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  1. What to get next?

    after true pirate comes directly true breeze. i gave the list with the lv50 in mind because i didn't wanna do lv45 path on an alt (after SF release noone farm MW insignias). So in your case you're already past the first ->.
  2. What to get next?

    The order i used to a certain point on all my alts. and how i would continue on if i wanted to continue. Basic moonwater setup (true profane/infernal accesories) -> oathbreaker weapon -> pirate bracelets -> awk oathbreaker lv5 -> hongmoon energy lv1 -> awakened siren accessories (order of the 3 your own choice) -> weapon all the way to true scorpio -> accesories next or legendary weapon As for belt, get a scorpio belt from necro6 and use that as you want the asura brand resist (even if it is only 25%)
  3. Asura soul shield's 3 set ( 5 AP) and 5 set ( 7% crit damage) aren't being shown in the character info. For example on my destroyer i got 5 asura pieces active. My profile says i have 522 AP and 198,14% crit damage. However my character info is claiming i'm only 517 AP and 191,14% crit damage.
  4. Not certain if it's been brought up before or not. But how long are both paths gonna remain available? In other words, when are we losing siren/pirate path?
  5. Ability to ride the Gon

    You lyn want piggyback rides? Fine with me, as long as i get the option to toss you into an abyss like off the edge in supply chain!
  6. well i completely agree here... The transmutation of outfit pouches should only spend the gold used when "failing" the fact you lose the mats is a massive pain, considering fabrics aren't cheap to come by. If they did this i wouldn't mind if they changed high quality pouch as 2g to create.
  7. There are many things that are truely wrong in my opinion to cross server dungeon and do require some changes: 1) Allow people to kick ppl from the group with 3 of the others to agree to it... Last weekend i had a group with 1 troll in the party and we couldn't even kick the guy. He was purposely stalling bidding, he pulled bosses prematurely which cause 3 allies to die instantly from appearing fire and was badmouthing. 2) Which brings me to the next point. The bidding system needs to be changed to a more pokerlike system. Take for example pokerstars, ppl get a certain amount of time to think over bets and then an added "time bank". something alike should be added in blade & soul. Make the basic think time for bids 2 seconds, but give a person a time bank of 30 seconds during a whole dungeon. That way you can't have some jerk stall 8 seconds for every bid for minutes on end. In that run i ended up passing after 5 minutes because i didn't want the other group members leaving the party because bidding took too long. 2 seconds sound fair to me as it only takes half a second for someone to see if the other raised the bid by several s/g at once. 3) Which brings me to the next point of trolling in CSD. Group leaders can change the looting type to master looter so they can STEAL EVERYTHING FOR FREE just cause they ended up as group leader. CSD is pugging with strangers, you should NEVER do master looter with players you can't trust. And if you get such a douchebag as your group lead you just wasted the time you spent in queue. 4) When you're not the group leader you can't quit queueing for a dungeon except for quitting the game all together. It's kind of annoying you got to quit the game if you suddenly need to leave for a short bit (RL issues, nature calling). A button to leave the party and thus the queue would be nice. 5) some dungeons are missing in the CSD, the ones that come to mind are the croak king's court and shadowstrike.
  8. Marketplace is unreactive

    Currently whenever i try to do a search on the marketplace it doesn't show any listings whatsoever. Certain defaulting options don't even appear. eg "Corrupted" will only default "Corrupted Razor". And searching won't give you the listing of all sealed corrupted weapons which it should. This is the case both using F-command as chatting to a mail NPC.
  9. Transmuting outfit package

    Just wondering if this is normal or not... But earlier i transmuted 4 fabrics in an outfit package. But i didn't get anything. 4 fabric got spent, lost 1 gold, didn't get a fail message. All it said was "fabric transmuted into ." in my chat log.
  10. Simple issue. The input box for sparring challenges is too small for the western naming system. As soon as a character has over 10 characters it blocks out which any character that works with a surname will pass for sure. Should make the input box as wide as the input box is for names during creation. This can be severely hampering as you lose a lot of access in the arena lobby. You can't go to your clan window nor your friends list from the lobby, so if you can't type the other's name, you're forced to whispering your enemy so s/he can right click your name to select spar. Which might be hard if both don't know eachother's in game name, they forced to organize this from a chat outside the game (if they're not guild members in game).
  11. Cry me a river quest bugged

    It's not a bug. You must weep! in other words do /cry
  12. Awakened Hongmoon Ring - Stage 10 - Evolve

    It's no bug... It's clearly saying you need uhaka's ring for max lv5 breakthrough. Not for the evolution.
  13. During the third act Madun sends you to relive a chapter in his past, in this part you can also get side quests. On my destroyer i accidentaly forgot to complete 1 of these side quests and now whenever i'm in misty woods i have a blue arrow pointing to a place where noone is standing because the minimap can't make a difference of the present brightstone and the brightstone of madun's past. It's not like it's a big issue, but if one ever forget why that arrow is there, they can just go walk there and waste time looking for an NPC that isn't there.
  14. Make the party Window smaller?

    Seconding this... the fact you can't untrack is being a pain.
  15. repair kit cost

    Really.. just carry 2 weapons! your hongmoon weapon and another weapon (pick one of which you like the skin). When entering arena switch to the alternative weapon and let it break down. When leaving arena switch back to hongmoon and do your normal damage just fine. Is it that hard to grasp what people are saying to do? Also dumplings and tonics go for less than a silver on the marketplace. Maybe look further than your nose is long? The only things that remain expensive are keys and unsealing charms. PS: you get plenty of items during levelling. I got a lv45 destroyer who's nearly done farming whatever's in beta. I own 190 healing tonics, 140 dumplings (and sent 60 to hungry alts), 60 repair tools, 40 keys and i never had to buy 1 yet! The only thing i had to buy so far were unsealing charms and of that it's still only 8 and i'm currently carrying 10 unsealing charms as well.