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  1. Hello Ninja Zombie That is the nice thing about Discord, you can apply now and be part of the guild and do dungeons with us even though you are not in the ingame guild yet. A lot of the chat goes over Discord, it is our guild chat for when we are not ingame ^^ We will make sure to keep a spot free for you as well then if you are accepted and the spots are limited, currently 5 left so out of my head. As for Voice on discord. Often we have 1 channel that everyone joins to be social, but we also often have parties/groups alone that are doing pvp tag matches or are running a dungeon together. Like said we are not forcing you to join us on voice but sometimes we do encourage you to join us so you can at least listen to us, with for example dungeon runs. Talking is so much easier than typing while fighting ;) @Ray I change my Main btw and my name here is different >< So confusing xD I'm the leader of the Blade and Soul section and i go by the name Elf and Anvh. I recently switch characters in game since I'm going to main Warlock. My blade dancer is named Elffaran she is my old Main Neelakshi is my new warlock main. Feel free to add me in game and ask me any questions you have.
  2. yes we still have a few slots open, so feel free to make an application on our website. We are planning to have a full warlock group to level together ^^
  3. isnt it always random how much you get?
  4. At the moment we are looking to accept 10 new members in our guild. We have this room because we recently open up slots by removing not active players. First come first serve and make sure to write a convincing application with your motivation to join us.
  5. We work with applications, if you want to join the guild you need to register at our website and write an application. We are asking some basic things to get an idea what kind of player you are and if you fit with the group =) <<< general website to register <<< direct link to the application page Feel free to join us on discord as well if you want. in the browser works With the application copy paste this
  6. Mushin's Tower LAG problems

    little youtube video, no idea what is going on precisely why it does this.
  7. Mushin's Tower LAG problems

    This might sound crazy but open something that use internet in the background. I have torrent open downloading porn, now i have the best ping ever in blade and soul. I'm not even joking >>
  8. Oh cricket, not that unknown any more >>
  9. link to those "official announcement"??? Also can one of the dev please clear this up...
  10. Yeah, you can but you still don't have much room. there are so many things you need to collect for upgrading and things you get which you dont want to throw away. This only gets more and more the more content we get.
  11. No they don't You know what they do in Japan. They have a cheaper sub with less in it, and if you buy 3 months you get a special outfit. You get all extra's from day 1 you do not need to collect "premium points" to unlock things. The ability to access the bank from everywhere is a really nice one to have. I so dislike the EU/NA model... :/
  12. For those we don't get it. It is like paying for new dungeons (costumes) and then pay monthly to be able to play in them (wardrobe), this is where the friction comes from. Like mentioned it is counter productive, NCsoft wants to sell outfits and then on the other hand limit how many you can buy because of the storage space. Also many people have a "wallet" they are willing to spend monthly on a game, lets assume that is around the $15 which is really reasonable since that either buys you a sub or in game goodies in f2p games. However in BNS if you want to buy those fancy outfits... you also need to have the wardrobe to store them and that will put it over budget. Many will decide not to buy anything then most likely and spend their money else where.
  13. I do not mind that you need to "give" something to NCsoft in order to get features. I'm perfectly fine that you will unlock the wardrobe permanently when you hit premium level 1 or 2, or that you need to pay a small fee to unlock it permanently. The problem with the current model is that you are "renting" the storage witch is kinda absurd thinking how big a part the outfits are in this game and how they are used for events in other regions. So why should you buy that nice outfit or put effort in that event for that outfit IF YOU DONT HAVE ROOM TO STORE IT? This mean less people coming back doing these events, spending less money in the store ect. Other problem is with more released content you will collect even more items that you can not throw away because you need them to advance in the game.
  14. Bump. Can one of the staff please let us know that the problem has been heard at least? It feels bad to not have any responce after 2 weeks :(
  15. radiant ring has no accs

    yeah same problem, makes it a pain to level up now