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  1. To encourage trading and socializing. As for whether or not it's worth it - not really, unless it's something you like doing. You can make profit from certain professions but most of them are pretty useless or outdated.
  2. I meant the speedhacking. Wasn't even aware you can enable dps meters or whatnot.
  3. Wait what? You claim people left because of GameGuard, and then later that they didn't listen to people complaining about GameGuard. First of all, I don't know of a single person who would've quit the game because of GG, and second, them listening to the whining is exactly why we now have this Xigncode crap which is 10x worse. Thanks a lot. As for the XML thing - yeah... Everyone using it just should get flat out banned. There is no justification for it, no matter what they keep telling themselves. Modifying your game client to get an unintended speed advantage is speedhacking.
  4. Seems to take longer for me as well. It's not a massive difference, but what bothers me a bit is that usually after the first launch, every subsequent launch is much faster, but now they all seem about equally slow.
  5. I'm glad it's not in Trove.
  6. Because there isn't one... Why do you think most games use Gameguard?
  7. Haha, saw this coming from a mile away. Thanks a lot to all who complained about Gameguard. Yeah, Gameguard isn't great, but I haven't seen anyone mention even one solution that'd be better. Why? Because there really isn't one. At least Gameguard has the least amount of issues from all of them, so if you want it replaced, you can only do worse. Even if the test period proves unsuccessful and they revert to Gameguard, they've just wasted money and resources implementing something that should've never been done just because of people's stupidity. It's easy to complain if you
  8. Greens and blues are good enough yeah. Whatever shields you get next are only temporary anyway, except MSP which you'll hold onto until you get BT raid shields (if ever). Start collecting MSP pieces straight away and don't worry too much about the rest. As for the elemental earring, the purple one is a complete waste of time imo. Some people will argue, but if you upgrade your current earring to max it'll have pretty good stats and switching from that to elemental has a massive crit loss which you can't really afford until you have much better gear. The elemental is an upgrade fro
  9. B&S has some similar systems to what you've mentioned though. Plus, I'm pretty sure they're still making more money than Warframe. Obviously one of the two is better from our perspective as consumers, but that doesn't necessarily reflect in actual earnings. You talk about casual spenders, but as I just said, whales are the ones bringing in the real profits in games.
  10. Not doing anything tbh, not even using bnsbuddy. Normally I play with everything maxed except shadows and terrain distance, but for BT I just tick optimized for combat and take other player's effects down to 1. This keeps my fps between 30~60 with players still visible, pretty much solid 60 when they're off. 64-bit client really did miracles for me. It seems to work way better for older hardware like mine. GTX770, i7 4770, 8GB RAM, SSD, Windows 10.
  11. Mid-range PC here and BT with players turned ON is perfectly playable. :')
  12. Simply business. Whether we like it or not, catering to a small amount of whales amounts to much larger profit than a large amount of casual spenders. This is why some form of P2W always tends to creep in after a while, to compensate the naturally dwindling player numbers. I'm developing and self-publishing a mobile game myself and have been reading a lot about this subject.
  13. I agree, but rewards should generally have diminishing returns the higher you go. Unfortunately, this game, just like some other modern MMOs, seems to at some point have taken a route where growth (in both stats and wealth) becomes exponential. I can play a whole month and maybe add like 5k to my DPS thanks to upgrades, raising my DPS from say, 50k to 55k. Meanwhile, a whale will dish out 500k in the same timeframe, which is literally 10x my DPS, making my contribution essentially worthless. This is what breeds the excessive imbalance of 6v6 and open world pvp, and applies to PVE progression a
  14. As a sin, I ended up gaining much more than I lost, so it's a no-brainer. But even without that, honestly the convenience is just too nice, I wouldn't want to go back. Previously I was often too lazy to spec according to the situation or class in pvp, but now it's super fast and simple. I like the system a lot more than I thought I would. The only thing that annoys me is that you can't unspec a few things such as web, which can get in the way when they're not needed.
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