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  1. Premium-only access to the wardrobe is the cost of having the NA/EU version of Blade and Soul not being P2W. That's the trade, and unfortunately that's how they are choosing to draw people to the premium account services.
  2. They explained it earlier during the beta I believe, but I am taking it as a title. Cricket being the title you are given while you are just starting out. Jyan being the next step up, and Jyansei being the one after that. Just think of it as a title that people call you when they don't know your name. Same way (I guess) with why Mushin is called Mushin and not his actual name. There is a lot of eastern culture wrapped into this game. You either need to accept it and adapt to new terminology, or find another game. This game is very rich in lore, and even as someone who doesn't typically get into the lore of a game, I find myself drawn into the story of Blade and Soul. Would be nice if we didn't get the westernized version, but that's another topic for another day. Basically, you need to adapt to certain terms in the game and learn of the customs that you can pick up while playing it. As gamers, it is pretty much a given that we are problem solvers, and we can find out the meaning of a lot of terms we don't understand right away if we just use deduction and the context of how it was used.
  3. Question for WTFast

    To add onto this, NCSOFT came out and said that this was in error, and that if people got banned for using WTFast, to contact customer support and they would take care of it.
  4. Wow, this is really crappy. I'm thankful that I live in an area that gets a good ping to the servers, but it really sucks for those who are far away or in another country from where the servers are. Hopefully there will be an official response or sticky or something that can help clarify this issue on ping boosters.
  5. Missing Premium daily Dash spins??

    Yeah, i thought it was supposed to be 5 spins as well. Maybe this was the solution they came up with for the concerns that people needed to spend 5 hours in game to get the full benefit. Would have been nicer if they just reduced the cooldown between spins.
  6. Account-bound Costumes?

    Agreed, I would love to have account-bound costumes, or even account-bound warehouse (though that might be overkill). I think it would take some drastic measures for that to happen though, since it would be a new feature for our version of the game.
  7. Japanese Voice Dub

    You mean like they promised that the community would be able to take part in naming the servers? LOL
  8. Farewell, beta forums!

    These forums have been a worthy foe and thusly defeated. We shall not see another of its kind in four cycles.
  9. Future Server Transfers

    Probably not, but you can always put in a support ticket to ask.
  10. Japanese Voice Dub

    Bumpity bump.... Any official response on this? Or are we playing the "wait and see" game?
  11. Time zones are hard. Like, seriously hard.
  12. I seem to remember that someone tried to buy their way up to rank 10 premium at the start and he had to get on the phone with support (or something to that effect) due to a hard cap of $$$ spent that triggered the risk system. I'd suggest calling into their support line and getting them to help you.
  13. Japanese Voice Dub

    I think that's the goal :D JP subs with the translated subtitles (not westernized) makes for the game I wanted to play.
  14. No login menu in titlescreen?

    The login prompt comes before you get to the launcher. Working as intended.
  15. We need more hair styles

    The hair colors are certainly nice. The hair styles though, I feel could use some work. Still hoping that they have more of them to show us. Guess we'll find out tomorrow.