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  1. About Dragon Trade Pouch

    I know this is an old thread, but as far as I know you only get the 1 pouch from a survey and I don't see people making alts just for that. These items should really be account bound in my opinion I have a lot just sitting and collecting dust in my storage.
  2. Cannot Purchase Hongmoon training unsealing event items

    So the limit of purchasing total tickets is 100... That makes sense now.
  3. I haven't been able to buy any of them for almost a week now, I only have between 20-30 on my account and every time I go to buy more it tells me that "I've exceeded my purchase limit." -_-
  4. I had the same problem trying to pay for a founders pack for a friend of mine, the way I got around it was just using the card itself instead of PayPal.
  5. Max camera distance

    ClientConfiguration.xml -> Look for "<option name='maxZoom' value='300'/> -> Set it to your desired zoom -> Save and restart client
  6. Patch Notes?

    I did notice that they added "shards" for daily quests, which can be used to craft a charm. I think in order to do that we need to wait for the new continent.
  7. 3. SHARE QUESTS:? We should be able to share quests if your party member has not completed that certain quest! Quests are shared, you need to be within range of your party members for this feature as far as I know. 4. CHANNELS 1-10: Why do these channels exist? Chan 1 2 3 4 etc <-- Why cant it automatically adjust your channel to your party channel so everyone is automatically synced! Once you enter a party auto sync channels. so we dont need to see channel option at the top at all it should not be their. just implement it in the game once you enter a party with people your assigned a channel we dont need to see that or set that option. This is something you need to do or fix. There are times when there are more than just 10 channels, I'm pretty sure it's random. The channels are there to give space to the vast amount of players on the server. Think of it like a country with a high population and the cities are channels, would you want to cram every single person into just 1 city? No... It would be extremely overcrowded. 5. Shared bank/vault space! This has been suggested. 7. WORLD MOBS: Mob's should attack when you pass them example. A bear or wolf which has a red bar and i'm lower level then it. I pass by it and it doesn't attack me? I don't feel the sense of threat it's too safe. Not all mobs have aggro when you pass by them, perhaps it was made that way on purpose. 8. QUESTS: The quests needs to be more challenging and more rewarding it's too easy. Some are like just a waste of time but no choice to do them. Some are super easy with high rewards. You're forgetting that this is CBT (Closed Beta Testing), everything we see is subject to change following official release. 9.WORLD PVP: If your a BLUE OR RED you should be automatically flagged! <-- just imo it's a pvp game yet the feature is limited to faction robes and arena.. or certain areas to be automatically flagged regardless of robe on or not. *certain areas i repeat* and you will be warned once you enter the area you are flagged. similiar to albion online. This would be a extremely bad change, if you're automatically flagged for PvP then high levels will simply prey on lower level players. How is that fair? The system they have now is ideal for this game. If you wear a faction costume and you'll be flagged, take it off and you'll be safe. 10: CASH SHOP: Prices whoaaa wayy to expensive seriously? Again, anything can change within the time frame of CBT and release.
  8. Personally, I think if they don't do this then it could be a bad move for this server, seeing as there are a large number of players that bought founders. If other NCSoft games have this feature then why not implement it into this one? I hope the developers come through and add this before release.
  9. Players invisible in Arena.

    I'm pretty sure you're correct, I had the same thing happen to me before and thought it was a bug. Turns out I accidentally toggled that feature.
  10. Daily Dash Rewards

    I don't like this change. It should reward you for EVERY item you pass like it does on the other servers.
  11. Alpha update 1

    I'm not saying it won't be, but as far as I know it hasn't been implemented on any of the other servers.
  12. Scale interface ?

    Are you talking about this?