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  1. Spring Bloom Boxes

    Probably when daily spin resets
  2. Lag & Soul

    from 100 ms to 800 ms 4 days now :(
  3. Unstable ping

    same here is like 5 days from 100 ms to 1500 ms , no hope :(
  4. Popular Names

    QTip Shadow Reaper Zoro Diablo Naruto Grim Star i can go all day
  5. Mass Gathering @ Monday on Soha

    hope to see some screenshots !
  6. Stuck at Intro Screen (Splash Screen)

    same here i`m from EU , i got no problem when i play on NA servers if i switch to EU Splash Screen Forever
  7. EU

    Can some one explain why Eu is not working without WTFAST , (for me maybe ?) stuck at loading screen . When i use WTFAST the game freeze after 20 - 30 minutes NCsoft can we get some enswers pls ! just let us know you are looking in to this ! Merry Christmas Everyone ! just want to add that i can play the NA servers without WTFAST so the problem is with EU servers .
  8. Endless Looping Opening Cutscene

    for wtfast users try changing the country , it works for me and Not a single word from NCSoft this is sad
  9. Does anyone else get some lag moments?

    same here , i think they going to lose so many people after release if they do nothing about the servers , the bad part is last CBT worst CBT :(
  10. Stuck at Login Screen

    ok so after trying everything The ONLY thing that fix this is a new copy of windows , but ncsoft better find the problem before release , ppl are not going to format windows every time they want to play . PLS FIX THIS ! :angry: