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  1. game will be sold?

    No please God no, not Gameforge. Never. After what they did to Aion when it was sold off from NCWest?! No no no!
  2. need help to insert screenshoot

    You just paste the image url and the image is automatically displayed.
  3. help with emotes? china server

    It's Ctrl+Alt in BNS China like in BNS Kr:
  4. Heart of the Golden Lotus question

    I just checked to see if I could gift this but you can't..... :(
  5. Heart of the Golden Lotus question

    I appreciate the response, thank you ^_^
  6. Heart of the Golden Lotus question

    What if we gift the bundle, would those gifted be eligible for all the rewards?
  7. Sablesteel Weapons

    Yea that Stablesteel razor/dagger is pretty amazing looking. I asked support if they can help me get the weapon... they couldn't help. Dropped a tweet to Jonathan a few days ago if these can be obtained outside of the quest line... no response as of yet :(
  8. BnS Pink Tax?

    Yup same. I was going to buy two nurse bundles for my female Gon and female Jin but due to the disparity in pricing I will skip these outfits, it's a shame I really liked them...
  9. Advice for NCsoft to make money

    Nah...... if they released a shit load of wigs I would personally fund NC soft for the rest of the year but alas they don't want my moneys :(
  10. New Swimwear Available now!! :)

    This is the new swimwear, which includes the hat only (featured on the Jin) see below for male versions.
  11. Or add 2-3 moonstones to the SSP dailies, guarantees a daily influx of moonstones (which would encourage people to stay at mining stage) and *might* even reduce the price on the market. The keys, however, would most likely stay the same or increase in price...
  12. 06/01/16 Patch Chat Thread

    No, I'm having that problem too :(
  13. Hairstyle Wishlist

    I think this image is the female version of the first hair style in op I also want this one: So many wonderful hairstyles/wigs in this game and it's a shame that there aren't many in the cash shop :( I guess NC don't want my money...