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  1. Celestial Lotus [Cerulean Order]

    I'm Lars. Thanks for the help with crafting yesterday by the way.
  2. Celestial Lotus [Cerulean Order]

    Pretty chill clan. Been in it for a day or so, kinda not filled with the most talkative types but eh, you get whatchya get with a mass invite system of recruitment.
  3. BnS Meme

    Kinda stale m8 need something abit more spicy
  4. Extremely offensive chat.

    How does it feel to know that mere words can hurt you
  5. They're a necessary evil, and in most parts they deflate the market for crafting materials which means leveling any profression to max with be alot easier with the flood of bot procured resources.
  6. After the recent server maintenance, I must say the skill lag on my end has died down tremendously. I still occasionally get an annoying spurt where it'll constantly happen, but as a whole the annoyance of skill lag has subsided quite a bit. Hopefully it'll stay this way.
  7. Okay so I disabled vsync and set my max framerate to 120 for good measure yet this horrid skill lag still persists. Doesn't matter if it's against a group of 10 monsters or a single enemy, the lag still persists and it's driving me up the wall! I really want to play this game, but the game as it is right now is virtually unplayable.
  8. The only service I could remotely find that has to do with gaming or network optimization were nvidya network and streaming services which I ended up disabling. I'll also try playing without vsync and see if that improves. But ya know... queue times
  9. bump! anyone? please! I can't even quest anymore because the mobs are doing too much damage that my lag attacks can hit through
  10. I just got done looking for any of those services, yet nothing of that kind has shown up. I'm still stuck in the water with this annoying problem.
  11. I can't buy NCoin via Paypal

    Problem with that is that amazon doesn't accept paypal
  12. For starters my rig is pretty damn beefy. MOBO: Asus Sabertooth 990FX GPU: Nvidya PNY 660ti CPU: AMD Phenom @4.0GhZ 8-core 8gb RAM 800W PSU Playing at capped 60fps with vsync with settings set to optimize combat Yet I still have this GIANT AMOUNT OF SKILL LAG! Sometimes it gets so bad I can't even complete my 3 hit auto attack chain! I have no idea what's causing this since I can get a 70ms ping to their dallas servers yet I feel like I have a worse ping that what I did actually playing on the Taiwan servers WTF!!!!!!! Please help me out guys! I sent in a ticket, but lord knows when that'll actually get solved.