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  1. I'd imagine some are since the initial hype for the game has died down, and even then I hear that those servers have a much more balanced population with factions there. Still, that's not the case with Mushin. I meant to say low population among those of the Crimson faction in comparison to Ceruleans, which is constantly full, as Crimson doesn't have that many ppl frequenting chat there as much as constant gold spammers that are likely forced to join Crimson to spam.
  2. It is the Moonwater Baotite Staff, the Breakthrough weapon for a Lvl 5 True Profane staff I believe. The skin just looked so elegant for a mere breakthrough weapon I just had to use it, and it looks extremely good with my Empress outfit :D I've sometimes tried sometimes but not much luck so far... Usually not as many ppl frequent faction chat what with the constant spammers and low pop combination... =/ Once I get my faction mask I prolly might pick a few fights for fun :)
  3. Can confirm this as I was trying to help some low level clan mates of mine farm some insignias for their officer uniform in the Sandstone faction area. It was me and 2 other 45 clanmates helping out 2 other lowbies farm NPCs, and some destro and FM kept attempting to kill us off. Idn why they kept coming back after but they wouldn't stop annoying us. Eventually they came back with 2 more, then 4 more ppl and wound up overwhelming us 3v6 trying to spawn camp us similarly to Misty Woods (The other low levels in my clan left by then cause they were tired of getting ganked by level 45s... IN THE S
  4. As someone did say before, using any 3rd party software that allows for use of automated multiple key presses in one input (macroing) IS BANNABLE. I wouldn't recommend risking your account to program a macro, especially since you publically announced that you intend to use such software for macro use.
  5. Usually just scroll out as fast as I can and hope I'm facing the right way when interfering, otherwise I'd like to know too.
  6. If you look now, they're even periodically invading forums with spam, its to the point where its just getting funny, and sad.
  7. Hey all, just wanted to share some experiences I had with doing faction PvP stuff while the balance between Cerulean/Crimson is terribly stacked on Cerulean side. For me, I like a challenge when it comes to fighting slightly outnumbered odds, but most times it's pretty redic trying to dodge 5+ Cerulean gankers. Those times that you do manage to kill off a few upstart opposing faction members that just seem hungry for blood is so satisfying! I trained myself in arena to hopefully combat this problem, and I'm still a little nub but I can somewhat hold my own now xD I don't try to start fights f
  8. I think everyone's vastly missing the point here... Just saying lol
  9. Yeah, not sure about all the elitest crap, though me and a clanmate of mine often 2 man the BSH 4 man instance, with summoner/assassin. I myself am aptly geared with about 440 attack power and my friend with about 350 attack. Sometimes we run into a bit of trouble here and there but we can clear the instance pretty well with just us 2. It is a LOT easier with 4 ppl as I ran through it also with two other newer clan members before as well. Long as ya know the mechanics, it should be fine.
  10. Also a friendly tip; arena kills in 1v1 or 3v3 will also count towards your unrivaled achievement, not just faction based killings. It prolly might be just about the fastest way to get this achievement aside from ganking enemy factions in zergs.
  11. Yes it is. I've done it before but it just requires you to be a bit more careful. Gathering mobs in a gigantic pile will be more dangerous as you only have the 8s to nuke them all before they turn their eyes on you and not to mention Doom n Bloom won't be healing you as much, in which you'll have to dandelion counter away until your pet's taunt is ready again. As for most boss mobs, they will either jump at you or use a ranged attack the moment your pet loses aggro if you're far enough away and its usually predictable so you can do the same thing and dandelion away when this happens. The main
  12. Not sure why most ppl are bringing up PvP related issues when most of the bugs with summoner right now are strictly affect our PvE capabilities... Ninjaed in above post, but yeah...
  13. Instead of calling the nerf card like 75% of the ppl in these forums seem to do, try to learn what each class does skill wise and in certain situations and look up which of your skills you can adjust to counter said class and build. I know BDs defensive spin has some anti-root properties and can even deflect some attacks giving you an opening for some aerial combos. They definitely have the tools to beat FMs. As far as "teleport hacking" goes, FMs have a Q and E skill much like your own that lets them be able to retreat or approach an opponent with a dash.
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