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  1. In last stream roulette thing was only showing 1 hongmoon coin item, and they drop once 3 full moons on random daily chest rewards so, unless you trade gold for hongmoon coins the time you'll take on unlocking it with via hongmoon coins it's just ridiculous.
  2. Isnt this a bit to late?

    Pa ke kieres saber eso? jajaja Saludos Why do you want to know that? hahaha greetings
  3. Change Daily Dash to how it was before

    I wouldn't mind the change if they had the japanese roulette that gives you points instead of items, that way you spend those points in an exclusive store and buy wahetver you want from there instead of the very unlikely chance to land on the item you want. Praise the Lord RNGeezus said no one ever.
  4. What about difficulty?

    Any class can solo the first dungeon, you just need to know Boss 1: Kill dogs ASAP (they land near flame wall), if you kill a destroyer grab the bomb and toss it to boss, Boss 2: Kill FMs ASAP nothing else, Boss 3: Try to pass to phase 2 as fast as you can, phase 2 is a joke, you can evade the grab in phase 1 but it's not a safe bet and phase 2 of the boss is a joke. If you add that you have hearts it really isnt that hard just takes longer to solo, you can't solo flame emperor on 36 because your damage vs their regen isn't nearly enough, not sure if an assassin is able to tho if he/she remains in perma stealth.
  5. What about difficulty?

    "If you are not that well equipped it shouldn't be that hard" I don't know about your hard standards but getting pretty much 1 shotted from a add spawn doesn't scream easy to me, You all complain about difficulty then why don't you try with a lower lvl "Soul Shield"/bopae/bagua/pizza or do a weapon only try and I'm only saying this because people complain it's too easy and you can make it more difficult by removing or using lower level stuff, I'm an experienced player so i don't need to practice but not because I find the end game rather easy I'm going to ask the devs to make it more difficult because like I said you can challenge yourself with stuff and increasing the difficulty only it's going to hurt those that are new to the game. Also these dungeons are dailys and if they will become part of your routine if they increase the difficulty they will be pretty much neglecting the income for the less experienced/skilled players, unless they get carried. Also one last thing for the lvl 36 Tomb of Exiles dungeon I duo'ed with a friend as soon as we hit lvl 36 to get our upgrades we didn't even had the daily for the dungeon and it was a super fun run, the game feels easy? you can make it more challenging yourself. KK.
  6. Weapon Repair with NPCs

    I know it might be an alpha thing but just in case, when hovering the mouse over the repair npc it just wouldn't show how much the repair was going to cost.
  7. Th infinite loading of the death

    I got Infinite loading just once then forced the client to close and run the game again had no issues could play after that.
  8. What about difficulty?

    The only reason it feels easy at the beggining is because of the gems they put on the cash shop, sure just start the game put those on your wep and start to 1 shot everything for a while, the overall difficulty is higher than other regions IMO at least it felt thay way to me. Also at end game content for current build the 4 big dungeons there was always people dying everytime so how is that easy?. I remeber being almost 1 shotted by an assassin mob in the twin things dungeon when I recently hit 45 then died rapidly with the next hit, and that was just an add than a mini boss spawned. Also BnS has had several changes there used to be 4 and 6 versions of the dungeons, you would get your jewelry from 6 ver. and your would get your wep from 4 man mode, 6 ver like some comments here says feels easy because of the ammount of people and 4 man would be like a hard mode of the instance so to speak. Also keep in mind that there are achievements for _soloing_ some bosses like the Infernal Emperor in cinderlands so increasing the difficulty could make obtaing this kinds of achievements not possible. And finally always end game content is the most difficult and the rest of the game feels like a walk in the park compared to it, if they manage to get Pohwaran in any of the betas and not nerfed at all, I bet a lot of people not knowing the mechanics and badly geared are going to complain about the difficulty of the dungeon.
  9. Black screen.

    This also happened to my friend and myself as well doesn't seem to mather which cut scene tho only that there's this chance for it to happen when you skip a cutscene.