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  1. So, I'm not really sure when did this change, I'm definitely going to reread whole TOS on both Ncsoft and PayPal, but I just noticed this. If you use PayPal for subscription, where you use one time password to proceed, then the paypal is automatically saved under your Acc, and you can literally buy everything in F10 in game without needing to write your password to paypal ever again. Like...if I did not notice this and somebody hacked my account (and support gave them new PIN because that is how bad the support is) then they could literally swipe my credit card empty. Main reaso
  2. Don't believe you, I run every dung every day since CTA and seen this only twice on EM. Moreover you need 1 item per stage 6 and for new accesories you need 1 to open. Means: Belt - 2 Bracelet - 2 Neck - 2 Glove - 2 Earling -2 ring -2 that is 12 boxes per char, now lets see how many you need for weapon, or for PVP accesories, now consider that you go from silversteel to uzume that is one more per accesory and sooo on. You literally need like 30 of those boxes
  3. I'm not any specialist in programming, but my common knowledge is telling me that biggest problem comes from the unnecessary "additional damage". I don't believe that if I press 1 button to do 1 damage with skill, there is any need to have it split into 100 dmg from gem 300 dmg from other gem 400 dmg from pet, form neck, ring, glove, weapon , badge, modifiers, bracelet etc.. literally some classes can do 30 hits per second due to multihits. It must take big stake on servers and PC as every single infomrmation needs to be shown in either DPS meter/combat log or packaged through internet to se
  4. Not really, you still have Q E SS as other classes, stop making stories jsut because you got nerfed, many classes were nerfed, FM was siting on high position for a long, just enjoy mid tier for few weeks/month until next patch hit again.
  5. Honestly breakthrough items should be added to shop for like 10 Sovering orbs..it's only breakthrough item not a legendary item ... making it cost 30 Sanctum cores, which is equal to 30 normal runs is just a joke. Also they should add chest for ores again, like wth 250 orbs for 1 accesories when they drop by 1 ?! I am not running 1k dungeons when boss now have 8 bilion HP and takes 10 min to kill
  6. Regardless of drop where I have not yet seen any drop on easy since the UE4 start and only 1 of 10 runs on normal, we should be able to get it through vendor... @HimeWhy does breakthrough gear, which is needed for both of PvE and PvP accesories and dropped almost 100% time on normal made on UE3 now cost "higher" currency ? Why are we not able to purchase Sanctum breakthrough chest with Sovereign cores? I mean it's literally only breakthrough gear, do you really expect people to run 30 times 10-15 minutes dungeon because of HP boost, so they can upgrade 1 year old PvP accesories to stage 10 ?
  7. The frontier server was a pre-UE4 server which was canceled with UE4. Idk where you are getting two different UI ideas, but maybe it's time to stop asking for stuff from KR when you don't have information verified, otherwise you may ask something from CN elusive soon.
  8. It has absolutely nothing to do with current event. Gamer are just getting toxic more and more every year, I saw this in WoW. People cried that there is no content and it's all easy. Blizz created new hard raid, nobody cleared it in 1 week and started crying that it's "too hard", blizz had to nerf it, they cleared it and in 2 weeks "there is no content .... " back in 2006-2008 people took weeks/months to clear raid, now they do it within week or riot. This is what I see in those posts here, whinning whinning whinning, and once company do something with it, they will just witch to another thing
  9. I have not yet run any hard mode so idk how is drops, but do you always get 5x scale fragment box ? Because if yes, then 6 people getting 5* box is 30 total, same as before, yes before you had 30 as drop but in the end it was won only by one guy, and even if you was rottating then you would end up with same number of scales as now? Only difference between then and now is that you can not stack it with enough gold.
  10. Same here, no shutters good performance Mushin tower is exception, idk why but there is also like 40 NPCs under floor (saw some screenshots) so it also decrease fps a lot instead of just players.
  11. Just because you lost your gcd and xml doesn't mean that bosses have higher def... idk how you get to that assumption, but I actually have higher burst than before. In dungeons you do less dmg since they have more HP so now you have to deal with mech instead of brain dead burst to top..
  12. The update just saved the game, stop making false statements.bif your friends left "if that is not lie" then it has nothing to do with the update, I bet you were on 1.4k AP range
  13. You people really need to upgrade your gears... I have i7 7700k and 1070 and my game runs sweaty fine. 40 fps during burst phases literally with zero shutters. You think 40 fps is not enough ? I have everything on 5 except shadow and some skills are on 4. I know myself that with such gear I have I should be playing on 3 max..so you guy run 2020 game engine on 2005 HW pc and you expect e 60 fps ? You can literally get better pc than me with 3060 in 1200€ range. Maybe it's time to save 10€ monthly and in those 15 years you could have afford it. stop blam
  14. True, without CTA event gearing as new player is trully pain, tons of gold and material wasted in grand celestial weapons...
  15. I'm not saying you are wrong here, but I doubt it will be as bad as you make it. My gunner does easily do 1mil dps with a Aransu 6 and no gear, we will get much better weaon, square gems, heart, soul, TB to start with, I think people will do 2mil without problem. https://i.postimg.cc/7h2B7x61/dps.jpg
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