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  1. Character Name : Shidori Your Main Class and Level (ex: Summoner level 45): 45 summoner Your usual play hours and/or timezone (ex: 7-10pm PST) : s-t 1 am to 6 am. Fri-Sat 1pm to 6 am. EST. (I work a swing shift) Your previous BnS experience (leave blank if none) : RU Your previous MMO experience (leave blank if none) : EQ1, WOW, AoC, GW2, EQ2, Tera, and bit more. Discord availability (yes I have a mic / yes but I don't have a mic / no) : yes w/mike
  2. Has the guild been created in game yet? Are you under a different character name? Trying to friend KillerKitty to find you but not found. IGN Shiodori. You should edit post to include contact information.
  3. As long as Po and Mushin Tower are out with release they will be ok with end game PVE content. Po is a must though as that is the first real end game group content for PVE. The current 4 dungeons are just a qualifier to enter Po. If they do not release it, people will be out of content with in the week and pvp is not for everyone.
  4. Making Fabrics

    The outfits earned with pvp tokens can be broken down. Unless removed in this version.
  5. Additional content in CBT?

    They have to release Po and Mushin tower or they will quickly lose players as the 4 dungeons are only qualifiers for Po and not real end game. Running those 4 for 3 months would be really boring.
  6. Obsidian Serpent?

    I got it. Wish it was in live. It is a very rare drop from the box you get completing the daily mission at the inn. The night raid escort one.
  7. RNG Boxes in the Hongmoon Store

    These rng boxes do not hurt anything. I would prefer the items to be able to be bought directly. As long as the outfit can also be bought directly, let them have the box for earning money. With the release, this will be one of few ways to get the transmutation stones and even unceiling charms, as the crafters depend on special rare drops for receipes for 40+ gear. Without those, you can not upgrade your gear.
  8. On the other servers they do drop in Lycandi Den, But I to have only seen it drop in Brightstone ruins. They are also way too rare and stop you from crafting if you do not have them.
  9. Well in Alpha at least, there currently is no end game. Po and Mushin tower are not available for play. So you can only grind the Qualify dungeons on reaching cap. I really hope this is just for Alpha, as the real challenge, fun, and buildup of the 45 cap starts with these 2. The live steams have been back and forth on if it would be available or not. But little to do at end game without them. Just hoping they make sure these both make Live at least. Be nice to be in at CBT or you can get tired of the game quickly with little to do.
  10. My issue with the current icon is that I kept thinking the player was an NPC with a quest turn in. Prefer the colored stars.
  11. Try buying N coin from in game link when the game is back up. Wild star tested this feature also and any N coin bought while in beta also copied into the beta as test coin. I think one of the live streams mentioned this being intended to work in BNS also. Worth checking out.
  12. Keybinds Please!

    The extra bind allowances would be nice but I find not being able to assign the skills more of an issue. Summoner for example has a default for X as drain hp from pet to give to summoner. However, as a situation key X is used for the cat jumping on a downed target and doing a major damage attack, but its only available for a moment. If you miss time it, instead of a nice damage attack from your mini tank pet, you leave the pet damaged and you with a heal you did not need. These skills should never be on the same key but you can not change them. But with these being coded in the game for so long, I do not see them being able to change anything about them.
  13. Agree, If we are paying for premium we should be able to get the full benefit of what we are paying for.
  14. Crab hunting quest bugged?

    The gun has a limited amount of shots. You must kill 1 big guy for the quest to complete and 50 little ones. You can pick up another gun, or just kill them with regular skills.
  15. [Issue] Item Shop not fair.

    Also agree with Soul stones being only questionable item. Having the others is a time saver only and a great way for NC Soft to make some money without being pay to win. The cost was also reasonable. If they put costs too high it would not be worth buying. I do hope they put dragon pack bundles in the shop at a discount, the vault gets ungodly expensive when you start paying per square instead of per bar. The 10,50, 100 packs would come in handy.