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  1. Ehm,... it was 150€, yet...can't even select 3rd spec?
  2. Hi, I have opened Greater Sanctum Bracelet Chest - Stage 1 and recieved a Warlock's Greater Sanctum Bracelet Chest. Yet the Wearlocks Greater Sanctum Bracelet Chest is missing a Thunder Rage Bracelet for 3rd spec. I hope this is a bug, since there is no description on the box, that it only includes two spec bracelets, moreover the original Stage 1 chest for Fortunate ticket did cost 150€... @Hime I would appreciate if you could speed up my ticket number #23731954, to exchange the Chest for Bracelet itself, I'm staying offline, yet no answer from ticket. Thank you.
  3. Regardless the issue @Hime Good Morning 🙂
  4. That feeling when, You go to Lunch and game closes for Maintenance You came from Lunch and game still closed for Maintenance It's 11 PM and you can't log in due to bug You go sleep, wake up at 6 am, still can't log in due to bug You read post from Hime, oh it will be fixed in the morning You realize that their morning is your afternoon... *several hours from now* You'll go for Lunch, game closed for god know how long emergency maintenance
  5. Overreacting ? I work for quality assurance, in case of warranty I am oblige to finish the analysis in 30 days by norms/laws. Yet customer always push me to finish it in 1-2 days, even if the analysis includes results form external laboratory, they would not listen but keep pushing. So I don't see how is this different compare to my daily work with other big companies.. Keep in mind, that they know the issue since, becuase people told them right away, but yea they ignored it, then made "investigation", I would understand 24 hours shutdown in case that server HW would be damaged, in cause of d
  6. Imagine you go to work to do regular maintenance, you finish and there is an issue and you be like "nah fq it, I will fix it tomorrow morning". This is honestly worse than when WoW had 1 week lags after expansion release. I do not understand why they at least didn't fix the issue for people that wrote their chars here on forum, I understand that to apply fix globally under emergency maintenance may take up to morning, but some dedicated staff could have at least delete the single item from inventory for rest of people who can't log in and left a post here. But nop, let's just leave
  7. CEST right? It's already morning here so FIX the issue. You are not really going to tell us, that NCSOFT can't fix an issue and are going to keep many people logged off for over 24 hours right? it has been 19 hours since start of maintenance, people pay for premium membership and so on. Taking day off to enjoy new 3rd WL class was my second mistake ever done, first mistake was that I even had any trust in NCSOFT and started playing this game, I must say that customer service is starting to get worse than gameforge and it takes a lot to be worse..
  8. We are not suppose to "delete" items, so this is definitely not our fault not even a single one. For a second thing, compensation should be on a place, EU players could not play for a whole day (from 1 PM to 11 PM ATM and still can't log in) we should be compensated with event and daily stuff at least.
  9. Can't wait for "Please contact support via ticket if you had the Soul in inventory" then we gonna wait another 3 days.
  10. Still...1hour and half and not fixed, they could literally delete that item from few of people that mentioned their chars here and see if that is the issue, or directly run an emergency maint. What a wasted day in EU...already 10 pm and main was from 1 PM..
  11. @HimeSeems like Soul item from previous event may be the issue, Can't log in my WL name - Sorashin Server - EU - Jinsoyun Had no soul on any other char and can log them fine.
  12. It can be some items.. for example Badge or bracelet box in inventory.
  13. Can't log in my Warlock, EU - Jinsoyun, can log some of other chars. There is also plenty of people saying same on BNS Twitter, seems like some issue is up again .. Tried to repair game, didn't help.
  14. Having GM in name is scam, but there is jo way for scammer to have GM icone before name. Also existence of GM is common, just because you can't see them doesn't means that they do not exist. For example they were always hidden in WoW. Here is short video, he was level 1 but wasn't dying od the mobs, also his profile said that "character does not exist"
  15. https://i.ibb.co/tm8n5kF/20210417-224711.jpg
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