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  1. Is this some kind of sick joke?

    Well, just FYI, yes, they set everyone in the tournament to HM 15 with all skills unlocked (except the unreleased ones, obviously).
  2. The Best PvP Class Currently?

    There is no such thing as a straight answer when it comes to PvP balance in this game. Even assassin, as the poster above suggests, has seriously terrible matchups against summoners and FMs.
  3. The Best PvP Class Currently?

    What you need to understand is that every class has good and bad matchups, and that those matchups change with every single balance patch. There's no point trying to pin down a "most overpowered class". Not "at the moment", or at any moment. That's straight up scrub thinking. That being said, if all you want is a class that is easy and will carry you to plat, just play summoner. All of your non-Lyn options are going to be more difficult than that. If you insist on not playing a Lyn, Destroyer is easy to use and do semi-decent with. A player with your attitude will never do well with KFM, FM, Warlock, or BM.
  4. Destroyer vs Blade dancer (Balance game)

    I just want to point out that this is what outs you as a silver/low gold player and makes me laugh. Sleeping is GOOD for you. You get healed during the sleep. Anyone who uses sleep (outside of sleeping summoner cats) is a terrible player and likely won't get very far.
  5. lolwut I think you got it backwards. Destroyer is one of the strongest classes in the game in every respect. You're not even supposed to be using Fury against competent players. Watch Jaesung destroy people with his destroyer sometime, maybe that'll give you some insight (and it's not even his main, either):
  6. Good luck with the Server of Endless Queues, guys. They have other servers for a reason, you know. You may wish to consider checking them out. That is, you know, if you actually want to play the game at launch and not just twiddle your thumbs.
  7. Patch 2.7 Nerfs (Blade Dancer).

    No, it's called BD or Blade Dancer. No Lyn anywhere in there (and it's redundant anyway as a Lyn-exclusive class).
  8. Free the boobless lyn!

    We already have that. Don't need to add something that's already there.
  9. Patch 2.7 Nerfs (Blade Dancer).

    Beta was like the "2.5" version. These changes are from "2.6" and "2.7" (with the latest Korea december patch being "3.0" - don't expect that one until about a month after launch, same with most other regions).
  10. HD Texture Pack?

    They're technically against the terms of service, but since no one can prove you're using it, it won't affect you in actual practice. The spirit of the 'law' in this case is to protect against cheaters and exploiters, so as long as you're not inconveniencing anyone else you don't have to worry about a ban. Edit: To back up my words with action, here's what the game looks like for me with Reshade. Honestly, I'm surprised how well the game holds up with just some (relatively) minor shader upgrades. Better AO, better bloom, better DoF, some color correction... makes a pretty big difference, all told.
  11. Pohwaran? Poharan? Phohwaran?

    Because Poharan is how you actually pronounce it in practice. The "w" is silent (and is only there in the first place to modify the 'o' sound).
  12. Free the boobless lyn!

    That's terribly rude. I, for one, greatly prefer a mix of masculine and feminine features and find the notion that not having breasts makes a woman lesser in any way to be outright despicable. Sick of that noise, yo. You'll take your gender nonspecific Lyn and you will LIKE it!
  13. Blade and soul anime.

    The anime is exactly why I defend the localization. The anime is like a dystopic vision of what could have been had some foreign dev had the full power to change whatever the *cricket* they wanted. It has nothing to do with the original story, completely butchers the characters, fails to even be entertaining on a surface level, has mostly abysmal animation (especially in contrast to the actual game which has stellar animation work)... yeah, nah. Anyone who watches the anime and then complains about the localization has zero sense of proportion.
  14. [NA] Server Poll

    Look at all those votes for Poharan! Justice is served. As opposed to this poll, at least.
  15. Wave Goodbye to Closed Beta - Entry Thread

    Too late now, I know, but I'm still posting these: Holiday edition: