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  1. Daily Dash

    My opinion is that the DD is only a reward for playing a few hours. Players who play more can get faster through the roll and players who play less can go to the roll too but need mabye 2 or 3 days more. So a player who plays arround 5 hours a day can live without it cause he can get everything he needs in the 5 hours of playtime. (its only a goodie for them) So I agree with the system. (and i play maybe 2 or 3 hours max) Mention that premium players get 5 spins and not premium got 3 spins.
  2. Beta 1 Start am 29.10.2015

    Quelle :
  3. Earning Money Easy?

    I think its a 2 sided story here. 1 side is you have to meet up with other people to farm dungeons or monsters to get the ammount of money and so on and you have to sell things you get in the market to make money. (money flow) The other side is that people wo got only 1-2 hours a day to play never geht the same experience like the one in a big guild. They will lose the intrest in the game. So it will be a loss of paying customers to bns. (every player is has a chance of 50% to buy something in the store) So maybe 5s for 1 pot should be 5 pots for 5 s. Someone other said this before in this thread.
  4. Bruh, Muh Loot!!!!

    Im playing assasi. Single target dmg is no problem but multi target? even if i skill the multi target atks i will make 0 dmg to them. And your wrong when you fight the boss in the dungeon he runs at the gate where the protals spawns after a certain ammount of dmg. So you have to pull him back to the middle of the room ... thats annoying and i hate it to get dmg :)
  5. The bidding system

    Im a pro to the bidding system cause: -The monery a rich person spends fill your own pocket -with this mones you can bid out the items you want -the inflatation rate is lowering cause the money keeps flowing -a good bot prevention system -its fun to get the price high even if you dont want the item (some players are bidding like TAKE ALL MY MONEY)
  6. Bruh, Muh Loot!!!!

    @DeviLyn nice information thanks :) But i got the same problem at the same place. I think its not meant to the game that you have to switch the modes to get an item up. The same problem is at Targeting enemys in a bossfight (1 Boss 100 adds :) ) its nearly impossible to targed the main targed in that crowd.
  7. Earning Money Easy?

    I agree with the to high prices at the merchants... Its nearly a no go (or not possible) till lvl 35+ to buy at a vendor. You can get arround 50 s till lvl 30 (when you run dungeons arround 1g when someone doesnt understand the bid system).
  8. Stuck at Poles

    Hey guys, i got a problem with every fence or pole in the game. Every time i run against them or run around an edge of a fence i was stuck. I couldnt go forward or backward. every time the only fast solving of the problem was to do a backstep (double pressing the s button). The biggest problem is on the landing stages.. Every time i tried to run on them i got stuck. One time i even had to travel back to city to get out.
  9. Gathering Quest Problem

    Hey guys, maybe i found a Problem with the Looting quests. You have to pick up arround 10 items ( Flowers, Rocks etc.). The Problem is that when we say a Channel holds arround 100 Player or even more. Everyone wants 10 Items but there are only 10 or less in the marked Areal. Lets say arround 500k People start on the same date 250k are on the same lvln speed. It will take hours of wating to get the items for all the players (party included). So maybe the Respawn rate should be boostet on release that every player can get the items in 1 hour or less ... Example: I had to gather 6 ( dont know the right number right now ^^) Rocks in the Desert. In the marked area were only 4 of them (again dont know the right number ^^). i Got 6 Channels and on every Channel there were serveral people on the same situation. The only thing i could do was pressing the f button direct after the spawn of the rock (RIP f button) So it took me arround 1hour to get the damn stones. I had to battle with arround 30 other player. (PS.: Sorry for the bad English ^^ i have my problems with grammar and so on :D)