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  1. locked account

    My advice: If you don't know what got you banned - uninstall everything unnecessary (including firmwares) or switch games. I have gotten banned (for use of 3rd party applications, which took me about 2 weeks to find out ) about a year ago. I got the ban overturned, but I have no idea what got me banned in the first place. At that point in time I mostly had official drivers/firmware running and they refused to give me any details. Now that GDPR is in power, I got the right to request any information related to me (as it happens, details that security software collects is linked to my account and therefore linked to me), so I did. They tried to brush it off at first (saying that info is not relevant). After insisting and proving that that information is under scope of GDPR , they told me they don't know what application caused the ban themselves (they collect different kind of info) and in reality, if you forget to disable something (even if you know you have to) you get a permanent ban. They are willing to give me some information, but it it nothing that can help me figure out how to prevent it. For the reference: The first time I contacted them, I messaged them for about a month to get a "we're not telling you" (in different words). Now that GDPR is in power and there are certain deadlines to be met - they gave me an answer within 3 weeks. I quit back when I got my ban revoked (no point investing time into an account that will be inevitably banned), and this exchange did nothing to change my mind.
  2. So... what's new?

    I see, thank you for your time and for saving mine :D
  3. I've been off the game for a few months and I am wondering if any changes have been made to how sharing/progress works within account. For instance, are achievements still on individual characters? Are costumes sharable with your own characters? Is there anything like shared bank now? I'm currently patching the game to check for myself, but seeing it will take around an hour to download 2GB at 1.8MB/s (good math, right?) + the patching time I wanted to ask the community and maybe save myself the trouble. PS: I already hate the forum picture and the fact that "Edit profile" in account settings doesn't work.
  4. What does this mean

    Amazing pic. I guess you're not banned if you can enter your pin.
  5. I think (and in fact stopped playing for this) that game really is a disappointment - it feels underdeveloped (to me at least, having not played on any asian servs) having played other MMOs. Really, there's 1 reason to play it (good combat) and a list of reasons not to. Grind (a lot of it) for everything. Even with good combat it turns old too fast with THAT much farming of stupid AI. Lack of content..... At least there's grind.... Classes really are unbalanced. Summoner is an easy example and.... where there's smoke - there's fire. Bots (everywhere) Poorly designed accounts (with everything being stuck to character and not the account). It wouldn't hurt the game 1 bit to make some stuff (achievements, bank, wardrobe, etc) account wide. Expanding on previous point, it actually costs you money to give your own character money.... Insanely expensive cash shop (one of few games that exceeds 10$/euro per outfit price and it is STILL character bound). Tutorials and most of game hints are horrible and what's worst, skill descriptions are somewhat misleading (unless you know the game very well). Currently farm for top tier upgrades involves surviving PVP against people you have virtually no chance of winning against. Loot auctions... NCoins for gold exchange. Say what you must, it will turn game P2W in time. I mean the list would probably be very long if it mattered... The point is, the game only has 1 thing going for it - I don't think it's enough in today's market.
  6. is GameGuard working?

    It works just fine! Don't you see how 1 out of 10 apps (other than your default windows apps) randomly crash from time to time? It's GameGuard - protecting the game.... from a random toolbar you didn't know you installed and that other game running in the background.
  7. "This Game is P2W smh"

    I think some people missed the meaning of a game being a p2w game. People are using some retired definition of P2W here... P2W games are generally the ones where buying cash can give you a huge in-game advantage over people who don't (that applies to most games that have gold/cash exchange, by the way). A quick summary. The game is (new type of) P2W if: Main in-game currency can be bought with cash. It takes long to get the end game gear. (few months+, playing efficiently) It gives you an insane advantage over people who don't have it. (I'm talking about multiple times instead of just few percent) The said gear can be bought with cash/gold (without breaking any rules). Partial purchases work too, if you can buy like 70%+ of the value of the upgrade. Old P2W - Pay to Win. It used to exclusively apply to games where part of "end game power" is locked behind a paywall - a paywall you cannot breakthrough without cash (or someone's else cash). This whole definition is seriously outdated, and does not apply to any games I've seen in last few years. To elaborate on that, if you can earn anything without paying - it doesn't fit this old definition. Well, it kind of doesn't.... The one similarity is: You could earn anything in any P2W game if you farmed for gold and traded it for cash items (with the risk of ban for Real World Trading)..... New P2W model (applies to almost every MMO game out right now) is different from the old one to the point where more oblivious people think it's non-existent. Basically, they make the cash tradable for in-game gold; make end-game setup locked behind very hard to get (naturally), tradable items; make the setup powerful enough to drive players without it out of competition. They just setup the model and players drive it. It doesn't matter how you justify certain design choices. As long as you can pay cash to get otherwise hard-to-earn power in-game, the game is P2W.
  8. Bad Community, why?

