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  1. Ebon Realm Ramnant

    Hi there, so I have defineatly didin't buy any of them, only yhitng that i bought were 2x Sacred Vail and 2x Pet Packs using Dark Hearts from previous event.
  2. Unachiveable Achivments

    Many thanks, its always nice to see quick response. :)
  3. Unachiveable Achivments

    Hello, Here is something interesing.. I have been going thru achivments list and I have come accros theese two 'Radiant Ringsmith' and 'Patron of the Arts' that I am unable to compleat as it requires me to create 'Heptagonal Diamond Pouch' but right now in the game it has been replaced by 'Gilded Triangular Diamond Pouch'. And I have also found theese two 'Doctor's Orders' and 'Just a Sip' they seem to have a counter parts currently in the game but the chivements haven't been updated to represent that, and I do get that some achivemnts meant to be unique but theese seems like you should be able to get them. And one more here 'The Guiding Light' this time its in Skybreak Spire using the switches on bosses 3 do nothing right now
  4. New Luncher v2.2

    So i caome accross few bugs after just runnign the luncher for 2 minutes: 1.streamming icon loads with korean text and links to youtube and twitch take you to korean login, not sure about facebook link as it seems to be mostly in english after first glance 2. after pressing forums link it take me to , takes me to german forum site, this might be just that website it wrong
  5. oh... I just had the same idea today, kinda late to the party but hey i have made it in the end