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  1. What about consoles?

    Probably wait for next G-Star as NCsoft skipped it this year, we only know there is a console version in development. As for when and how nobody knows.
  2. A Quick Update From Nico

    I appreciate the quick post and clearing up some things but honestly you always say on every anniversary that you have surprises and most of them are us again giving u money to enjoy the said anniversary. Getting tired of this,playing this game since it launched on the west but going nowhere with each anniversary. Anyway hope we get UE4 soon, people can be patient for so long.
  3. Additional Dungeon and Daily Challenge Changes Coming

    praise the arts its happening! Now only the HP Nerfs and HH mechanics need fixing~
  4. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    Thanks Hime, just please consider rolling back to Normal Mode without gold/loot nerfs until you guys figure out whats wrong with Easy Mode. Give us what was promised.
  5. Do you even care at this point?

    Oh yeah i agree,i lurk a lot on forums and Mithra is doing a good job but they have to follow CoC and in come cases it feels off? idk how to put it. the problem is the team has nothing to tell us,the dungeons are still bugged absolutely nothing was fixed today except from MSP like yeah its dissapointing at this point :/ When they tell you they wont sell stats in the cash shop and last month they did exactly that and now the biggest patch of the year is so dissapointing on every aspect except the new class its like "what even is the point anymore"
  6. what was this maintenance even for? xD
  7. Do you even care at this point?

    wait what? the Staff members that interact with us on forums are just mere Community Managers aka messengers,they only say what the higher ups tell them to say,instead of focusing this on using "you" on the wrong person,you should say "they" cause its the producers and the development teams fault~
  8. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    Any reason why Solo Dungeon gold income was nerfed? Was the HP nerfed? Mechanics? ANYTHING?! Unless they go "Easy Mode" there is no reason to justify their gold nerfs. Cyan is just the messenger,he says what he is told to say. If the higher ups have nothing to say,he cant say anything either. Dont blame him for the developers and producers being incompetent.
  9. BnS wont close before Aion and Lineage 2 as it brings them more money Also its not ideal to hire gamers of their playerbase atleast for development They could hire them for play-testing tho which they seriously need NCwest is quite scammy no matter what they say/apologise for and some of their staff members are too bad for the company and the community itself their Support team is beyond incompetent,makes me wonder if they really read/check when they handle tickets or just copy paste why they wont do ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. every game has a future,the real question is if NCsoft wants BnS to have one.
  10. The game is a load of garbage

    EnMasse will kill it like they killed TERA. Even Gameforge would do better seeing the state of NCwests Aion and Gameforges. In any case every western publisher is trash, the NCwest CEO probably doesnt understand english to communicate. the support team is garbage,im not even sure why they still have a job with that amount of incompetence. Community team announces you can transfer the rng box WEAPON CHEST and the support team tells you "oh we meant the RNG BOX ITSELF",im not even sure if each team communicates with each other,and previous NCW workers have reported that despite there being good ppl,the ceo and the overall enviroment is awful with a little communication. After Omeed left the game kept going downhill. He promised good things and if he still worked hed do all things he said,but once he left down we go. Also certain community staff members are questionable,judging how they work on Aion and other forums. And most importantly the development team doesnt understand the western player base,im not sure if its ignorance or greed or both[probably both],i play BnS since 2013 over several regions and even China is more playable than West. This was supposed to be the biggest patch of the year and its the worse we had back to back[August patch and selling stats in cash shop while promising they wouldnt do that]. NCwest if not the entire NCsoft need an overhaul.
  11. Game dying

    BnS isnt going anywhere any time soon,if theres a game that shuts down next it will be Aion or Lineage 2[hopefully both go] BnS is still making a lot of money for NCsoft worldwide,MxM shut down on every region it released on,
  12. Please bring back badge exchanging system!

    I dont like telling people how to do their jobs but youre announcing in under 24 hours before the patch that you are removing the badge exchange. I thought you guys wanted to improve communication? What is this all about? Atleast bring back Badge Exchange for One Week/7 Days/ 168 Hours/ 10.080 Minites/604 800 seconds incase the dev team doesnt understand what a week is. They are incompetent, someone should tell them that! One week is enough for people to finalize the spec they wanna focus on at this point.
  13. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    Well said! I play BnS since 2014 till 2 months ago and im fed up with how the game is treatted. Imagine having a gold mine of a game and yet they only think of how to fill their own pockets instead of giving it the proper quality updates and attention it deserves. They increased the RNG Box frequency and their earnings still dont go up,unless its with a big patch[skill revamp or 3rd specs]. Why? It doesnt matter how many whales play,a bunch of em still quit. I moved on FFXIV and most likely Astelia as well as the devs there actually listen and even before the game releases. NCWest may be just the publisher but they got power and options,yet its always like "the dev team makes the decisions". The Dev team is Korean not Western,what do they know? the game shifted from being fun to "When are we getting the next trove and rng box" The core players of the game keep up with the Korean updates we know what will come but they treat us like we are dumb.