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  1. Clan Activity Log - UI/HUD Overview

    Interesting! Nice Arts!
  2. Speedhackers in Soulstone Plains

    Log in to Ebon Hall and search them in ch1 or ch2 and manually ban them. Post about it like you did with the Backstep bug going through the doors at Ogong. Nobody is gonna risk his account if he knows he is gonna lose it for sure
  3. Speedhackers

    They can log in at Ebon Hall and manually ban them and post about it. IF they know they are gonna get banned they wont risk their accounts.
  4. Speedhackers in Soulstone Plains

    Server: Ebon Hall 2 hackers as OP mention Summoner + Force Master They move all around the places teleporting from place to place. Its clearly a hack. And they use the machineguns to kill ppl and escape with hacks. They are unidentified so we dont know who they are. You have to manually ban them since no1 can report them. I would make a video but my pc would burn even if i try
  5. Gifting premium

    Oh i came here because i thought you are giving away free premium. Too bad :)
  6. Failed to connect to server.(200)

    Also getting this error. I was playing normally earlier...
  7. Greek Clan

    Ο/Η Ethria έχει πολύ δίκιο σε αυτά που λέει. Τα ίδια γνωστά πράγματα με τις Ελληνικές clan/guild σε κάθε game. Έχω φτάσει 26 και παίζω από τα 16 μου MMO's και η εμπειρία μου μου λέει ακριβώς τα ίδια. Απλά δεν αξίζει να είσαι σε ελληνική clan. Αν καταλαβαίνεις έστω και λίγα αγγλικά καλύτερα σε international clan. Αυτό που γίνεται εύκολα είναι οι 10-15 που έχουμε σκοπό να παίξουμε σοβαρά το game να τρυπώσουμε όλοι μαζί σε ένα guild και να αφομοιωθούμε. Θα λειτουργήσει πολύ καλύτερα από το να φτιάξουμε Greek Clan Αξιόλογο International Clan ?
  8. You dont need better gear tp enjoy arena as everyone is equal there. I would also like to see more distractions like pets / housing system / expanding of achievment titles / anything not pvp/pve related There are some periods wich you are bored to do pvp or pve and you just want to waste time and money doing nothing really productive. Systems like pet or housing can consume many hours of your playtime and so expanding your total playtime without getting bored. Nice topic btw
  9. You have my support on this. I prefer to know what i pay for. Paying and get nothing or get something you dont need is bad. I will avoid such RNG boxes for sure
  10. VAT= Value-added Tax. Wiki Link for VAT Here is the screenshot you asked
  11. seaosnal events?

    Beta is usually for testing purposes and i doubt we are gonna get any event
  12. Text-Colour removed?

    Finally we got rid of that bright green Text color Kounat was using!
  13. Diffrent company. We are discussing here about NCsoft and the policy its using in pricing in Blade&Soul. You cant have 125$ = 115€ for Founder's Pack but for NCoin 100$=100€ Is it hard for you to understand why we are making all this noise? I cant understand why you are defending them with such passion...
  14. But does it make sence to you? Its 15$ without VAT for USA and 13€ with VAT for Europe. I did the math earlier 15$=13.58€ so 13.58+20% VAT = 16.29€ Yeah i saw that email as well. Still for me its not clarified. For other games 100$ is 90€ and we are getting the strange 100$=100€ but that only applys to the NCoin purchace and not at the founder packs purchace. Founders pack have diffrent price. Its 125$ for USA and 115€ for Europe NCoins are 100$ = 8000 for USA and 100€ = 8000 for Europe. We are right complaining about this. They messed up