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  1. Please bring back badge exchanging system!

    I dont like telling people how to do their jobs but youre announcing in under 24 hours before the patch that you are removing the badge exchange. I thought you guys wanted to improve communication? What is this all about? Atleast bring back Badge Exchange for One Week/7 Days/ 168 Hours/ 10.080 Minites/604 800 seconds incase the dev team doesnt understand what a week is. They are incompetent, someone should tell them that! One week is enough for people to finalize the spec they wanna focus on at this point.
  2. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    Well said! I play BnS since 2014 till 2 months ago and im fed up with how the game is treatted. Imagine having a gold mine of a game and yet they only think of how to fill their own pockets instead of giving it the proper quality updates and attention it deserves. They increased the RNG Box frequency and their earnings still dont go up,unless its with a big patch[skill revamp or 3rd specs]. Why? It doesnt matter how many whales play,a bunch of em still quit. I moved on FFXIV and most likely Astelia as well as the devs there actually listen and even before the game releases. NCWest may be just the publisher but they got power and options,yet its always like "the dev team makes the decisions". The Dev team is Korean not Western,what do they know? the game shifted from being fun to "When are we getting the next trove and rng box" The core players of the game keep up with the Korean updates we know what will come but they treat us like we are dumb.
  3. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Just as Tseng said above it can be considered Deceptive Advertisment
  4. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    And on top of that you dare to self promote the rosethorn chest scam on the patch notes? What a joke. im done o7
  5. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Atleast we can insult Nico :thinking:
  6. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    in Liinxys case shes a community manager i never insult them since they only tell you things coming from the dev team. but this today was woaaw.. and yeah but they killed Lineage 2 anyway. Next is BnS
  7. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    thats even worse then rofl
  8. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    They already knew how much more people spent on Radiant energies after their "hype" over powders on the stream and the article and the dev. team thought "hey lets give them 10 gold while they paid 15-20g each and lets forget the amount of REAL money spent"
  9. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Its too late for that lmfao the patch drops in under 18 hours they wont change anything
  10. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    And since i can use my brain compared to Bloodlust and whoever is in charge of development team. You hypocrites could just lower the rates. Everyone would appreciate it way more than 10 gold[which is nothing compared to how much we paid for radiant energies after your silly announcements last week which arent true anymore].No hate towards you tho or the community managers Liinxy ure just the messengers
  11. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Exactly this! they kept saying on the stream radiant energy will turn into X item over and over. and funny enough even if we tell them to reconsider now its just too late! they did it on purpose lmao cause the patch drops tomorrow~ its actually pathetic as hell. they probably had this planned from last week. I only bought 10 extra radiant energies for ONE hepta not 500 but so i dont care but its just misinformation and worse of it all just a few hours before the patch drops.
  12. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Another dissapointment from NCsoft just when u thought theyd do something great for ...once.
  13. [suggestion]Gunner for Gon

    Problem is the pistols arent huge,and gunners dont use caliber,they use a small sniper as an ultimate but thats it. Also Yun doesnt have any exclusive class.
  14. [suggestion]Gunner for Gon

    Juwol is a Yun btw she just has the looks of a gon