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  1. How do I craft things?

    To encourage trading and socializing. As for whether or not it's worth it - not really, unless it's something you like doing. You can make profit from certain professions but most of them are pretty useless or outdated.
  2. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    I meant the speedhacking. Wasn't even aware you can enable dps meters or whatnot.
  3. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    Wait what? You claim people left because of GameGuard, and then later that they didn't listen to people complaining about GameGuard. First of all, I don't know of a single person who would've quit the game because of GG, and second, them listening to the whining is exactly why we now have this Xigncode crap which is 10x worse. Thanks a lot. As for the XML thing - yeah... Everyone using it just should get flat out banned. There is no justification for it, no matter what they keep telling themselves. Modifying your game client to get an unintended speed advantage is speedhacking.
  4. Seems to take longer for me as well. It's not a massive difference, but what bothers me a bit is that usually after the first launch, every subsequent launch is much faster, but now they all seem about equally slow.
  5. No Yura Hair?! o-o

    I'm glad it's not in Trove.
  6. Because there isn't one... Why do you think most games use Gameguard?
  7. Had to write my first post due to Xigncode

    Haha, saw this coming from a mile away. Thanks a lot to all who complained about Gameguard. Yeah, Gameguard isn't great, but I haven't seen anyone mention even one solution that'd be better. Why? Because there really isn't one. At least Gameguard has the least amount of issues from all of them, so if you want it replaced, you can only do worse. Even if the test period proves unsuccessful and they revert to Gameguard, they've just wasted money and resources implementing something that should've never been done just because of people's stupidity. It's easy to complain if you don't understand how things work nor have any actual solutions or suggestions. I've had really shitty experiences with Xigncode in the past and if they're going to repeat here, I guess I'll finally be quitting the game for good.
  8. Returning to BnS - Questions

    Greens and blues are good enough yeah. Whatever shields you get next are only temporary anyway, except MSP which you'll hold onto until you get BT raid shields (if ever). Start collecting MSP pieces straight away and don't worry too much about the rest. As for the elemental earring, the purple one is a complete waste of time imo. Some people will argue, but if you upgrade your current earring to max it'll have pretty good stats and switching from that to elemental has a massive crit loss which you can't really afford until you have much better gear. The elemental is an upgrade from pinnacle I guess, because pinnacle earring is terrible, but it's not better than True Scorpion if you ask me. It also depends on which build you're running - dark or lightning. Save your peaches to get important weapon mats, badges etc.
  9. Who made this event????

    B&S has some similar systems to what you've mentioned though. Plus, I'm pretty sure they're still making more money than Warframe. Obviously one of the two is better from our perspective as consumers, but that doesn't necessarily reflect in actual earnings. You talk about casual spenders, but as I just said, whales are the ones bringing in the real profits in games.
  10. HighEnd Pc but BT is unplayble

    Not doing anything tbh, not even using bnsbuddy. Normally I play with everything maxed except shadows and terrain distance, but for BT I just tick optimized for combat and take other player's effects down to 1. This keeps my fps between 30~60 with players still visible, pretty much solid 60 when they're off. 64-bit client really did miracles for me. It seems to work way better for older hardware like mine. GTX770, i7 4770, 8GB RAM, SSD, Windows 10.
  11. HighEnd Pc but BT is unplayble

    Mid-range PC here and BT with players turned ON is perfectly playable. :')
  12. Who made this event????

    Simply business. Whether we like it or not, catering to a small amount of whales amounts to much larger profit than a large amount of casual spenders. This is why some form of P2W always tends to creep in after a while, to compensate the naturally dwindling player numbers. I'm developing and self-publishing a mobile game myself and have been reading a lot about this subject.
  13. Who made this event????

