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  1. When are the stream times? When can we expect the next stream? On a week or a week before astromancer ?
  2. Why wasn't thing such as item level indicator added yet? It's too hard to get into normal dungs as people started using other indicators such as HM level or AP.. People see HM level of 17 and think (this guy can't have high AP) and kick him regardless of gear, I even saw HM 22 and thought "yea this guy will carry us through daily" what a surprise when that player was wearing a full True yeti gear not even finished story.. AP is also another problem. Since people determined that between 2-2,2k AP means "geared". It's essentially true, but has a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ flaw, some people may just thro
  3. I just noticed this when sudenly I was playing with 240ms instead of 100-130 on one of instance dungeon.. crazy, usually Salvo is around number of Zaps ~15% more/less hits, but when I had 240ms I had only about 10 hits out of 200 zaps..
  4. Wait...servers were moved ? Now it make sense why my 90-100me went to 130-260... Where are they now?
  5. Or give me powder and I will be happy,.. well even fragment + 5g and I would be happy LUL
  6. That is where you are wrong kiddo, it was said and written at least 3 times on both website and twitter that 1 radiant = 1 powder and powder had real value for gems, now they deleted the value completely not even leaving single gem fragment which means that they killed the possibility of getting new gem from radiant, which they confirmed 3 times.
  7. Lets say NCSoft build a house, and tell you that you can have it for free as "new feature" if you fill it with furniture bough from them, so you go to market and buy all the furniture that you need to get the house. Half day before you can move to your new house with a lot of furniture that you bough they tell you. Hey we won't give you the house cause we found out that it is way to big lose and we didn't calculate it well. As an compensation they will return you "few" % of money and tell you, but if you wait some times we will give you the house - we can't just do it right now. So you end up
  8. It is not that they "tried" they HAD to do something, did you see amount of feedback from community? If they ignored that their marketing stock would be damaged and they would lose value on Auction because that is how big company stocks are hold - by community.
  9. Even though 15g seems better but it is still not really good compensation. I mean we are supposed to get COMPENSATION not just golds back, some people did buy it for 16-18golds, some did spend real money - all of us did spend it just for one purpose and it was to get gems. You completely deleted all gem powders from every radiant which is the reason why we should get as I said - compensation. Idk why you didn't came up with some idea of 1 RE = 10g + gem fragment, that would be 10 radiant = 1 powder (which is far away from game breaking), yet we will not see single powder from thousand radiants
  10. NCsoft if there are too many radiant energy then just change the "exchange rate" from 1:1 to something else (5:1 + some gold of compensation is better then getting 0 powders) Now show us how much you really care about your customers.
  11. So, They found out that there is too much radiant energy in game and that it would make gems way too easy. Well I do kinda understand that, but what I don't understand is why in the world did someone though of fixing this by giving away 10g per radiant? I mean if they did really plan on giving powder for radiant, and found out that there is 3x more radiant energy then they though of then simple reason would be to give 1 powder for 3 radiant (+ some gold maybe). Isn't it more logical ? Not only that would prove that they really did plan to give us powders from start but it wou
  12. They didn't even make change like 1 day after info release, they waited whole week for people to spend money to get ripped off. I guess someone should dig EULA and ToS stuff and sue them for this.
  13. People did buy NCoins for radiant energy that was in F10 for at least twice. At ration 1:2 it is about 16g, you are going to take that item away replacing it with only 10g, since they used NCoins as "soft currency" bought with real money you are basicaly stealing it away from them. Even though ToS does say we are only paying for ncoins you are now warned to return all NCoins to people who ask refund, are you prepared for thousand of tickets ?! Nice change NCS*oft
  14. If I get time by tomorrow I gonna read EULA, I am pretty sure there is some kind of rule about this, they not only wrote it on website but also said it on stream, many people did buy radiant energy from F10 for that reason and they just changed it. There should now be like legal way to refund all your golds and money otherwise it is ToS breakdown.
  15. You lied on stream, You lied on website, You made change in last minute of patch, You Riped people off by 5g per radiant Nonono.. This is not HOW YOU THREAT CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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