    I have a theory: Being such pvp focused game (at the end), it's competitive (first and foremost). PvE is super competitive. You have to compete for exp and drops in addition to competition in auctions etc. Since in anything competive someone wins and someone loses. At least 50% of people lose and are salty! Winners tend to pretend they are good and it's skill. Losers whine. Even more if the winners win by a chance or by OP class or such. E-peen battles.
  9. Banned for third party programs

    Just to shed some light on this: -I use Corsair CUE for keyboard lighting (No macros recorded, maybe if you have a few recorded it triggers GameGuard) -I use Razer synapsis for mouse settings (no issues here either; no macros either) -I usually have Guild Wars 2 running in the background and switch to GW2 without turning BnS off. -I also run few other games every now and then: Terraria, Starbound and Fallout 4 don't trigger anything. -I've had a couple of installations while the game was running (although 1 friend said he got banned and only out of ordinary thing he did was software setup running while game was running) -Browsers (on anything), media players, antivirus (Nod32) and drivers so far gave no issues either. So far no bans for these things, although as mentioned above, 1 setup while game was running may have influenced a ban. Edit: Also, there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding keybinds. As far as generic user agreement goes it says that 3rd party software mustn't interact with game client. Unless the software you use to rebind keys modifies your keyboard layout, it works on software level. That means it captures whatever key you press and send whatever key you want it to press to the input receiving program (therefore interacting with it). I know NCsoft stated rebinding keys is "OK", but their terms of use don't say it. I also doubt that green light has been properly implemented in game's security and there's a very good chance it triggers protection (while the real bots are farming their CPUs away....)
  10. I see nobody is actually concerned about those items being recurring exclusive, so I'll just leave it at that. I guess they won't try to save few existing customers if profit from few of these accessories (or few new premiums) can cover the profit loss caused by unhappy minorities leaving.
  11. Either I am bad at writing (quite possible) or you didn't bother to read the response. I meant, how would you feel if recurring 125$ pack offered a ADDITIONAL costume that you only get with 125$ recurring premium? It will probably happen..... Btw, your math is a bit off, because you can get exactly 10k coins without buying the extra 2k coins. The pack costs exact same price if you do a few seconds of math and buy the smaller packs.
  12. I'm not really as concerned about the bonuses recurring ones grant over normal ones as much as I am concerned about the fact that these bonuses exist in the first place and people who got their premiums before don't have these things and cannot really claim them (without paying again that is). Honestly, I don't like that accessory..... but how would you feel if the 125$ pack offered an exclusive (to recurring subscription) costume along with other bonuses? If this happened once, there's a very good chance it will happen again.
  13. Dear NCsoft

  14. Once I noticed the following (recurring subscription bonuses) I felt like I was tricked: Am I the only one who thinks that people who already bought premium (for themselves) should get corresponding packs they paid for? Don't get me wrong, I think the accessory is ugly and even 1k hongmoon coins is nothing if you pay 125 $/Euros. However, if I bought a few months worth of membership already, I actually gotta pay again to get the same things people will get with 1 payment of the same value. This is primarily my concern because if this is not a one time decision it's probably part of that game-killing streams of promotions most publishers do where they go out of their way to make game more appealing for new players and usually screwing existing players over in process. So anyways, I'm not sure if it's just a marketing scheme to get more money, or them being lazy (again) and saving time on distributing the "gifts" to whoever should have already had them. I am wondering, what do other people think? 1. Do you think the recurring bonuses should be claimable for premiums you got before recurring subscription was offered? 2. More importantly, what is your opinion on the kind of promotions that focus strictly on attracting new players/customers: Making gameplay easier. Giving out items you had to work for. Devaluating your achievements in game (such as making achievements or leveling easier, equipment easier to get, etc.). Making subscriptions... lets say 50% cheaper for new accounts. "Deals" making NCoin stuff you already paid for drop in value (for instance giving it away in future in-game events). etc. I don't want to go into details too much, but I feel this thread has to exist, because if forums mods really screen the forums for player opinions (as NCsoft claims) this might help avoid the kind of promotions, that leave a specific group of people at a disadvantage. In my opinion any and all, non time-limited promotions, should apply equally to all. In this case specifically, I think, people who purchased their membership before recurring was available should have the ability to claim the bonuses (possibly by signing up to it) without having to pay AGAIN.
  15. Losing Draw stance for no reason

    I've noticed it happen a few times on DB and figured I ran out of Chi or stance time ran out, so I didn't pay much attention to it.