im happy theres UE4 but im also not a sheep to think it will solve BnS's most major problems, for starters they gotta get rid of the NCWest CEO, and get someone who cares about the gaming experie
  7. Ugh.. You lost me at 'so what?' BDO and BnS characters dont look similar at all. I also never said what i wanted. So its just you jumping to conclusions for reasons unknown or ure simply taking your anger on me? idk fam. I like how characters look now, i also like how characters look like on UE4..so far. Wether i dislike it or not depends on how my preset will look like at June on the korean servers. Thankfully i got friends from Korea so im not worried about something so minimal, knowing BnS has larger problems than wether graphics and characters look realistic or not
  8. While i understand your excitement, Blade and Soul wont be saved with a UE4 release. They need to fundamentally change how upgrading works, stats, hongmoon store, new player friendliness etc.. There was never a reason to doubt UE4s arrival honestly. Them being mostly silent in 2020 over it was a good move. 'Dont reveal anything unless u can deliver' is the best way to do things, and NCsoft did it properly.
  9. As someone who returned to BDO recently im afraid thats not true. The BDO characters still look more realistic and show more emotion even when standing still. Based on Frontier BnS and the new UE4 Trailer the BnS characters are still emotionless outside of emotes and still look plastic dolls. And i doubt the characters will be changed dramatically. The game isnt dead, its in a rapid decline however. And your attitude is extremepy pathetic if i may add. Your attitude wont make NCsoft wake up, but ignore you as you offer nothing to anyone in these forums. The BnS fr
  10. its not even 3 pm at NCWs location. still early for the update
  11. No. they are exclusive for a reason. They might release a recolor of it. but the actual original version of these costumes should remain exclusive to those of us who purchased the most expensive founders pack.
  12. Aion couple of years ago had a character model upgrade, and the results were so bad everyone got outraged and NCWest gave everyone a free voucher.. However..NCWest has only gotten worse in terms of hearing their players, i dont expect any free voucher, probably a sale.
  13. Point is, its not worth the effort. the drops absolutely suck, the cosmetics are probably the worse we have had in a HM dungeon and the only item worth getting is the bracelet ull replace in a few months. So no theres nothing to consider. but at the same time NCsoft is the most incompetent gaming company when it comes to feedback. they dont care for anyone but filling their own pockets. NCwest being run by a Korean doesnt help anyone either.
  14. point is BnS is awful. mobile lvl monetization, awful performance unless u go through the effort to make it better yourself since NCsoft is incompetent, worthless dungeons and constantly rehashed content. absolutely nothing is new or innovative outside of greed. and ofc BnS isnt relevant, i dont care even if it shut down tbh. theres only 3 relevant mmos anyway and BnS will never be close to any of em.
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