    I agree, but rewards should generally have diminishing returns the higher you go. Unfortunately, this game, just like some other modern MMOs, seems to at some point have taken a route where growth (in both stats and wealth) becomes exponential. I can play a whole month and maybe add like 5k to my DPS thanks to upgrades, raising my DPS from say, 50k to 55k. Meanwhile, a whale will dish out 500k in the same timeframe, which is literally 10x my DPS, making my contribution essentially worthless. This is what breeds the excessive imbalance of 6v6 and open world pvp, and applies to PVE progression and everything else as well. Now, it wouldn't be SUCH a huge deal if the game currency wasn't tied to real money and there would be no P2W elements, but it is, and someone who whales out will have a massive advantage over everyone else as he will also significantly boost his future progression speed. In the context of this event, these whales are getting insane amounts of gold from this event while the rest of the playerbase is locked out of it. This results in inflation on the market, but this inflation will only affect the normal players, slowing down their progress even further. It's utterly stupid. I don't like flame posts, it's certainly not the way to address anything, but felt like adding my 2 cents.
  14. New vs Old Skill System

    As a sin, I ended up gaining much more than I lost, so it's a no-brainer. But even without that, honestly the convenience is just too nice, I wouldn't want to go back. Previously I was often too lazy to spec according to the situation or class in pvp, but now it's super fast and simple. I like the system a lot more than I thought I would. The only thing that annoys me is that you can't unspec a few things such as web, which can get in the way when they're not needed.
  15. Event may

    There isn't one, he's just bullshitting. There's almost no chance it's Trove.
  16. Need help !!! Old player coming back !

    OWPVP is pretty much beyond saving at this point, no matter what they do. Most servers have hugely unbalanced factions, and 6v6 is dominated by whales and rich veterans. Catching up is pretty much impossible. Arena population isn't what it used to be either, but it's not terrible by any means. There's a lot less casual players hanging around there though, so competition is a bit tougher. So, if you're really only interested in pvp... I don't know. Everything else however, is arguably a lot better than it used to be. If you like the game for what it is, it's definitely worth coming back (and one of the best times to do so, with tomorrow's huge patch!)
  17. Heavenly Energy - 12/4 update

    Yeah, kinda same. Honestly it doesn't matter to me what the new box has - the whole point of Heavenly Energy was to trade long term work for specific and rare items. Now it's replaced by another layer of RNG... Not to mention I never get anything decent out of RNG boxes. 120+ days of daily challenge and the times I've seen 10 gold can be counted on one hand. 100 gold 0 times. The current box event, I've been doing dailies every day, sometimes on 2 characters, and don't have a single gem yet, or anything better than a galaxy fragment for that matter. Just sigh.
  18. Will wardrobe be free on 12 april?

    Well that is a choice you would just have to make in that situation.
  19. Umh .. i'm perplexed

    I've always wondered if there's really anyone stupid enough to fall for something like that. I guess there is, otherwise they wouldn't keep trying. Tho... "trying" is a stretch. Honestly blows my mind.
  20. Will wardrobe be free on 12 april?

