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  1. The exchange tells you how many "hongmoon coins" you will be getting. If there is a mistake somewhere else they should fix it, but it's clearly visible what you get. Also the only thing i can really think off that cant be bought using hcoin is premium.. so your point is? Well and the other stuff i can think off right now, like gem hammers, can be bought for gold on AH anway. So no point in exchanging at all.
  2. I would totally like this. I'd also be willing to pay the same for it as for a name change. Of course only if you own the two names you would be able to swap them :P Shouldnt be a lot effort. Should basically be 3 database calls, the icon, description and function of a new item and earns them a lot of money. I dont have any intentions to use it right now but if my main changes i'd like to swap the name from my current main with the char i decide to play then. So yes, it could be of use for me in the future - and i believe that not only is it of great use right now but also that this issue
  3. This is the english forum, please use the apropriate language. Well at least somebody understood you. I wish a nice day.
  4. Well ehrm jeah, sure they have hands full with other problems. But there are different sections in a company. People who are on the forums and responsible for moderating or community management are not the same people that work on hard- or software, or game design. So even if the hard/software party has a hell of a lot of work to do right now, the community managers and so on are unaffected by it.
  5. I'd like to see a reply from ncsoft. I mean, in some stream at the beginning they said that they were going to (most likely, not certainly) provide the option for different voicepacks. Now they said in a more up to date stream that they dont plan to do so in the near future (which probably means they wont). But since some of the players would really love this to be a thing, and modding game files is more or less not "allowed", an answer from ncsoft telling us if they are approving it or not would be helpful - after all it's official files, just from a different language, so there
  6. Hate me all you want but i'm against it. As you said, a *part* of the players wants this. There is also a *part* of the players who would be against this. Who would that be you ask? Me for example. I really dont like the thought of people running around with two water melons as boobs. I just find it unattractive and not nice to look at. Also you are wrong that boobs are a big selling point of this game imo. I play the game for the combat system and the pve content (which is.. pretty unavailable at the moment D:). You are also wrong in another point. I play a male character and
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