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  1. 4 minutes ago, Kitah said:

    Unless the person has passed on all bids, then they should be able to leave instance. I'd hate to wait in a bidwar for 10 minutes just to be able to leave a dungeon because people are bidding mindlessly over certain items.


    If 2 people are bidding constantly and the person who would've won the bid leaves, it should revert back to the last bid made by the person who was in the bidwar. 


    It's seems fairly obvious you didn't even read what he wrote except maybe certain nouns in the whole qoute.....

    " Actually the solution is to make people unable to leave an instance while a bid is taking place when they have the highest bid.  " So, wtf does your nonsense have to do with his suggestion of locking the person in the instance when they have highest bid? What does bid wars and passing mindless bidding have to do with locking the highest bidding person in the instance for trying to goad and no one took the bait?

  2. Been scouring reddit, bnsdojo, and these forums of multiple languages and this patch caused a good number of people go from their 40-60 fps to 15-20 fps. A lot of them are running a bit higher tech computers and even dropping it to minimum all doesn't even cause any aid in the fps problem. Like For me this game after yesterday's patch is very hard to play with the constant 15 fps vs the 40 i had set as the max cap. So recently caused FPS issue as of 1/27/16 's hotfix.

  3. 1 minute ago, DiabloMuerto said:

    Not understanding that chat restriction part...Level 10 or below?  Should that be level 10 or above?  Meaning you have to be at least level 10 to use Region chat?

    No that's proper English in that patch note. Anyone who is 10 or lower is restricted.

  4. There needs to be more talk about this. I'm EXACTLY in this boat. I can't pvp and I can barely pve because of these horrendous lag/fps stutter. Haven't seen word yet on this issue.  Like the OP, this all started today for me!

  5. 27 minutes ago, Nixilis said:

    After today's update the PVP is laggin, we can see that not only in my side when I am playing but in the opponent side... they stop moving and them reappear moving again.


    This is mainly happening in pvp but sometimes in pve aswell... come on NCSoft... fix this... this game is not alpha anymore (just remembering)

    Since only a tiny handful in faction chat talked about them lagging and more often I see it mentioned in forums, kinda glad I'm not the only getting these horrendous lag spikes and I Ran this game like a dream from headstart friday to yesterday. On the other hand, it's baffling how this patch with a few tweaks and anti bot actions caused this like something else was added to the patch or something.

  6. I was hoping they would add the rank 2 or 3 or higher requirement for faction chat so we can start hosing them physically (since said bots would require them to equip a pvp uniform). :(


    But I already see 1 safe space chat complaining about the new change without making a better idea themselves (GO FIGURE).


  7. 3 minutes ago, Drakeos99 said:

    It's acually faction chat maybe increase level to 30+ 



    Careful, all the liberals who think that botting and spammers are the same program under the same account will try to think they know what they're talking about. Yeah, because they don't have mule accounts, because they're that dumb enough to spam on their account with their supplies. That's like the Drug king pin selling his supply directly (after they made it to the top) nowadays vs their pushers they hire.... Simple risk vs reward. Get the patsy to take the fall.

  8. 4 minutes ago, iNeverz said:

    yep faction chat on gunma is getting slammed right now. seriously wanna know what kind of hardware this site is rockin lol...



    its for 3W.W'T'B'G'G.COM <<<< is this the same one every server is getting hit by?

    seems like 4-5 different total sites typing the same exact verbiage over and over.... i really feel sorry for anyone who is new to this game and has to come in on this nonsense. When  a lot of us did headstart, we were able to talk in region and trade stalker weapons and just normal socialize (not talking about the trolls that was like friday evening and on). Making my 2nd character even when typing this now I can see the chat in my peripherals being HEAVILY flooded. 

  9. I wrote a couple of suggestions elsewhere and I really don't care what liberals have to say at this point since all they do is complain without throwing a real counterpoint. 


    To me, it's mainly in faction chat and people want them to die so my two suggestions are:


    1. Make it where the 2nd maybe even 3rd rank and higher are allowed to talk. That makes bots PK able for 1 and a lot of people want to kill the bots to get their bloodlust out. The only problem is that people aren't really worth anything unless they have prestige points, but it would require them to actually put forth an effort. Won't stop them completely, but slow them down enough for sure (Since a lot of them are extremely low level spamming that 20 idea was a step in the right direction and even that will slow em down).