    I never understood this viewpoint. If you're able to pay and can afford costumes (which are often more expensive than premium), then how can you not afford premium? I've seen people say things like "I have 3 rows of costumes and I want to buy more but can't because I have no space". That's idiotic. Just buy premium once then and stash them all away, problem solved... It's not like you need to keep being subbed for it. "But then I can't claim and use them whenever I want" - well, I very much doubt you alternate between all these costumes all the time anyway, just keep your favorite few. And if you really claim all of them again overtime, then yeah, just have to consider you'll eventually need to buy premium again. This is what I do and I've been perfectly fine with it. That said, I wouldn't mind if it was free, and do feel like it would be more appropriate. Space is extremely limited for free players as it is, and it could potentially fuel a few more costume sales. However, premium would have to be changed up quite a bit in that case as currently wardrobe is by far its' main incentive (and even then, I feel like it's a little lacking as it is).
  21. Okay, this is pretty dumb. I'm not even sure why I'm writing a reply, but... Yeah, dailies aren't the most fun thing ever, but I mean.. that's exactly what you did at 45 cap as well. Back then I always even went for 40/40 dailies, all for a few measly gold, but nowadays I often stop at 20ish because more isn't really needed. And either way, it's not like you HAVE to do them, there's plenty of other stuff to do. It's your own fault if you burn yourself out by doing all dailies on multiple accounts. MSP? Well then don't spend so much time there, it's not like there's a rush to get those soulshields. I'm still using Asura/Twisted because they do me just fine and I've been too lazy to grind MSP a lot. I'm just working my way to it slowly, and even then, I feel like it's gone pretty fast considering this is proper endgame gear. The only thing that has been holding me back is the RNG on the rolls, otherwise I would've had my set a while ago. Crying about reaching 650 ap? Really? It's WAY easier than it's ever been, and in 2 days once the patch is out, even moreso. You can now get legendary with little to no effort, while most of us veterans had to spend insane amounts. P2W? The only arguably P2W thing in this game is the Trove, and I personally hate it as well, but that's about it. It's not necessary and often ends up being a waste of money anyway since cost reductions get implemented soon after. You can easily level and gear up an alt as well in a matter of days without spending too much gold, the game is slowly getting more alt friendly. I can say that because I just did that a short while ago, and to my surprise, even the low level areas were a lot more populated than I expected them to be. Perhaps you're just playing a dead server. As for a goal and the highest gear, obviously you won't reach that quick or easily, otherwise there would be no point and you'd be... guess what... bored. MMOs are ultimately about the grind for the best gear, no matter what. I feel very nostalgic about the old 45 cap as well, because back then I had friends playing and anything we did together was fun. The one thing I miss most is the open world pvp which was still decent back then. But overall I realize most of this just comes from my personal experiences and having people to play with, but realistically speaking, the content itself wasn't much and the modern dungeons are a lot more fun, especially if you can find new friends/a clan.
  22. Avalanche Den is stupid

    Welcome, you've reached the point in the game where you actually have to start putting in effort and learning how mechanics work. May I recommend looking up some guides before claiming something is impossible to stop? This is why I don't like easy gear handouts and content nerfs. People get carried without having a clue how the game or their class actually works.
  23. Don't really see how that changes anything on servers where one faction is completely dominant over the other, e.g EU Windrest (Ceru never steps foot into SSP anymore). Aside from the prices dropping...
  24. Hey there! I've seen you recruit a few times ingame as well and it has caught my eye before, but I was hesitant to apply. It's nice to see this thread and read more about the clan. The description sounds like pretty much exactly what I've been looking for. :) I'm a returning player, came back a few weeks ago after a 6 month+ long break (mainly due to irl reasons). I used to lead my own guild with some friends but obviously that's dead now, so I've been mostly solo. My gear's fallen a bit behind since I upgraded to legendary back when it was still insanely expensive, and now that I returned I was broke, but I could still do everything up to DT though I guess. I just kinda have this mental block that I really hate running mechanic-heavy dungeons (especially those that I'm unsure about myself) with randoms, and this has prevented me from basically trying any of the new content. What I enjoy most in this game is running dungeons and goofing around with friends/people I know, and new dungeons in F8 is the opposite of that. Grinding dailies in F8 every day gets boring pretty fast too, so I decided it's time to try and join a new clan so I could start progressing faster and also finally have some fun with the game again and see new content. Hence, I'll need a bit of mentoring but I'm not new to the game and should pick stuff up fast. I also have all the materials lined up to go straight to Stage 7 once the April 12th update hits. For the next few months my gaming time is a bit irregular as I'm in the process of writing my thesis and graduating uni, but I still play a lot more than I probably should, lol. I also have a friend that came back with me, and he's in a similar boat as me. He would like to join as well. His gear is a bit more up to date because whale alert *cough cough* >:)))) Anyway tl;dr: we would like to join the clan. SIN 660+ AP WL 700+ AP Veteran players Here are our profiles: Cheers.