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  1. Not a bug I think but surely something to fix. When a player is not interested in the bid and press NO, the window should disappear. Even if you try Esc nothing happens. Is Alt + click the only method to close that window? If yes this is a bit annoying :ph34r:
  2. New Marketplace/Character info

    Totally agree about Marketplace. Market is now totally unfriendly, not immediate, frozen on some actions or limited (like remove items not yet sold). Heavy loading. Players need to check and sell fast, we are not financial brokers. We dont need graphics and financial trends. Please restore the old Market place. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Char info is ok by me.
  3. QUEUE for Master Founder's Pack?!?!

    In the moment they perfectly know how many people bought the founder pack they must assure everyone can play. One thing is the test of particular issues (stress test, random disconnection and so on). One thing is a queue of 670 people. This is unacceptable.
  4. Quest: Start of Festival, can't Applaud

    confirm /applaud = doesnt work /applause = works
  5. PLEASE CLOSE - My fault, didn't notice a new code was arrived. Just applied the new code and logged. Sorry for the inconvenience. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. I normally use a personal size of the game window. I was used to do the same on Aion. But while in Aion the size is normally saved, so when i lunch the game again I dont have to resize the window, in BnS the size is not saved and I need to resize the window each time I open the client
  7. I've had this happening twice today. I must say this not always happens, but actually happened. I dont know if it depends on me or on game. I just report if useful.
  8. I personally have AA disabled. But after your comment I tried each combination of AA and quality settings and nothing change. Problem is not relevant to graphic settings in my opinion. It's just a matter of the small font that makes names and text in general not so well readable.
  9. The font chosen for names and in general for all written in the game is not so friendly and not well readable at all. I got the same comment from every friend I have here in Alpha. Differently from Chat font, where is possible to increase or decrease font, the only option I found to increase text in game is acting on UI scale at 100%, but situation does not change much and results a bit worst with respect the most known games (also other NC Soft games). An improvement of this aspect would be great. :D :wub: Love Brinx