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  1. Log in to Ebon Hall and search them in ch1 or ch2 and manually ban them. Post about it like you did with the Backstep bug going through the doors at Ogong. Nobody is gonna risk his account if he knows he is gonna lose it for sure
  2. They can log in at Ebon Hall and manually ban them and post about it. IF they know they are gonna get banned they wont risk their accounts.
  3. Server: Ebon Hall 2 hackers as OP mention Summoner + Force Master They move all around the places teleporting from place to place. Its clearly a hack. And they use the machineguns to kill ppl and escape with hacks. They are unidentified so we dont know who they are. You have to manually ban them since no1 can report them. I would make a video but my pc would burn even if i try
  4. http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/news/303-westalpha-2-opening/ 37 mins left
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