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  1. New Wanted Costumes

    First one is coming with todays patch. 4th one from top left was in at launch. But yeah, do want the others.
  2. Can't retrieve items

    Woah thanks for this, and this is really annoying to do especially with the amount of items.
  3. There's an enrage timer on floor 7? Guess I should afk for a bit at the start of the fight next time. Joking aside though, I like the enrage. It provides a challenge and a minimum dps/mechanic requirement, which pushes you to play much more offensively. This game is all about offense, not kiting around for hours while chipping in easy damage and then running away again like a wuss. You gotta go hard and only block mechanics when you'r supposed to (Each class has the tools for it). If you think it's gear that's holding you back then, go and work on that gear first and come back, Just know that True Profane weapon + Infernal accessories are MORE than enough to meet the requirements and these are not some hard to reach equipment pieces. Which brings it back down, to your skill level. This is an action mmo, it's comparable to fighting games in a sense, if you can't handle the combat difficulty or your classes skill level then you should think again if this content is for you, or if you maybe shouldn't go and read/watch a recent guide for your class.
  4. how i get purple belt?

    Drops from the chest of the last boss. How you do the dungeon is up to you.
  5. Tanking Blackwyrm

    The only times a KFM/BM will loose aggro are when they get stunned without being able to tab out. And when a darn Summoner uses their cat to reset aggro and mess up the rotation. Please don't spread this word of Summoner cat tanks. If you have a good BM/KFM spec out of your taunt and let the KFM/BM tank the dragon from 100 to 0 with a stable rotation.
  6. Tanking Blackwyrm

    Summoner can not tank Blackwyrm. At least not in a way that would allow other players to actually dps (if they can tank it at all). Blackwyrms roation requires a tank that uses SS to back off for one spit and jump back in twice per rotation otherwise BW will spit big poison all over the place. Let alone that the cat can't dodge the poison cone attack and most likely can't even survive past multiple rotations.
  7. Keep getting irregular disconnects too. Net is stable, everything else is working fine, but B&S... noo. EU server (Windrest)
  8. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Money grabbing *Crickets* Why can't f2p devs keep game affecting/in game items out of cash shop? It's always the easy money grab, without any care for the game whatsoever.
  9. Disconnections

    Getting lag spikes and DC's on EU this whole week. Sometimes it's stable for a while, but never know when it will strike again. When I switch to NA servers it's all super stable though except the higher ping I never get any issues.
  10. You can not play the game atm ?

    I mean the information is there, if you buy products by just assuming what they are without actually reading what the product that you'r buying is then that's not on the seller. There is also the refund option, so if you'r truly dissatisfied then you can go ahead and make use of that. As for different packages being sold. That information has been given out already. They will stop selling these packs after official launch and add a starter pack for sale which will contain different items in it.
  11. You can not play the game atm ?

    Literally from the Founder Pack purchase page right there below it.
  12. Importance of Choosing Servers

    The other versions of this game don't have this option, so I would be cautious betting on a server transfer.
  13. I think you already answered your own question and you didn't hear this from me, but gave yourself a solution. NC can't really help you I'm afraid if they made a deal.