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  1. So I activated the Alpha and my Master Founder's Pack, but I noticed the Premium account timer is now counting down. Will this timer be reset once we transition to live? I apologize if this was covered in a livestream, I haven't had the opportunity to watch them all.
  2. [COSTUME] First Step

    The costume First Step that drops from the end of the Skittering Tunnels dungeon has the Wardrobe button greyed out and so can not be placed in the Wardrobe
  3. [QUEST] Tribe Liberation

    The quest dialogue tells you to kill Gollak Wardens, however the NPC name in-game is Prison Guard.
  4. [QUEST] Lacking Ingredients

    The quest text tells you to Defeat Silver Heron and Large Silver Heron to collect the ribs for the quest. The NPCs you actually have to kill are named Shimmering Raptor and Regal Shimmering Raptor in the game. Note: Only 2 spawns for the Regal Shimmering Raptors appear to spawn in the quest area. You need to collect 7 drops, so it makes for a long wait when multiple people are doing the quest and won't all group up.
  5. [Quest] Start of the Festival

    I also had issues with this quest. The first NPC worked by typing /Applaud (case sensitive) in his activation circle. The second NPC Ko Giju (Misidentified as Ko Rona) would not work even when using the case sensitive version of /Joke. I was able to get it to work by accessing the emote menu and using the hotkey as mentioned above, so there is a current workaround for it. Note: For the NPC Wi Kosu - I had to use the emote button that makes you rejoice, not /pleasures as indicated by the quest instructions.
  6. Class Necklace?

    So, I completed the Tomb of Exile dungeon a few times and on one of the runs a class specific necklace dropped, "Necklace of Channeled Chi - Stage 1" for FM. I was curious if there is any real point to upgrading and evolving this item over keeping the "Awakened Infernal Necklace" that I have already upgraded? Also, are there other class specific jewelry or weapons I should look at keeping towards the higher lvls?
  7. Just to confirm that when I received the 'Dark Sandstorm' costume from chest after completing the dungeon, it was not able to be placed in the Wardrobe. Wardrobe radial menu option is there, it is just greyed out so you can't select it.
  8. Stuck on a pole

    There is an "Escape" option in the main menu if you get stuck
  9. The quest asks you to kill random enemies in the desert to obtain the Serpent Calling Bell for Master Cho. Completing this quest teaches you the Surge skill. However, the quest shows a completion by going to Bunyang without having to kill anything to collect the Serpent Calling Bell. It moves on to turning in the Bell to Master Cho, but he does not appear to complete the quest. Thus you are unable to learn the Surge skill.
  10. Suggestion regarding weapon upgrading

    Paying in-game for the weapon or just trading for it seems reasonable to me. Also, you get at least 1 Hongmoon Brilliant key from quests in each area. Which can be used to guarantee your class weapon from a weapon chest.
  11. Oddly enough the search bar as visible on the first day of Alpha 1. Then by the second it was missing.
  12. How was your alpha experience?

    The Alpha was generally a positive experience for me. Blade & Soul has a nice balance of familiar aspects of MMOs (group dungeons, quest highlights, standard style questing, etc) with the addition of combo-related combat and a focus on customizing skill points with a wide variety of choice in that regard. Major Pros and Cons are as follows Pros Game ran smoothly - no FPS issues for meVery few game-breaking bugs (I only ran into 1 quest I couldn't complete prior to L30)Interface was fairly easy to use and customize window positionsCombat is engaging (In PvP)Game story was engagingCharacter Creation CustomizationGroup synergy has a nice dynamic aspect, there is not a firm restriction on needing a "tank" to run dungeons (Though it can definitely make some encounters run more smoothly)Combat was rather intuitive and easy to understandGear - not difficult to obtain and upgradeCharacter skill customization Cons Graphics - While the graphics are nice for the most part, the fact this game was released a few years ago shows in certain visual aspects of the gameKeybind customization - Some keys are hard bound to certain functions or not enabled for use (MB4, MB5)Restrictive Map movement - For a game that touts the high-wire kungfu movement as part of it's core, I ran into far to many places that had invisible walls that prevented me from going over a hill, jumping over a railing, etc.Zoning - Annoyance of having to multiple loading screens in a short period of time if I got swapped channels made it feel more like a console game than a PC one.
  13. Warlock class items

    This is a known issue and listed in the sticky post.
  14. [Issue] Wardrobe and Master Pack Costumes

    Same issue - the Transendence, Quickdraw, and High Noon costume pieces from the Master's Founder Pack can't be put in the Wardrobe.
  15. Megaphone / Gigaphone

    You can customize the UI and move the window to a less obtrusive place. I moved it over to the right over the Quest log.
  16. It appears that the Marketplace search returns all item results, whether or not that item is actually available on the Marketplace. This then requires you to click through every item option to see if it as actually up for sale. It would be nice if only items available on the Marketplace would be listed in the search return - rather than having to go through every option and receiving the Item not Found message.
  17. I'm not sure what you are talking about, my skills reset during all of my training quests (Force Master) up through L20. Occasionally I had to wait a second after acquiring the new target for them to refresh, but normally they reset just fine. Perhaps it is something to do with Summoners and the pets? Are you letting yourself drop out of combat or immediately sending your pet on to the next target?
  18. Suggestion: Skip Tutorial.

    I initially had the opinion that the OP had, that there should be a "Skip Tutorial" button. However, after making an alt and running through the tutorial (skipping the cutscenes) I realized I was already finished with it within a couple of minutes. While I still feel it would be a nice feature, it's not something I feel needs to be prioriitized.
  19. Side Quest: Socket to me

    Just posting I have run into the same issue. If you are meant to obtain a gem from a boss then the wording and notifications of the quest are misleading and should probably be changed to something more along the lines of "Once you have obtained a gem in your journey, make sure to use the Manage Equipment button to equip it on a weapon." If the NPC is supposed to give a gem to complete the quest, then it is bugged and he is not doing so.