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  1. Tainted Lab Daily?

    or this too. Though i never spend precious coin for the scroll since mobs drop them. I manage to get the scroll each time while doing daily quest in Thieves Haunt area
  2. Tainted Lab Daily?

    As far as i remember you can get the quest by killing Thieves Brigand mobs at Thieves Haunt area east end of silverfrost to drop the daily quest scroll. This is based on what i done when i play on TW server before. Though i never do any silverforst contents yet on NA server. I use to spam run tainted lab to get full Jiangshi Soul Shield. You can easily solo the dungeon just by using flamethrower to kills any monster including the Profane Jiangshi boss itself. BTW there's a chance you can get the daily quest scroll dropped from mobs inside tainted lab for daily quest in the Thieves Haunt area too.
  3. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    i also need to know this. since we get to choose 1 color only from the quest reward
  4. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    About three weeks ago i did ask support regarding transfering my Regium Corvus and Winter Flower from my blademaster to my warlock in same account and this's the reply i got from support: Just want clarification about the outfit transfer that available as outfit stamp. It's same feature? I want transfer my costume so just want to know if it's able to transfer since i've read in this thread some costume unable to transfer either Regium Corvus or hongmon store costume. I want make sure before i purchase the stamp myself and find it unable to transfer mentioned costumes. It's known bug or it's designed this way that the stamp only worked on certain costumes? Thanks
  5. Silent player in guild

    I'm silent type player as well. Though if i spotted my friend (I mean someone in my friend list and not IRL) I will at least say hi. It's just i wont talk/type much unless its necessary or just lets say someone asked/greet me or something like that. I dont even talk in clan or Guild chat . Though never had join any guild yet. Maybe will join 1 but not static 1. I'm just likes to do what i want to do without tied to anything.
  6. New Player(s) having a rough start

    Maybe actual player that like to leech gold from other player by outbid other class equipment until higher bid and pass on last sec to earn them gold
  7. Best Ping Booster to use for Singapore

    yeah do change that sometimes depending on which channel are free or less traffing. i also customize almost everything in my router that suit maximum performance for oversea connect suggested given by my technician friend working at my ISP i agree with that. i used be a paid customer before but since wtfast server always down and they doing server maintenance without or late notice not to mention they do that often. now i cut my tied with then since xD. they also disable free user now
  8. Best Ping Booster to use for Singapore

    there's is an issue now here on NA using wtfast can get banned probably because bot/hackers using the same program and server to do the illegal thing so i didn't suggest using it for now. there's also Smoothping and few more, i could say i try most ping booster available in the market from trial to free but i could say most of them got flagged as "wanted 3rd party program" used by hacker etc. so i dont want to suggest them here
  9. Best Ping Booster to use for Singapore

    I can't read/understands mandarin as well. We used english patch to play. Thought 1st time play on that server, i play together with my chinese friends so they translated for me before they stopped thus i use english patch before NA comes out there is huge english community in TW and most of them stay in same server on few server there. Now i guess it less than before since most western player migrate to NA server for better ping and leave mostly SEA community. i know for sure 1 malay/singapore guild even though i never join it. I did join english guild that most western player in it and got few members from sea as well but i dont think they're still playing now
  10. Best Ping Booster to use for Singapore

    we're on same boat. from malaysia here. I bought disciple packs since the day they available in their site and i'm also premium player. still consider if gonna stay on NA or just play TW version with english patch since in NA i play with roughly 340-400 ms ping w/o battleping, 200-240ms using battleping (mostly for stablelize my connection thus i use either malay or singapore server for ping server in battleping). idk if can go less than that mentioned ping with my isp. since it's same mostly when playing any NA mmo like TERA, DCUO (once ago XD) PS: in BnS TW i can get less 100ms with average 70ms and it feel huge different game experience compared to NA which more disadvantaged since this game relies on ping more than TERA does imo
  11. already tried that. can't open batch either because the batch for 32-bit os only or for win10 only or the download link did not download files properly. i use this instead https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/40upyx/fix_for_downloading_repair_files_085/ . i use win 7 ulti 64 btw
  12. i'm having same problem since last night until now :/
  13. Broken Emotes

    for afraid emote use /scary instead. only /grr didn't work even with trying few alternates words :P
  14. Launcher Error on Windows Startup

    you can remove the NCUpdateHelper from windows startup option. press Start Menu and type in msconfig and select that tool, select Startup tab and find the launcher name. untick the mark then press Apply or Ok p/s: Wondered too why that launcher added in win startup in the first place :mellow:
  15. Stuck in tutorial if you die

    i did glide off the island during tutorial and die by waterfall under that island. i can't recover chi but can ress [key 4] and back again at last checkpoint tutorial