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  1. Can we get Hongmoon Premium levels?

    he meant the exp to level up at Hongmoon level
  2. Valley Rewards / tower rewards

    so...(im not saying you abuse 6v6, just wondering) you saying if some1 abuse 6v6...they wont get reward of - Tower of Infinity ..?
  3. i meant...why not account bound....since you already made it for every chars in account can get it...why not account bound it...
  4. Where to Change Legendary Lycan to Otter

    Rerolls..? you meant started again from stage 1 ?
  5. No Punishment in 6v6

    NO, or it will be a death valley again.
  6. PPL ABUSE 6v6

    how do u so sure 650 AP above not abusing this...? u can't banned this but only to reset it....ppls has a choice to leave the team if lose...i dont see why it banable
  7. New weapon path

    for sure it will not be any Dragon Tiger path...lets see next week
  8. NO , it is not 100% If I do 5 run ...there will always be like 1 or 2 run no moonstone. You maybe lucky get it every run on 15F, but again it is not 100%, people usually call it RNG
  9. 14F is like 5% drop moonstone ...i dont think it is even 10%. and 15F is like 15% drop moonstone ...its all about RNG ...if you lucky 1st run u got bundle 10 if not 10 maybe u get 5 moonstone out of it.
  10. please leave moonstone in f10

    Please leave it for another week....please
  11. it only on cash shop for 3 days..... lets they earn some we can have more contents and patch coming.
  12. WTF RNG

    yes, or just buy the key from cash shop
  13. Moonstone for nccoin?

    wtf u talking about.? we're talking about moonstone here ...eeeeeeeeee
  14. LOL watch new update add moonstones

    how is it UNFAIR .? idont understand...
  15. Moonstone for nccoin?

    p2w my azz, let me be clear...anything you can buy in game gold not p2w... P2W is something you use real cash to buy that others can't get in game using gold...
  16. Poor Dude!

    those were kids....prolly under 15...thats y.
  17. So, Just only - Routine server maintenance and modifications - no any fixed for marketplace at least . ?
  18. I must say just leave already, when did this game launch.? Look all of your problems still here, bots, speed hack, SM non stop stealth in and out spam sun flowers like no tomorrow and lot time to list it...and yes it will never be fixed me on will be like this till the end. Now, you either live with it and stop complaining or just leave and find you another better game.
  19. lmao 20 times.? prepare to get charged 20 times ..buddy.
  20. because they found out that too many kids have plays this game instead of adult.
  21. End of the story or bug?

    not sure, ....ncsoft didnt say where it end
  22. These bots are unbelievable

    OMG.... we already told you, Bot, speed hack, are part in of this game. we can't do anything about it, please play or deal with it. w/o bot this game is dead ( do you want a dead game..? )
  23. Legendary S10 & S5 + Oblivion Accessories

    (We can confirm that the items were not received via malicious tools or cheats.) are you sure about this ? If you needa see it for your self, I can send you a link of how people doing this or even better a video...:( No wonder lately ...I saw all bots are upgraded ...they are now Awakend Siren to True Pirate. This totally explains the HM1 Summoner bots in SSP who somehow have True Breeze weapons and beyond. I thought they were part of Chinese botting clans and funded their weapon upgrades through farming, but turns out they just generate their weapons. : )
  24. Legendary S10 & S5 + Oblivion Accessories

    Yes, but u didn't know that his soulshield are all bad ...i was able to check his profile be4 he get banned ..(was on reddit be4 it brought here)
  25. Legendary S10 & S5 + Oblivion Accessories

    He is 50 HM-1 what do u expect.? and there're True Oatchbreaker not True Scropion.