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  1. As i said, i might find it in my backup. I will have to redo it if it's not in there.. but i'd like to use my old file if possible. It cant be that nobody knows where this game stores its ui and/or chat customization settings lol. Edit: If anybody is interrested in the future: I wrote a ticket to the support. The information is indeed saved in the ClientConfiguration.xml, however ingame you need to click the round button at the bottom left in the character selection screen. The default setting is to load your configuration from the cloud. You need to select that it shou
  2. I appreciate the attempt to help me, and i really dont want to be that guy, but you didnt read what i wrote, did you? As i already mentioned in my opening post, the ClientConfiguration.xml found at the location you just mentioned, does NOT contain the informations i need. I have my old file backed up. When i exchange the files, basically nothing changes. Just an example as for why the file cant be the right one: 1. I just installed a fresh copy of the game after formatting my computer, which means everything is set to default values. 2. Now i change something at my
  3. I left the game like 9 months ago and intend to start playing again. So i downloaded the game and.. realized that all the customizations were saved locally - which is great. Sarcasm off ;) Since i might have accidentally saved the files before formatting my PC, where would i have to look for them? In which files does BnS save the chat and ui customizations? When i googled it said that these changes are saved in the ClientConfigurations.xml one can find located in C/User/Name/Documents/BnS/NCWest, however that's now the correct file (since replacing it did nothing, and changin
  4. No problem with it... if dps wasnt directly linked to your ping and if the ping wasnt completely messed up on their end. Having a dps meter on dummies, only for yourself, would be much appreciated. But in dungeons.. nah.
  5. I dont have a problem with dungeons and stuff. Also not with mushins tower. It required more skill, but that's to be expected when playing meele and i enjoyed it. What really is annoying is doing these open world or 24 man events such as terrors, soulstone plains and grand harvest where you will hardly get to even survive as a meele. I'm not even talking about skill. It would be much less annoying if the game had a stable connection with good fps all the time, but the servers are broken (i live in germany. Ping jumps between 30 which should be what i always have - and 230... which
  6. While leveling just use what you can get. If you want to level to 50 (49 is easy. Do main story only. 50 takes a bit more) then just run a few dungeons after 50 and take the shields you get there and after that get whatever is the best SS right now (so purple dungeons. Scorpion/Yeti first and Asura later). If you want to upgrade to a decent soulshield now (if you dont want to grind to 50) then try to get the bloodshade harbor soulshield and enhance it with poharan 24man crit 8 soulshields. That will do the job until you can equip 50's soulshields.
  7. People brought this up since release. Well.. in fact.. probably since closed beta. And suddenly - now - it's a thing. Why?
  8. It shouldnt be a huge surprise to be honest. Most players are max level. The only people you'll meet at lower levels (<45) are new players or twinks. And since leveling to 45 takes between 15 to 20h when ur fast, it's to be expected that there are not a lot of players. Also: be happy about it! You dont even want to imagine how it was at launch when every person spawn camped some stupid quest mobs just because there were only 7 of them per channel and they had a respawn time of 30 seconds or so and 20+ players were in that area. It was hell.
  9. Holy shit. Dude. That whole THING is one sentence. On top of that you're claiming to have been some advisor in not just one, but two games. Of course. First of all, i wont blame you for your lack of english knowledge. It's clearly not your native language, but i'd at least expect some level of punctuation and grammar and.. common sense, especially when you claim to have been some sort of advisor - because let's face it, if you'd work as an advisor, you'd know how to english. I would also doubt that ur old enough to work at all. Post seems more like a 13 year old raging about something.
  10. Time gates content like this is just stupid. It's not that you need a long time to achieve it, it's that the ONLY *cricket* thing you can do to get closer to your goal is play 30 minutes a day, because then ur locked out, unless you pay for it. And jeah.. the other chance to obtain them (purple% btw) requires really really good gear also. When i play i game, i want to at least be able to farm towards a goal in the speed i want. If you only give us stuff for 30 minutes playtime, then people will only play 30 minutes unless they need something else. Oh and.. i dont like to cal
  11. I'm also shortly before taking a break. The only thing i've done so far for the last few weeks is crafting. And now people are even crafting the *cricket* STS for a loss or 3g profit if ur lucky or bought everything in a down peak. I'm a bit afraid that as soon as i stop logging in every day, i'll stop logging in frequently.. and in the end stop playing. Well if you can call what i do playing in the first place^^ Since i dont have time to play 24/7 anymore i feel like progression became a pain in the ass. Playing one or two hours a days does not do a lot, and if you only pla
  12. 1: 2, but the rest is at 46 with the exception of my LBM, which is.. 19. 2: Twinks are all maxed infernal with awakened profane weapon and moonwater soulshield 3: Took the money from my main. It's about 30 or so gold to equip a char to that point. Twinks are useful to generate money too, so they'll pay back :P 4: True pirate, awakened siren stuff or drops if they were better. 5: Yes and no. Cant decide between WL and BM right now. Ranged classes just have a huge advantage. Not playing that actively right now anyway tho. 6: Gonna upgrade my WL to the point of my BM and
  13. To open a ticket basically means to contant the support. That's their job: if anybody can restore it, then it's them :) Wouldnt get my hopes to high, but it's definitely worth a try.
  14. Depends on what you do. If you start the game, i'd say yes. Some people say it's not worth it after you hit max level. The benefits you should think about (besides more ep for leveling and so on) are: - Lower windstride cooldown - Lower (minus 25-50% depending on premium level) fees for putting items in AH - You can use the wardrobe to store outfits That's the major ones imo. Maybe i forgot something. Some say it's worth it, some say it is not. Keep in mind that the benefits grow with higher premium levels (thus, the longer you played or the more you payed, the bette
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