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  1. dying

    They got bigger problems to tackle as it is. Also the whole Gold RMT on BnS was never really bothered by them. I know so many people who sell gold and buy gold. They don't even hide it, they do it on a public discord group for years. And at this point and state of the game, it's not even going to be in their best intrest to start tackling 'cheaters'. I even know cases of players sharing accounts with multiple players and then get 'scammazed', Even those accounts got their 'gear' restored for 80%. Normally they don't even do that, because of the ToS. This already says enough on how much they can lose on BnS. Fixing the game bugs should be their priority and game issues.
  2. mods = cheats

    Maybe he is a friend of some bm player i met on BG that accused me of using 'bnsbuddy' to trigger lag on his side. Called me a cheater because he blames me on using a 3d party tool to win in pvp content... Best part was that i don't even use any 3rd party tools. But few of my friends saw him at raid and he failed to tank, claiming he never failed before and had no idea why. My friends trolled him by saying: ' Too many bnsbuddy users here, we lag the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of u'.
  3. Biggest SCAM/ FAKE NEWS 2019

    While comparing it to a bank issue might be a bit overboard as it is on a different scale. It is still a matter of principle that a company doesn't correct their mistake. It's a problem, small? It's 2 region wide affecting most likely the majority of the community. I guess that is small.
  4. Biggest SCAM/ FAKE NEWS 2019

    This isn't just an error, it's just stupid to make assumptions without actual facts. People in their team shouldn't make post without having 100% factual data on patch info's. Going by 'I assume that it will be changed to the new currency' is not how a professional company runs it. Edit: I forgot that they banned me by mistake a year ago. They unblocked the account after they received my ticket and they never apologized for it. I am not the only person that experienced this. They always seem to shoot first before checking facts. Unless that is the American way? ---- I don't know how many people lost their stuff over a couple years of fckup from NC. I can tell from my own experience that I lost over 5k by now include this. I never got any compensation before when a bug took away 'gold'. They even confirmed on ticket it was their mistake and such, but I won't get compensation because it affected only a few players. Now how many people got affected by this misinformation? I think a lot, so where is the compensation? Or what excuse will it be this time I wonder. This isn't the first time, so how much effort can they up to prevent this from happening again in the future..
  5. I always get latency spikes, every minute there is a random few seconds spike on the last 2 hops. (pingplotter) On PvE I don't feel it that much, but I also play PvP and that sucks a lot. Sometimes I just get 2-3 sec delay in a match and I instantly lose. I tried to work around it by checking when I have to move towards the wall to wait for the delays to end, it works sometimes. If everything would be stable I would have a <20ms connection. Actually most games that i played in EU i have below 20ms. Only BnS EU is having daily issues, I also connect to servers that are located in Asia (several games, incl BnS). And I end up with a higher latency, but more stable connection since it doesn't spike into the sky constantly.
  6. Verdant Nightstone

    For future reference for those who press without reading. You don't exchange items unless your read the description info and understood what happens to it. It's not the first item that changes in a 'negative' way, but avoidable like many other times. same goes with item mail fee's that increase after exchange. (for example split the item and exchange into the new item, check mail fee) About the time machine, you can always try have it converted back to the old currency by writting a ticket.
  7. Verdant Nightstone

    Why didn't you read the item description before exchanging?
  8. You can use the switch to your advantage (stack for bonus pts) . So no it doesn't need to be 'fixed', since it's not broken. If your team is not willing to comply or they do not understanding tactics it falls under community issues.
  9. Content from RNG boxes for Belgian players.

    it's not exactly hard to bypass this 'restriction'. I doubt that NCsoft will make it harder for players to do it either. I mean why would they? Also this change will actually give NCsoft an edge in justifying certain changes that will benefit them more. They won't be feeling anything by this so called ban on rng features, since many players will bypass it one way or another.
  10. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    400 keys here as well. 1 time i saw a 3 star crit which contained nothing useful. I saw total 3 times a 2 star crit, with 2x octa gem and 1x vial. The rest was 1 star till the usual 40/40 2 star crit, which contained mainly materials. At least I got the Butterfly Effect costume. I am glad I can at least farm my HMC for Troving purpose, many probably not. Like others have confirmed here or on reddit. This Trove with adjusted rates for 3 star crits is far worse than the previous season Troves. The ''increase'' in 3 star crits, lowered the 2 star crits heavily. As well the noticeable higher chance to get useless 2-3 star crits.
  11. no reason players kick my FM

