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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/feyrisnyaan/v/101432940 Basically went down like this.
  2. Well it was fun while it lasted. It died at approximately 6:30PM CET. Thanks for the content NCsoft <3
  3. F>LMB cancel interrupts

    Haha, definitely not lower. You may get lower ping on the Asian servers however the clients and such are not in english. Your best bet would be either to just stick with it and grit your teeth or try out a more ping friendly class.
  4. In my opinion, the pellet will never change and will always be crafted in a clan. The amount of zen beans is quite small. But the point is, you are asking for one of the points of a clan to be removed. Why? If you can't get something in solo then you hit a limit and it is time to change. Players should bite the bullet and obtain the pellet as intended in the game and not ask for it to be changed to suit their play style. The point of an MMORPG is to play as a group, and you can solo play but it will always have it's limits. If he wants the pill he should organize to craft it or just buy it instead of arguing about solo play and putting the pill on a vendor for "ease of access". The point is, he CAN obtain it through ingame currently, he just DOESN'T want to through the means available because of his play style.
  5. You can craft it alone, create a clan, level it to 3. Gather the materials on your own and craft the pellet. By no means do you need a proper clan to craft the pellet, it is completely possible to do it alone just by creating a clan temporarily or in some cases buying the pill from a clan for gold.
  6. Create your own clan, level it to 3 (is basically free). Craft the hongmoon pellet. Disband the clan. Problem has been solved. Putting it in a vendor is a waste as how easy it is to obtain. On a side note when hell island and such come into play, you will start to notice clans becoming a larger part of the game.
  7. F>LMB cancel interrupts

    To be honest, really honest. Blade Dancer is not high ping friendly. It relies on a very steady and low ping (lower the better) to pull off smooth animation cancelling and boost. The reason it mostly likely doesn't light up is due to ping as i don't have an issue with it ever (have 12-18ms - EU). You may also find your LMB doesn't get used as well due to ping which means you have to wait for the F animation to finish before you can use the skill again, resulting in a failed animation cancel. If this is the case, you could practice on a dummy finding the best point to use animation canceling with your ping (most likely a little bit earlier with the LMB).
  8. BDs new Vortex HG skills.

    As more dungeons are added more dalies shall appear allowing a greater amount of the tokens to be collected. Also you can collect 5 per day currently (not 3) as there are 3 daily quests for the Necropolis.
  9. BDs new Vortex HG skills.

    I don't really see a need for a guide, more the answer to a question. You gain both Maelstrom hongmoon skills (party immunity and on resist reduce cooldown on rush and raid by 9 seconds) by combining the two pages that drop in Avalanche Den (4man) and Awakened Necropolis (4man). The Vortex hongmoon skill is gained by completing paying 300 tokens called "Reclaimed Secret Technique" to the achievement vendor. These tokens can currently only be obtained from doing the daily quests for the 3 heroic dungeons (Avalanche Den, Frozen Fang and Awakened Necropolis). Hope this answers your question!
  10. Did Europe do something wrong? Do you hate us? Is the happy holidays a joke?
  11. Another beta goes past with new members and applicants. It really makes you wonder...will they ever fix that Blademaster Seraph Skin o.o Clarity is still recruiting so if you think it is the right clan for you, swing by our website and drop us an application!
  12. Animation cancelling

    Sigh, they won't remove animation cancelling as believe it or not, it is a strong part of this game. Macro or not if you are being 100-0 in arena 1v1 you are making a mistake. Every class in the game can 100-0 in 1v1 if a mistake is made. Macroing ani cancel or doing it manually it doesn't matter, if you are asking it to be removed, why not just learn how to do it so you are on even playing ground? I can't say much to argue apart from it is a part of this game just like it is a part of other games and you will have to deal with that fact.
  13. Question & Suggestion for the Wardrobe

    The wardrobe feature itself is account wide. What isn't account wide are the costumes you insert into it, why would BoP costumes be available to a fresh character? Farming costumes on a character is a fundamental part of the game so enjoy the grind as you do it every time you reroll or play an alt.
  14. Progerssion in BnS.

    Welcome ^_^. And I am not sure you can change it.
  15. Boss dungeon too hard?

    Can you help the new players rather than make them feel bad? How is our community expected to grow if you treat them like dirt. That response is quite disgusting.