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  1. As i said, i might find it in my backup. I will have to redo it if it's not in there.. but i'd like to use my old file if possible. It cant be that nobody knows where this game stores its ui and/or chat customization settings lol. Edit: If anybody is interrested in the future: I wrote a ticket to the support. The information is indeed saved in the ClientConfiguration.xml, however ingame you need to click the round button at the bottom left in the character selection screen. The default setting is to load your configuration from the cloud. You need to select that it shou
  2. I appreciate the attempt to help me, and i really dont want to be that guy, but you didnt read what i wrote, did you? As i already mentioned in my opening post, the ClientConfiguration.xml found at the location you just mentioned, does NOT contain the informations i need. I have my old file backed up. When i exchange the files, basically nothing changes. Just an example as for why the file cant be the right one: 1. I just installed a fresh copy of the game after formatting my computer, which means everything is set to default values. 2. Now i change something at my
  3. I left the game like 9 months ago and intend to start playing again. So i downloaded the game and.. realized that all the customizations were saved locally - which is great. Sarcasm off ;) Since i might have accidentally saved the files before formatting my PC, where would i have to look for them? In which files does BnS save the chat and ui customizations? When i googled it said that these changes are saved in the ClientConfigurations.xml one can find located in C/User/Name/Documents/BnS/NCWest, however that's now the correct file (since replacing it did nothing, and changin
  4. Time gates content like this is just stupid. It's not that you need a long time to achieve it, it's that the ONLY *cricket* thing you can do to get closer to your goal is play 30 minutes a day, because then ur locked out, unless you pay for it. And jeah.. the other chance to obtain them (purple% btw) requires really really good gear also. When i play i game, i want to at least be able to farm towards a goal in the speed i want. If you only give us stuff for 30 minutes playtime, then people will only play 30 minutes unless they need something else. Oh and.. i dont like to cal
  5. 1. You can spend money to buy gold and with gold nearly everything else you need. You cant buy stuff that you cant achieve ingame tho, and to upgrade your gear we are literally talking about thousands of euros.. so not a lot of people do it. Playing the game normally definitely is possible. The game is f2p. 2. Quests or Grind. Dungeons dont give a lot of exp. 3. Warlok alone is a decent class, really strong in groups (good group buff), kinda behind in pvp even tho there are some people rocking with it.
  6. I have... ALL alts i guess. I got 7x 45+ chars with my last twink (LBM) being level 19 because i lost interrest in leveling him. When i level a char i chose a free day and just nolife the shit out of the game, meaning that i get up, level, hit 45+, and go back to sleep. Which takes about 18 or so hours. About combos: I dont find the combos you learn in the tutorial or from the purple quests all that useful. You'll figure out what works and what doesnt when leveling anyway. You want skills that do damage, preferably aoe, and a bit of cc or other sustain so that you dont need t
  7. As far as i know the skins are still one time use. I dont know if they plan on changing anything.
  8. It's not in their patch description, so no. I doubt it. If i had to guess i would say that it comes next patch tho. People start to get annoying asking for the class, so they will most likely release it asap to shup them up xD
  9. My warlock is at 375 exactly and only has true profane with infernal accessories and the drops from story - plus a python neclace. So, ok, i lied xD It's one dungeon drop.. but that doesnt change the fact that it's basically doable in no time if you got profane (which itself is quite fast achieveable)^^ Edit: Oh and of course for the above to make any sense: i dont have any ap gems on my wl.
  10. I actually dont have a problem with weapon upgrades in the hundred golds. I personally think that accessory upgrades in the 300-400 gold range are a bit too much, aaaaaand that 2000-2500 gold for frozen darts alone is a bit insane. Other than that: you dont need to have everything day one. I like that gear progression is not super fast like in other games, whether or not it's too slow for the western majority is debatable: it probably is. But i wouldnt change it by a whole lot to be honest. Even tho, we also have to keep an eye on the future, we all dont want to spend one month per upgrade per
  11. I agree with both sides to be honest: 1. AP requirements are not a bad thing. You just wont beat yeti for example if most players in your group have true profane with infernal accessories. Making for frustrating runs.. 2. AP requirements like 500+ shouldnt exist. I'd agree with 400+ for normal stuff and maybe 450 for yeti since i personally find the enrage timer much harder, but other than that i dont think that there is a reason for high AP requirements - unless you are trying to do speedruns. But in that case you most likely dont use random people anyway. 3. Everybody should
  12. There is no way at all to farm them without doing any form of pvp - unless you could the tomb of exiles daily with 2 soulstones as "efficiently farming them"^^
  13. Well sure, i exaggerated a bit. But in fact there are people that are against gunners being implemented, while most arguments "against" the others are, like you said, something similar to "i would prefer a gunner over the others". Also, like you stated only a small minority reads and posts on the forums. All we say and do is based on this minority. We actually dont know whether or not the majority wants a gunner class, since (example) 90% dont even read the forums and will only know about it after it's officially announced :) Like with most problems concerning this game, the
  14. For every person wanting this class, there is basically one person being actually against it being implemented in the game. You wont see this for most other class ideas, like a polearm, fan, dual sword, .. kind of class - and there is a reason for this. Also one of the only three hints we got is that the class is in no way in the game yet. The statement is redundant if they only talked about classes since we know it's not gonna be a hybric (other hint) and it's obviously not a class that's in the game right now (because that would be stupid ^^). If it applies to npc's.. bye gunner
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