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  1. Every class I play is weak when I'm playing it. That's what I'm hearing from the OP.
  2. You'll know they're here if you get reported.
  3. The only good thing to come out of the circlejerk that is Dojo would be the English translations for foreign servers. And that is iffy seeing as how every other week that patch gets dinged by MS for being possible virus/malicious. It's an awesome thing they've done for the community but having to redo the patch and fix defender allowances frequently isn't fun.
  4. Why are Signature images not allowed here?

    No clutter for those that don't want it. Settings>Ignore preferences>Ignore all signatures. Works great !
  5. Show off your future Sig won't post the pic as somebody found it offensive :( I have to find a nice vanilla sig now. So much work !
  6. Why are Signature images not allowed here?

    Game is in beta and so are the forums. I had a sig but mods took it away lol. It was not an image tho. Just gotta wait 'til they get to it. To clarify. I had a link posted only that went to an image. The image was too big for sig.
  7. I'll avoid the wall o' text and just say I like it just the way it is. Leave it alone plz and ty.
  8. Cupcakes

    I like bomani but cricket works too. I'm sure whatever gets picked won't show up in my posts anyway lmao. You crickety cricket piece of cricket. Cricket for brains son of a cricket...Yeah that's awful. I'll stick to my poor posting ways thanks XD.
  9. Cupcakes

    I don't know that I've even seen cupcake* in a post. I've never noticed it anyway. I know it's not in any of my posts but I'm a bad poster so that doesn't count. I don't really care what word they use as long as it's funny. Cupcake is not funny imo. Bomani=Anonymous and I like it lol.
  10. I think for the entire NA region the servers are in a very good place. I like them where they are for NA so don't move them thanks.
  11. The Economy of the game

    The Ncoin-Gold-Hongmoon exchange will help with players who are short on time. Those players will do few dailies and crafting will be hit or miss. Players who have a bit more time will be able to use AH, dailies and crafting to make gold. Everybody's covered. Muddflation is a thing. They need to start us off poor since it will happen naturally. Bots. If you think it's hard for -45 players to make gold then the bots are working much harder to get gold to sell illegally. That is a big reason we don't get money drops from mobs and other odds and ends. I know most of us are used to a more liberal gold making system. You should not be rich or even well off before level 40. It should be slow gold progression. Don't use it like it's toilet paper and all will be fine.
  12. Dungeon loot P2W

    You understood perfectly Ryze. I personally voted to have those peoples IP banned but so far no luck. No worries, with this level of whining and stupid I'm sure they will show themselves out.
  13. I don't really care except I despise yellow and the entire yellow family. So I'm going to do my best to torpedo this idea. Yellow VETOED. Other colors may be considered. edit: I actually like the white. It's elegant in its simplicity. Clean and sleek. So I guess I do care. Keep the white.
  14. Change game voices back to Jap option?

    I'm pretty ok with the VO so far. I also find the idea of JP voicing KR game hilarious.
  15. I may have hit the wall on B&S

    The main storyline is absolutely fabulous. The side quests stories are not. Side stories make you out to be a gullible putz. The only thing I have any issue with is the fact that new people who haven't played to 50 somewhere have to wait for the awesome that is ch4. I feel bad for ya having to wait lol. Worth it tho !