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  1. can any1 confirm this 1? if u Salvage the true pirate weapon stage Max u will get a soulbound stone which is Critical damage %15 and + 20 attackpower
  2. i have dokumo i can enter 4-6 man poharan bsh ,just dont know what i still need to do to get the daily quest from there
  3. what do i still need to do to get the quest for poharan bsh 6man at cross server , coz i skipped alots blue quest for powerleveling my char ,now i did the quest needed for unlock those 2 dungeons but for dailyquest cross server just cant figure out. help!
  4. Mushin Tower 7th Floor Fight Help

    2:07 he didnt used any skills , Maybe V? if its evade the system will show , u have evaded the attack, but no there is no evade and no block dont know how he did , and he didnt drink resist potion. i killed him too last nights , but after 10+ deads , i need to use resist potion , and block with TAB (dont know the timing to tab , failed most time)
  5. Mushin Tower 7th Floor Fight Help

    how did u block his rage skills when he goes red? u didnt use TAB if im correct.
  6. New RNG Box in Shop!

    got it on first box , lucky
  7. First Bloods (crimson)

    recruit 40+ active Pro players , PVE PVP, Endgame gears. msg me IGN : LikeTheBoss
  8. maybe u should think about all the bots is from NCsoft? they make it self for money? selling golds。。。。。。。
  9. TIP!

    I dont have any issues(connection) but for people who does have , u better have to make east , south , north , west EU servers , for people getting better ping. unstable connection will cause alots troubles, people from west they cant play on east its to far (same for other directions), or u already did , but pls put the direction behind the servers name
  10. use 1,2,7 misty wood arena soulshield , 3,4,5,6,8 blackram supply soulshield , enchance them with elite cri 8 or buy 40gold watermoon critical soulshield 8. u will get around 1800+ critical and with 27000+HP , so u do Damage and u dont die easy GG!
  11. Cant see cool downs

    i did with timer on iphone lol xD
  12. Cant see cool downs

    all effect icon not appearing btw i have blade dancer too