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  1. For the same reason as legalizing weed
  2. New Streamer on Twitch <3

    What's your name on Microvolts?
  3. New Streamer on Twitch <3

    I must say, the humor lured me in. But now I read it wasn't your humor....*sad face*
  4. And..... what exactly did you ask them?
  5. Monitor not letting me play?

    Yeah, turn whatever program that is causing that off. Which one that is, I can't tell with current info
  6. Is founder weapon skin reusable?

    I haven't tried it, but can't you use THAT weapon as a skin for another weapon? (so basically passing on the skin)
  7. No NCoin for CBT?

    oh that one doesn't give you nCoins
  8. No NCoin for CBT?

    Did your real balance get updated?
  9. Text-Colour removed?

    So happy it got removed, some colors were so stingy >.<
  10. I thought characters are region bound, not server bound. You can enter any server you want on the same region.
  11. Oh yeah I meant the region As for proof, I think I saw it somewhere on the forum But also, I contacted support about this some time ago. They told me you get the founder pack on both regions seperate.
  12. You get the founder packs 2 times, one on each server.
  13. While on the topic, it kinda bugs me the High Noon hat changes the hairstyle