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  1. bug acumulation & ideas

    Hey guys, we have collected all the bugs we noticed and want to share them with you. Here is a list: A playce where the mob can not be killed. Neither by me or my party member: I was running (not walking) around the world, sometimes I stuck in the air. Like there were some grafic walls in the world. Happens most when you run on stairs or through doors.The "key binding" settings do not accept bottons on many mouses. I have the Logitech G502 Proteus Core and it would be good if I can use these buttons.I think it is not a bug, but a NPC called Tuesday was called Thursday at my party member. Is this right? some ideas: No money drop from monsters. Otherwise there will be too much bots auto-farming monsters for money. And that would be bad (to put it simply).As said above it would be nice if the buttons on the mouse were usable. The "key binding" settings does not accept them. Best regards Icedhaze & Smokeyy PS: Thanks for the invitation to the Alpha-Test. You are doing a great job on this project and we look forward to the release! If we find any more bugs or get usable ideas, I will edit this post.