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  1. When trying to hand in a pvp daily you can't hand it in if it will push you over the limit of the zen bean cap. It simply says "The quest cannot be completed because you cannot obtain any more zen beans". You can buy naryu tablet for 20k zen beans, but the zen bean cap is also exactly 20k, which means you are forced to pvp till you hit the cap instead of just being able to hand in your quests. This is rather ridiculous and a waste of time if you already have the quest done. Why not at least make the cap 25k when there is a 20k item?
  2. Yes, the second time round it worked. Not entirely sure what I did different, only that I had my immune up the first time, not really sure if that would actually block the mark though or if it was just coincidence.
  3. I forgot the name of this part of the quest line, however it is the part where you need to activate the 5 lanterns in the correct order. When you do it in the incorrect order the npc that spawns is meant to give you the code once you defeat him, however I got no code no matter how many times I beat him. I selected every single option in my chat tab and turned everything on, re-entered several times, made sure to face the lanterns when the npc dies in case that made a difference, then eventually restarted my game but I still did not get a code. Ended up having to figure it out through trial and error instead.
  4. After fighting Mushin there was no mark of the black rose showing up for my character. I was stuck in the room with Mushin repeating to resist it, and the quest telling me to talk to Yura, but since the mark never popped up there was nothing to resist and Yura never shows up either. Tried to talk to Mushin he just keeps repeating the same thing. Ended up having to exit and redo this part of the quest.
  5. The herb npc at Yehara's Mirage does the exact same thing. It's one gender when put in an order and then switches gender when you pick up an order. :p
  6. About that "not censoring the game" thing...

    Granny is absolutely hilarious, the censoring is meant to be part of the joke. I guess you just failed to grasp the humour. Also:
  7. Warlock weapon doesn't drop

    It gets worse, later there are chests that take 3 keys to open, I've used up well over 100 keys trying to get a weapon before.
  8. If pressing 4 does not rez you, then hit esc and look for the 'escape' option ( I think it was called escape anyways). It should take you back to the island.
  9. Queue after disconnect/crash

    Just had a random crash mid-dungeon, over 40min waiting time so no way to make it back in time for the rest of the run. Really need some kind of grace period with priority queue times for this kind of thing.
  10. Plz fix the Viridian quartz nodes

    They are not entirely wrong, the nodes for the stone cutter and prospecting guilds can look very similar to the normal nodes until you are use to them. You can tell the guild nodes apart at first glance because they sparkle, sparkling nodes cannot be collected with a pick-axe, you need to be part of the gathering guilds for those.
  11. Way Of The Summoner Tip

    Just remember that V skill is a small cone in front of the cat, and the cat will use it when you tell it to regardless of whether it has a target or not, so it is best to send the cat in to attack first and then use it. Other than that it is probably just latency issues.
  12. Chat Font Size

    The only tab I am unable to change the font size for is the Dragonspire Party one. For the rest, if I close all settings and make sure the tab I want to resize is active, then open the settings to resize and check the tab is also listed in the drop down, then I am able to resize the text. However I have to close the settings and restart it each time I want to resize a different tab. This works for all my tabs except Dragonspire Party.
  13. You get the bundle in the mail which effectively locks them all to one character, so you can't split it between characters. But like Balmafra said you can just buy smaller packs and divide those between your characters.
  14. Because they don't bother reading all the responses and your original post only states to lock the thread. Just strike out the original post or mention issue is resolved, might reduce the wayward posters a little.