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  1. Cursor on the minimap not centered?

    fingers crossed :D
  2. Stuck in tutorial if you die

    Just popping by to say I noticed this issue too. Falling off the little bridge to the combat area meant I ended up dead on the rocks. Re spawning was not possible, neither was hitting ESC and using the escape function or logging out. It would be kind of tempting for many to explore as there is another bridge below and some sort of house in the rocks... it looks so pretty... much like one of those fly zappers in a cake shop. Many people are going to get caught out by it. All the best Book
  3. Cursor on the minimap not centered?

    This seems to be the feature they went for as it's the same on the asian servers. Not a fan of it either.
  4. Rubber banding on Terrain Change.

    I have also noticed this issue plenty of times also in the first couple of zones played. This is the same rubber banding issue I experienced on the Taiwan server that I put down to having a bad ping (often resulting in having to use the escape function, although I have not resorted to that on the NA servers as of yet). FYI I am currently playing from west coast Sweden. All the Best