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  1. Based upon feedback we’ve received from our tournament players, we’ve decided to change the check-in and start times for Day 1 of the North American First Preliminary Tournament held on July 20. New times: Tournament check-in starts: 3:00pm PDT/22:00 UTC Livestream starts: 5:00pm PDT/0:00 UTC The check-in and livestream times for Day 2, held on July 21, will remain unchanged. This change will give teams plenty of time to prepare for the tournament. We look forward to seeing you in the Arena!
  2. Rumble in the Realm V is here! Sign up now for the rookie 1v1 tournament or get your team together for the 3v3 tournament. We’re working with Legion Esports to hold both tournaments for both North America and Europe, with cash and costume prizes from Blade & Soul Esports, and amazing gaming accessories courtesy of Corsair. The 1v1 rookie tournament—open only to those who haven’t been finished in the top places of our past major tournaments—will be held on April 21 (North America) & 22 (Europe), while the 3v3 tournament is open to everyone and will be held on April 28 (North America) & 29 (Europe), with the semi-finals and finals on April 30. If you’re interested in participating, make sure to sign up here: NA 1v1: EU 1v1: NA 3v3: EU 3v3: If you can’t participate, make sure to watch the broadcasts on as we’re giving out the Scarlet Bird costume to our viewers, so tune in and enjoy the esports action and grab yourself a costume! Read the full announcement:
  3. Due to the internet issues we've been experiencing over the last few weeks in our livestreaming studio, our stream tests for this weekend's Battle Brawl Qualifier tournaments have not lived up to the quality we want to deliver. We want this event to be the best we can make it, and to do so, we've decided to record the matches instead of streaming them live. The qualifiers will be uploaded to YouTube as soon as possible. For fans who want to follow the tournaments live, we will be actively updating tournament brackets live on Be sure to follow @BnSEsports for updates on the VODs and follow your favorite team’s progress on Challonge. Thank you for your understanding and good luck to all competing teams! EU Brackets: NA Brackets:
  4. For the Qualifying Tournament over the weekend, a couple of team changes have been approved: NA For the team "Whale Whale", team member "WL Sorc" has been replaced with the substitute "Saeuri." EU For the team "How To Train Your Squirrel", team member "Raoiku" has been replaced with the substitute "Bowlcut IRL"
  5. EU Regional Championship Team Changes

    The Blade & Soul EU Regional Championship is a week away, and players have been competing hard over the last couple months to qualify for the Regional Championship. We’re also working to ensure everyone can get to the event, and ensure as high a quality competition as possible. Unfortunately due to team roster availability to attend the Regional Championship, the below team statuses are changing: 1st seed team “Bad Intentions” will be using their registered substitute Colouriised to replace team member Luki who is unable to attend the event. 8th seed team “Z.X.M.” will not have a full team composition for the Regional Championship, and therefore are disqualified from participating. As the conditions for qualification was met and the brackets posted, there will be no further changes to the Regional Championship seeding or bracket line-up. Z.X.M’s position in the brackets will be considered as a “bye” for the purposes of their matches.
  6. Esports?

    Wildcard information will be released very soon! Invitationals are after the close of each Season. Season One finishes on June 14 with the close of the in-game PvP season. We will be inviting the 12 teams who have earned the most Fighting Points for the Season to compete in the Invitational
  7. Esports?

    Hi there - we have adopted both online and offline methods to qualify for the Regionals. In-game rank is merely one component of the qualification process. If you look at the Fighting Point distribution, there is greater emphasis on performance in both the Invitationals and the Wildcard tournament than on the in-game rankings. The winner of our Wildcard tournament - an offline, LAN-type tournament - gets an automatic qualification to Regionals. While I welcome any feedback on the efficacy of the qualification process, it is more helpful if the feedback was of a scenario or set of scenarios that have happened or would realistically occur.
  8. Blade & Soul Championship Series 2017

    NCSOFT has established a partnership with Innova to bring a Russian language version of Blade & Soul to the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Players of Ukrainian residency will need to participate in the Innova-published version of Blade & Soul and their esports program.
  9. Blade & Soul Championship Series 2017

    Hi there - Ukraine is not a member state of the European Union and therefore is ineligible to participate in the EU Championships. I do believe, however, that Ukraine falls under the Russian Blade & Soul.
  10. Fan base eager to cheer!

    Yup! We should be releasing all the registered teams about June 14-ish, once the Season One has ended, and we'll be publishing regularly all the competitive tournaments. We have a dedicated esports twitter: Follow along since we'll be live tweeting all the tournament results as they happen too.
  11. Server transfers?

    Hey there, No, there won't be region transfers. North American and Europe servers all reside in what's known as a universe - the North American servers are in the NA Universe, the European servers are in the EU Universe. Each operate completely separately from the other; consider that there is only one "Batman" in North America and only one "Batman" in Europe. It is physically impossible to move a character from one Universe to another without some significant screw ups along the way. To go more technical, each character you create in NA has an identifier - a primary key - that is unique and individual and only one exists in the entire universe. However, these character ids are generated sequentially; so character number 000001 for example, there's one on NA and one on EU. Moving character 000001 from NA will run the risk of overriding character 000001 on EU. Now it's not as simple as moving the character id, since that ID also calls up other database information, like equipment, mail, crafting orders, PvP ranking, clan membership, quest lines, etc, etc. tied to the character. So unfortunately, you will need to start again afresh in the EU region with a new character. However, your Master Pack items will be there as we delivered them to both NA and EU universes.
  12. Find Me Blade & Soul Soundtrack!

    There have been 4 B&S Soundtracks released: 1. OST 2: The World 3: Silverfrost Mountains 4: The Journey Try looking in Silverfrost Mountains, CD 2 Track 13: Snowjade Palace. I'm 80% certain its the one you want.
  13. To NCSOFT: Some Features Suggestions

    Are you talking about custom re-org (like a drag-and-drop) feature, or grouping the items much like how they are grouped when browsing?
  14. is way of warlock part4 bugged

    You need to wait until 3 is finished completely, then the icon for 4 will turn from purple to blue. At that point, you can insta-cast 4.