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  1. Tier list of pve classes?

    Any classes CAN be good in PVE. It depends mostly on how skillfull is the person. FM, Summoner and WL are usually the most requested because they're easier to master. They don't need to be PRO to be helpful. They just need not to be absolute trash. KFM are mostly asked to be tank and they can also provide a nice buff. They need to be decent. Destroyer are mostly a filler class. They can CC, aoe dmg, and, with ani-cancel, they can do a decent damage. They need to be at least decent. BM and Sin are way harder to master and most of people who plays them, sucks. They're usually not requested because they need to be GOOD to be helpful. For BD, they're mostly not requested but they can replace destroyer for CC sometimes.
  2. Weapon Progression Guide

    What a bunch of selfish players....
  3. HM Switching Fire to Ice with no Target Help

    Maybe use your E, the ice iframe.
  4. Dungeon loot P2W

    In CB1, I was running Tomb of exiles with an alt. I didn't want to run many times so I bid 50s in an auction fight. I won ofc. Then som1 complained something like : How are we supposed to win against that high bid? Crappy system... I replied something like : You don't win against that high. But enjoy your free 10 silver! He never responded... I guess he realized that's a lot of money at his level...
  5. "Focus" vs "Qi" (aka "Chi")

  6. Exactly, in Warframe, you can pay to skip the farm... As for the relevel, Prime access gives 90 days x2 XP and x2 credits...shorten the farm again...
  7. If BnS is P2W, Warframe is also...ever though of Forma that can be bought in market ? Buying forma makes you progress so mcuh faster then anyone. Also, in warframe, you can buy almost anything with platinum... But there, as in BnS, end game gears are normalized. Paying only makes you get strong in every F2P games I played.
  8. When is the founder pack going to fixed?

    From the founder pack FAQ (, Q: "I have purchased a Founder’s Pack for Blade & Soul. What will happen next?" A: "Your account will automatically be granted Closed Beta access and Head Start access when they begin. Depending on the pack you have purchased, your account may also be granted Character Name Reservation access when it is available, prior to Head Start." Also, stop spamming those threads/posts. I'm seriously considering to reserve those names just because you're annoying as f***.
  9. Unofficial/Official Roleplay Server?

    There's toxic players in every communities. It doesn't mean every comunities is toxic.... People usually notice (and remember) toxic players over common, regular players. If you saw 10 toxic RPers or even 50, It doesn't mean the community is toxic. Some people are... How many toxic players you have in your own community? NB: I'm not much into RP but I know many "good" RPers. They won't bother non-RPers with the RP and can happily play with them. You won't even notice that they're RP players.
  10. The weapon skin item is a one time use only. It is destroyed on first use.
  11. If there's nothing in store that is needed reapeatly or that benefits buyers in some ways, NCSoft won't make enough money to keep the game running. And, based on some ppl philosophy, everything that is needed reapeatly or that benefits buyers will make the game p2w. Gratz guys, we're now either forced to boycott BnS coz it will be a p2w game or we're forced to let it die coz NCSoft won't make enough money from it...
  12. Premium Membership Ranks - Premium Points

    What about Windstride Cooldown @ 0s ? Not worth that much tho...
  13. It's so funny to see people already complaining about ingame store. NCSoft already stated that this store form is exclusive to Alpha and Beta. Also, here's a quick definition for both PTW and FTP. In Pay To Win games, it's IMPOSSIBLE to reach the top gears without a heavy wallet. The top ranking is EXCLUSIVE to heavy spenders. In Free To Play games, EVERYONE can be get the top gears. The top ranking is usually for those who plays the most (money or not). You want to play for free? It's your choice. Remember, it's the paying players that decides if a game will last. Whille free players can increase popularity, they won't pay the bills. NCSoft have to make money somewhere and don't tell me they can make their money with only cosmetics.
  14. Agree. 1h is way too long.