    When DD was released I duo it. And my gear was simple raven+3 , draken acc, SSM normal gloves, aw soul. My duo friend always went solo, he only needed to do around 266k for the last boss if he was solo. With me added to it he was clearing it faster as i was putting something like 150k to the total which is almost the same as your 3 man 300-400k. We had more than 30 sec till enrage left. if you say you guys do 300-400k dps and have 30sec left you probably let the boss heal too much right? Otherwise it isn't possible. DD is a hard dungeon ? Because people can't CC the boss when it needs to be CC-ed? DD is just about braindead at it's current state, because they removed just about anything that actually punished a bit when you made mistakes.
  12. You assumed I was writting about the ingame server delay? I didn't even mention the ingame MS indicator. I usually get my data from tools like pingplotter.
  13. If EU was so great I wouldn't have random latency spikes in the evenings. Going up to 200ms while literally every other MMO in the past 11 years, I got a stable <30ms. When I play a moba games with my friends in the SEA region i got like 100-120ms. Which is still better than the random spikes I got on EU BnS server. But I read somewhere it was a ISP joke. Hah.
  14. F2P allowed?

    @MassiveEgo 1. True it will impact me eventually. 3. We had several of these type of events which was actually a benefit for the new player group. It's how you look at it, new players need materials to progress, that is true. But how much do you gain gear wise from x events? Or is it better to slow the progress, because the gain isn't worth it yet, instead turn it into gold or w/e means that is usable afterwards. At least that is how I look at events in the past and present. What can i benefit from participating in this event, gear progression? If so, how much is the gain in gear and does it offset the amount of profit I could get from doing sales instead. Some events did involve gamling, so that was also a criteria to look at (usually a no-go for me). From the last few events we had recently, I can't say we had anything good. 2&4. The limited time I got to spend on playing BnS is still me, being active as a player in the game environment. I still do everything any active player does, just with limited time/choices. What I do with the market just goes with the time I spend playing this game, it's true that I got an advantage knowing BnS better in general so I can be as efficient as possible. I learn to become better at everything over time, be it dgs, tanking, timings, pvp and F5. At least I think everyone who plays this game actively should be sharpening their knowledge on dgs/tanking/timings. Become better and be able to do things more properly without time waste. My bad, I didn't ask earlier about the the raven3 or below geared players. But a full raven3 (1k AP?) group should be able to do the dgs except the last 2? I can guess you can push out tons of variables what makes it not possible, I know them since I carry a lot on F8. Also players with Raven3 can actually farm some places effeciently. I know several players ingame that did it. it does come with grinding, but BnS was always like that I think. They found their own effective farming area, it still applies today because I recently wrote to one of them, because I was surprised to see him still farming that dg. I don't know how many hours a day an random active player spends though. The people below (800 AP?) the raven3 gear is a sad story in general due to the removals they did recently, though they do get carried up to NS? (At least I carry a lot of them there) But I assume gearing up like that is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, repeating the same dg over and over because of the low drop ratio and no more gold box. I know several clans with that type of gear, they are still around and enjoying the game. Maybe I should ask them how they feel about the progression in gear, I believe they don't have an issue, at least last time I chat with them they didn't. If I was running with 800-1000AP gear, I would probably use the farming area few of my friends introduced to me and try get the gains from that place. Instead of going F8 and be sad about it. 5. it was about the 2 post above mine. To be honest knowing NC from what they did so far, nothing will change that it will fix any of these problems, because it's an issue they kept ignoring in the past and it turned to what we have now. That's why I work around it till my progression source is depleted and onwards to the next gold mine If i can find it. If NC wants to make it easier for new players they should just hand it out to them with the main quest. Because seeing them put more effort in adjusting events/dungeons/daily/weekly (what I mentioned in an earlier post) is most likely not happening. And they never were running with the thought of giving players free choices to pick from. It's always the 1 pack of either useful or useless items.
  15. F2P allowed?

    Don't take the 'play the market' so literally that you guys think it's about camping the NPC for hours to reap the benefits of it. Because it isn't, at least I don't need to do that to generate 100g minimum a day from the marketplace alone (there are tons of people running bigger gold gains than me, but they spend more hours). I am doing this while going for quick dungeons/daily etc. And for the last 550 days, I played bns for about 4-8 hours a week. Trading (selling) items in a game with fellow community members is a part of an MMO. So ye you either make use of it or you don't, but every amount you can gain counts. The amount of ways got thinned out by NCsoft pulling an ass move and also their constant spoonfeeding made the community lose their ability to see the options that lies infront of them? I remember 1+ year ago I replied to a topic hinting how players should look at items related to events (I named an example old event) and how to benefit the most of it when a new event similar to that one arrives. The replies I got were funny, because people didn't want to believe there is a way to benefit a lot while just playing the game casually. Most people seem to believe that there is no other option left to progress. For example OP: 'I dont really see people making gold outside of Evolved stones and Crafting.'. As for the seemingly mocking replies, nah I wouldn't work for a company that has that much ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing up going on, even if they pay well. I rather get less payment and work with a small professional team.