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  1. Thank you NCSoft

    I agree with the OP +1 Thank you, BnS team, and hoping you continue to address the problems that arise and tweak fixes as needed. I'm sure they are fully aware that game forums are going to have more complaints than thank you's (those who aren't experiencing issues usually are playing the game and not visiting the forums) but it's good to remember that "NCSoft" and "the devs" etc. and forum moderators are actual people who can feel tired, discouraged, and hurt, as we all can. It appears to me that they are endeavouring to stay on top of things and listen to our feedback, so I also want to express my appreciation and thanks to them. For me, Blade and Soul is a very engaging and fun game, and I don't see myself leaving anytime soon. Rock on!!
  2. New Patch, New Problems

    Just a note to devs - a clan mate said when he got on (which was later than I logged in) he had 2 patches. He and others are having trouble with accessing F3 and F4 panels. I, on the other hand, logged in earlier than he this morning, and I can still access my friends/block lists and my wardrobe. I am guessing when I log out and log back in the game will be patched and I will inherit the same troubles my clannies are having. So perhaps something in that second patch made things go wonkers? Edit: Oh wait, nvm - he just told me that he had problems after the first patch, thought the second one would fix it, but it did not. Well, I did download a patch this morning (US central time) so I guess we have had multiple patches today.
  3. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I don't think this is about selling gold anymore, it's like they're griefing the game - ddos'ing chat channels (heh, well feels like it o.o)
  4. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Wait what? I am premium (Master Pack), my list got full at 50. I will go back and see if I am going crazy ....
  5. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Update: A lot of threads are popping up - apparently the servers are literally being besieged/overrun now by gold spammers. What the hay?
  6. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I hear you Skath, and what I'm suggesting is a stop gap solution, at best. But it would temporarily appease players, because hitting that 50 cap can be done very quickly (1 day) and it seems to me that this should be addressed asap. Surely at least sort so the list is in order of blocking (or give a sort function). I played FFXIV and gold sellers were rampant, following mass bans they would always pop back up again. The block list cap there was much higher but I still filled it up. But at least I could remove the oldest ones. And yes, it felt like a job sometimes :( I wish one of the NCSoft employees could just stay logged in and swing that ban hammer as soon as spam popped up. (Right now, I see in in LFG and Faction the most.) Oh .... and why can't lower level characters report? Noticed it on my alts, I think you have to be 20? I can't see the logic, but I'm sure there is something I'm missing ...
  7. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Just to add - not being able to block players fills up chat boxes so much that it's hard to read the real messages - and also causes duplicate reports to NCSoft because if I can see that one is blocked (right-click panel will show "unblock") I know I've already sent in a report on the bot.
  8. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Request - Please increase size of block list from 50 to, say, 200? And if this is not possible (or in addition to the above), please populate the block list in chronological order (rather than alphabetically) so that the oldest ones can be removed (since these spambot accounts are probably only used for a short time) freeing up space to report and block the newer ones. Thank you!
  9. Loyal Veteran Player Cancelling Subscription

    Sarcasm detector on - check :)
  10. Fix the queue times.

    Yes, this is what really gets to me. (Happens in almost every game I play, sadly.) But there is a report button (for botters and spammers) - right-click and report - that's the best we can do right now, I think. Hopefully the team will respond quickly enough to make a difference. I know they just create more f2p accounts, but let's make it difficult for them :)
  11. My char lvl roll back!

    You are level 1 even after logging in?
  12. Extremely shady stuff from NCsoft

    Wow, glad to see this thread, very unusual! Thanks omeed for responding. And my experiences with the customer support for this game at this time have all been very positive, so hopefully OP can get this resolved.
  13. Server got rolled back!!!! LOL

    I am waiting a bit before logging in, to be sure everything is WAI. (Also hoping the rush of log-ins doesn't crash servers again O.O)
  14. Server Maint, On a Saturday?

    LOL well no Saturday off for any of the team, that's for sure :( Although I imagine so close to launch everyone might have been working anyway (imagine they are probably always on call) - it's got to be worse for them going in for an emergency (with the forums exploding) than for us sitting at home wanting to log in so we can feed our recreational habits. Let's have some perspective Hugs to everyone
  15. Let's Play A Game :D

    Awww, lol don't hate on Adele :) And I am old enough to remember listening to da man Lionel Richie!