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  1. As i said, i might find it in my backup. I will have to redo it if it's not in there.. but i'd like to use my old file if possible. It cant be that nobody knows where this game stores its ui and/or chat customization settings lol. Edit: If anybody is interrested in the future: I wrote a ticket to the support. The information is indeed saved in the ClientConfiguration.xml, however ingame you need to click the round button at the bottom left in the character selection screen. The default setting is to load your configuration from the cloud. You need to select that it shou
  2. I appreciate the attempt to help me, and i really dont want to be that guy, but you didnt read what i wrote, did you? As i already mentioned in my opening post, the ClientConfiguration.xml found at the location you just mentioned, does NOT contain the informations i need. I have my old file backed up. When i exchange the files, basically nothing changes. Just an example as for why the file cant be the right one: 1. I just installed a fresh copy of the game after formatting my computer, which means everything is set to default values. 2. Now i change something at my
  3. I left the game like 9 months ago and intend to start playing again. So i downloaded the game and.. realized that all the customizations were saved locally - which is great. Sarcasm off ;) Since i might have accidentally saved the files before formatting my PC, where would i have to look for them? In which files does BnS save the chat and ui customizations? When i googled it said that these changes are saved in the ClientConfigurations.xml one can find located in C/User/Name/Documents/BnS/NCWest, however that's now the correct file (since replacing it did nothing, and changin
  4. Well sure, i exaggerated a bit. But in fact there are people that are against gunners being implemented, while most arguments "against" the others are, like you said, something similar to "i would prefer a gunner over the others". Also, like you stated only a small minority reads and posts on the forums. All we say and do is based on this minority. We actually dont know whether or not the majority wants a gunner class, since (example) 90% dont even read the forums and will only know about it after it's officially announced :) Like with most problems concerning this game, the
  5. For every person wanting this class, there is basically one person being actually against it being implemented in the game. You wont see this for most other class ideas, like a polearm, fan, dual sword, .. kind of class - and there is a reason for this. Also one of the only three hints we got is that the class is in no way in the game yet. The statement is redundant if they only talked about classes since we know it's not gonna be a hybric (other hint) and it's obviously not a class that's in the game right now (because that would be stupid ^^). If it applies to npc's.. bye gunner
  6. Since ur posting this.. either you hope for the quartz price to go down, or to make some profit off of picks, dont you? xD
  7. Gunner, Archer, Spear/Lancer or something alike does not seem out of question. I personally hope it's some sort of spearer > archer > gunner. I dislike the idea of a gunner in a martial arts game. But i guess there is actually a third hint hidden in it "[..] and has yet to appear in the game [..]" Technically archer, spearer and gunner are all in the game yet in form of npcs. Poheran would be a gunner, the lycan guy in the cave is a spear/bow hybrid, the guy in the tower is a fully fetched archer. I guess it could be a class with two sword. I'd love that
  8. The exchange tells you how many "hongmoon coins" you will be getting. If there is a mistake somewhere else they should fix it, but it's clearly visible what you get. Also the only thing i can really think off that cant be bought using hcoin is premium.. so your point is? Well and the other stuff i can think off right now, like gem hammers, can be bought for gold on AH anway. So no point in exchanging at all.
  9. I kinda agree. I dont have anything against low rates, BUT low rates combined with a more of less long effort for one chance is a bit stupid. And if, on top of that, the dungeon is so insanely boring and constists of a lot of RP like dreadtide and yehara ... wow. That's not worth farming imo^^
  10. I would totally like this. I'd also be willing to pay the same for it as for a name change. Of course only if you own the two names you would be able to swap them :P Shouldnt be a lot effort. Should basically be 3 database calls, the icon, description and function of a new item and earns them a lot of money. I dont have any intentions to use it right now but if my main changes i'd like to swap the name from my current main with the char i decide to play then. So yes, it could be of use for me in the future - and i believe that not only is it of great use right now but also that this issue
  11. Well of course there are less people than in the hype wave after release.. Even tho, on Windrest we are still getting at least 10 channels, 15-20 on prime time, in faction area (misty wood). I mean, ok it was 35+ at release, but honestly i didnt expect something else and i also dont see it getting less in the last days or weeks. - Btw, isnt arena cross server? Gz on being 900th best kfm or smth lol
  12. This is the english forum, please use the apropriate language. Well at least somebody understood you. I wish a nice day.
  13. I disagree. It`s true that through currency exchange you can buy the best gear and also these skill books, but it's nothing a normal player cant achieve. I'm a master founder and i'm willing to pay, but i wont ever spend money on the currency exchange lol. For 100€ you get a shaby 150 gold or so... for this insanely low rate, the people that actually go for it: do it. You are financing the servers, i dont have problems with that. If you're willing to spend up to 250€ on a skill book.. thats fine. And yes, these books are an advantage, but speaking of which... the game is pvp
  14. So they got the best equip and pay the fees for the servers and unless they get bores are on top of that still playing. How do they win? Competitive pvp is equalized. Open world pvp is completely irrelevant zerg-button-smashing and who has more friends around wins. Equip plays a role.. but seriously, people who want to do pvp dont do ow-pvp and people who dont want to do it search for a somewhat empty channel to complete their quests. The only people that do ow-pvp are the ones that are either good at pvp and/or well geared and want to stomp some noobs. That's the only case these players
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