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  1. Probably the worst reasoning i ever saw... we already have these type of players, since they swipe on their mains without even putting any effort to properly learn the class first. Of course there are players like Warfor*** that make few true souls/cosmic on other characters since they basicly have no limit on using money for this game. To be honest that change would just make our (mine and everyones) life easier, since i'm f2p player, i don't swipe but farm all my gold, mats and having cosmic soul on my main is the max i can do (it's not even awk/true yet). So having soul stage 6 and awk. pet on my alt kfm is kinda meh... and it would be great to be able to transfer cosmic soul and unleashed pet like HM gems... Is it necessary for me to have them? Of course not, it would only make my life easier, like replacing other tanks in BT or to carry pugs in F8 with even less effort or stress. I don't have bad gear on my alt kfm (950+ap but no raven wpn or bracelet yet) and i comfortably tank any content... so i know my class and allowing me to transfer soul/pet would not change that, it would just make my life easier to keep aggro from max geared people, since the gap in gear would be lower, it's not like i have problems now, but i can't really make any mistakes or have lag which would mess up my ani-cancel and that can be irritating on some bosses... I will farm for the raven weapon and bt ring(got earring) myself sooner or later anyway, since i do weekly BT on my alt kfm and no i'm not getting carried, since i know all the roles for BT on every boss, all the mechanics and what my class does. Basicly more geared people, then more people in every content, especially for example: if you have 1 raid and 2nd can't go since you lack people and others don't have good enough gear to help you fill the spots with their main or alt chars. You could argue they could abuse ranks in 6v6, since they could transfer soul and pet, but to be honest no one would do that. Becasue you still need to do shields, weapon, accessories and farm exp for hm levels. Basicly it would be easier just to fill ranks with alts in 1v1/3v3 like some do now and farm 6v6 only on 1 char with the best gear anyway (as for BP ppl abuse new clans anyway for that). In the end i'm not expecting NCSOFT to do that, so my alt will stay with that stg 6 and awk pet for very very long, since oils are acc bound now and my main needs them in huge amounts for new soul and next one to come... Still finishing raven wpn and leg. bracelet will be enough for me anyway, so i don't really care about the soul and better pet, just wanted to leave my opinion here. tl;dr Soul/pet doesn't make you skilled or un-skilled player on a character, it won't break any content, it will mostly wil improve everyones life, more chars to play > more players online overall or time spend in the game, ncsoft profit? p.s. Sometiems support transfers these items if you re-roll but we're talking about multiple chars and end-game, no one cares about crappy 500-850ap alts. p.s.2 If you expect people with good gear to know all the dungeon mechanics, then obviously you look at wrong things... Check the achievements after entering. Because buying all the stuff w/o knowing all the mechanics in BT or any other instance is not a thing already...BNSgiggle
  2. Alpha - Level 45 Dungeons (Big 4)

    i was playing a summoner, so it was easy to solo it (cat is op tank), but i did find a group sometimes, so it wasn't that bad. Imo it will be a lot harder to do that for epic dungeons like poh or bsh, but no idea if we will get it for 2nd alpha or cbt. Anyway they won't wipe until release, so there will be more people at 45 level, so finding the group will be a lot easier.
  3. Yeah, i had strange feeling being called that too. Also the: block, counter, it doesn't work etc., was really annoying sometimes, since the mobs would say it too often! It was funny at the start when i killed like 15+ mobs at once and still heard their words, but after a while it was really bad and i hope they reduce it.
  4. Suggestion: Stamina Regen

    Later on you will recive more stamina, up to 20k if you do all the qinggong quests, but a little faster recovery speed would be always welcome. ;3 Even if it would be for Premium members only, but i think premium members have already a lot of perks. So some kind of food or potions to encourage picking up the cooking profession would be interesting.
  5. It should be, but i've mostly used the book to skip the training quests recently, so i don't quite remember it. Anyway it's very easy to add it so i hope we will have it too, or give us the option to skip the training quests with a book, since NCsoft knows there are lots of veteran players on their servers.
  6. As the title suggests, it would be nice to have CD of the skills reset while doing training quests to speed it up a bit, especially in the one i had to do as summoner, where i had to use V(Anklebiter)->C(Strike) combo. After using that combo i had to wait 17s 2 times, so i was just standing doing nothing, it's not a big deal, but would be nice to have it.
  7. It was already posted here that emotes are bugged and display text only instead of the animation, which are: -F12 - 1 - 2 - applaud -F12 - 2 - X - grr -F12 - 2 - C - afraid As for the quest, it's called "Start of the Festival" which requires the "applaud" emote to work, since we need to use at the start of the quest near NPC "Drunken Jin Tonwai" in Fishbelly Pub.
  8. True, people will always complain. I'm kinda used to hard farming or waiting for more content, since i was playing at almost every server release(CBT KR/CN/TW) where you have to be patient, not like now where you get everything so fast. Anyway it's still Alpha, we will get more stuff in CBT where we should have client and content that will be at release, but i'm still positively surprised how well they handled the Alpha, it's very stable and even from EU i have awesome connection and it feels smooth*. I did play at 200+ms though, so anything 2x lower may feel smooth, still i had my fair share with <20ms too, but a long time ago.
  9. I have 50lvl Summoner on CN and TW, it works the same way there, the 2s is for normal dash, while the bigger-36s- cooldown is for the "parry on dash" at Tier 2 and if you spec it into Tier 3 then it has 45s CD for the stun, but you still can use dash every 2s, it could have a better descirption though, so people would know about it. I remember it being like this all the time, but i had 6 months break, so i'm not 100% sure, but i'm sure it is like that now on CN/TW, since i checked that like 5min ago, before writing this answer.
  10. Technical Alpha Inquiry

    Thanks @KeelzYou, was looking for that too. :)
  11. RNG for Evolution Weapon requirements

    Well that's why we have Brilliant keys for, to get weapon for our class. I had the same thing for other regions (CN/TW/JP), i don't know if the exchange option (trading daily tokens-valor stones- for Brilliant keys) will be at the official release, but you will probably get some from the survey, events or cash shop, so there will be some options. I wouldn't mind if they would up the rate, but i doubt it will happen, i remember i had to open like ~2 chests at 6 level and then running like 50+ times 36lvl instance at TW to get me weapon...(shining keys were very expensive at TW when it was released though), so it's all about your luck. In the end it's all about Your* luck, but at the current release there is enough options to get the Brilliant keys, the qeustion is how much of them will stay till official release
  12. I'm using 2 monitors all the time, and "Fullscreen" mode works fine for me like Fullscreen Borderless Mode for me, so i'm having a lot of windows over the client and on second monitor and switching a lot with alt+tab, especially when it's loading and i never experienced any crash yet. So maybe try to provide some more information about Your system specs to help find the issue. :) My specs are: 2x Dell P2314H Nvidia Msi GTX 680 (drivers versions 355.82) i7 2600k@4.5GHz 8GB Ram (game is on normal hdd atm, not ssd) Windows 7 I have lat least 20h into the alpha if not more, so if it was a client problem i should already experience some crashes.