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  1. Daily login reward broken compensation

    thats weird they said that thou cause on blade & soul ops right after maintenance finished they said login rewards was disabled until further notice they said this on dec 6th right after the maintenance / update ended so even thou it was supposed to be disabled for all then guess some people could still do it thou
  2. Web page mistake

    i dont believe thats a spelling mistake i believe its ment to be Blade & Ghoul because this month is Halloween and saying Blade & Ghoul instead of Blade & Soul goes with Halloween
  3. Hongmoon store problem

    the costume named Quick draw was part of the master founder pack and the costume named quick draw will never be in game again outside of the foudner packs which were only available during game release but you can how ever go to game site and register for the re collor of it called dead reckoning but you should do it asap
  4. ok Some GM explain why did they release dead reckoning a clear same design costume as the master founder pack quick draw just a re color when game released they said quick draw costume design wouldn't be available outside of the founder pack yet here we are they clearly went back on what they said and that quick draw costume design was meant to be an exclusive founder pack item yet they release dead reckoning when you can tell its the same design just re color Some GM Please explain why they just screwed over people who bought master founder pack by release this clear copy of quick draw.
  5. Dead Reckoning/Quickdraw

    only thing that really upsets me is the fact they said the quickdraw designd costume wouldnt be avliable out side out founder pack yet it is thats what up sets me why then buy the founder pack when their going to release a re color then of the foudner items still want a GM , moderator or Community Manager some1 higher up to answer this clearly
  6. Dead Reckoning/Quickdraw

    i just want a GM , moderator or Community Manager explain why they made it available by giving out a free re color quickdraw with a different name
  7. Dead Reckoning/Quickdraw

    dead reckoning is basicly the same costume just re collor their for it is available they basicly went back on what they said and i want some GM to Explain why they did
  8. Trove Advice for NC

    its not 17th for trove its the 13th same day gun class release if you check the email you got says 13th for gun class event promotion and trove i dont know where you got the 17th from but its the 13th of September for the trove not the 17th
  9. Costume Prices

    well if you got a jin female summer saga outfit version is similer to the soha lose cannon version just missing a couple things other wise it be exactly same me my jin i wear summer saga cause its outfit is similer to lose cannon that way i can just avoid buying the lose cannon completely

    yeah they will they gave 1 free slot for warlock and sf plus their increasing max slots again so they will give away a free slot voucher
  11. GCD matters here?

    yeah your right you could have high ms but low ping me i get 200-300 but my ping is always 80 and under with no lag
  12. Costume Prices

    you know if u have a jin if you wear the summer saga its similer to the soha lose cannon costume
  13. Hongmoon Store

    sorry for late response been gone for few days all i can recommend now if you haven't gotten the issue resolved is to connect support
  14. Lag and low fps

    this is just from my own experience but i had times when if i was lagging just changeling a few of the graphic options in graphic setting try turning the settings for effects for your self and others and monster down to 1 if that doesn't help turn them all down to 1 i also had times when i had random lag but then seems all i had to do was turn everything to max and that fixed it so all i can recommend is thous things turning effects down to 1 or all setting in graphic to 1 or turning all setting to max when trying all graphic settings to 1 try turning resolution down to lowest but leave game mode in full not window als set the FPS meters both to lowest settings for max set just use the rest that tab only fuction if none helps try download AMD if havent or if you can oddly enough it does help with lag issues
  15. Hongmoon Store

    first when you open the store make sure you are in the ncoin section of it and not the HM coin section of it and make sure what you are trying to buy doesnt have a limit on how many can be bought for example the lotus packs from hm section have a limit of max of 20 per day
  16. nvm

    just wanted to say you probably shouldn't advertise this here because far as i know custom made are still now allowed even in game but people find ways to circumvent the program to add custom pics to profile anyways and far as i know they still have not said its ok for custom pictures Yet people do it anyways just wanted to give you a heads up
  17. beware ncoin codes wont apply nor activate

    i had this issue once before then i noticed when i entered the code, for some reason a space got put at the beginning and i didn't relies that. That's 1 thing that may have happened to you also here another thing you can try from your recipe go to the 1 with the code use your mouse to right click hold and move over them cod'e then right click that the code that has just be highlighted then hit Copy then go to your game account go to the part that you put the code in but don't type anything just right click it helps and hit paste then try and activate i find that way helps a lot more then manually typing in the code just let know in post if any of that helps but always be careful cause sometimes it can put a space at the beginning or end of the code without you knowing or seeing unless you check it
  18. Server Transfer

    if they add server transfer it will be region based im sure as in you can only server transfer fron NA server to NA server AS AN example since servers are region based
  19. yes he can long as is same server group and faction he can join you'r clan since Soha server is in same server group as Jiwan you can be same clan as long is same faction
  20. New New New Swimsuits? (it's an obsession)

    just to say the quick draw outfit you cant get since it was part of the master founder pack and atleast according to ncsoft it you wont ever be able to get it any way in game
  21. Costume Contest Entry: "Cherry"

    nice design just the name for gold cherry doesn't in my opp ion match the costume like blue cherry does cause on blue cherry the flower prints are also blue going with the name but on gold cherry the flower prints are a different color from the name unlike blue cherry where it matches the name
  22. Why the negativity about server merging ?

    it was not a server merge read their post all they did was linked the servers together the base servers are still separate if you go to character and select a server their still separate

    just to say this was not a server merge read their post all they did was link the servers the base server them selfs are still seperate
  24. maintenance ext

    Read Thier Post Not a server merge if this was a server merge which it is not then you would have less servers to select from when creating your player but you dont all the servers are still their just link means certian servers can basically pvp if wanted in open world together but an icon will appear showing what server you are really from
  25. maintenance ext

    if this was a server merge which it is not then you would have less servers to select from when creating your player but you dont all the servers are still their just link means certian servers can basically pvp if wanted in open world but an icon will appear showing what server you are really from