    2. Some mmos implement counter scripting since these bots type the SAME EXACT LINE OVER and OVER and OVER they (as in NCsoft employee) write that line (lines and constantly updates) into the script and auto block,report, and remove out of chat in mere seconds. 


    Those were my 2 suggestions which require initial work, but should alleviate in the longer run but not permanently fix. 

  10. A couple mmos I played where since we know these bots are just repeating the SAME LINES over and over again they implemented where that exact same verbiage gets written the game would auto remove/block for you. Literally up to 15 bots in 5 minutes of blocking chat. 

  11. IMO, P2W = power advantage, not time saving. The ability to buy materials on the cash shop just saves time, however it was said that the materials wont stay. Keys however, are on every other version and will stay in NA.  You either run dungeons multiple times and hope RNG is on your side, or you drop a couple hundred ncoin and get it right away.  Either way, all of this can be gotten by playing the game.

    I 100% agree. People need to learn their f'ing terms instead of flashing their trailer park status for the world to not care about. A lot of these complaints are either ignorance or utter poor people problems. P2W is one of the most misused terms like how people don't use newb anymore. They use noob as newb... Like that's one thing I like about survival games, people want to grief new players and call them noobs and crap (which shows a huge superiority complex and doesn't make sense since the new player didn't say anything falsified and push it as fact). So, what I do to said people is KoS them until they learn what the word means (urbandictionary is hard!) and their lesson or run them off the server. You initiate the grief, I will end it! Their is no nice way to teach someone who thinks they're the best when they're not even relevant. 

    Back to the topic, BnS at the moment is not pay to win. Learn your terms and stop thinking you're made up version of the term is the right one. When they release weapons, accessories, and soul shields(with the highest and/or best preferred stats) inaccessible in game and you have you BUY it then complain, because you will be in the right for once.

  12. I haven't seen so much bigoted and ignorant chat in any game i played (maybe LoL) that came close to Cerulean faction chat. So many racial slurs, sexual harassing comments, and terms they use that don't belong to them really set a new record. That and spamming idiotic twitch emotes (nothing screams virgin like that and that breast thread) that WILL NEVER WILL work makes me want to switch factions and camp them down. 



    If everything were easy to get, what would be the point? Just enjoy the game at the level you are prepared to put into it, and let those who do more, get more. End of story.


    They don't care about that stuff at all. It's all about this bizarre logic of "lol I work for a living so i deserve everything outside of work for free" which funny enough, a majority i screened in every game i played that are this dense or super casual, they tend to be freeloaders,poor people, or dependents (someone's kid or spouse who never/barely lifted a finger so basically they're speaking from another person's perspective or they think flipping burgers is hard). You really think they factor if everything were easy to get, what would be the point? They just want their welfare check easy mode loot.

  14. I like the concept of the bidding system, but their is one big fault with it, and that is it caters towards toxic/troll players.


    I'll give my personal experience as an example, I was farming the dungeon Blackram Narrows for the Blight Gauntlets to upgrade my Gauntlets, and in my group we had a toxic bidder (someone that bids and raises the price to troll other players) long story short the weapon for my specialization dropped and ofc this guy that's been troll bidding the last few bosses rolls on my Gauntlets raises the silver to a point where I can no longer bid, wins the roll. I ofc asked him could I please have it since he was an Assasin and I needed it to upgrade my weapon, he says "No, better luck next time scrub" then leaves the instance.

    Your story is the main point I kept emphasizing in the older thread (I linked here from the first alpha) about a major flaw with it. This is a f2p game, which is more trolls and griefers (I refuse to use the bronze tier player LoL term) that will do anything for their advantage whether for currency, for tangibility, or "for the lawlz". I made my suggestion to this issue already and how their should be some class locks and bids get auto passed if the person is on that current stage or before it. If they already unlocked it, then FFA.

  15. I really wish these individuals would stay in WoW and even current events of FF14 where they belong. This whole diminishing every game they touch into a facebook app easy mode is getting very old. :/ 


    It all started heavily with WotLK for me. That was the starting point where overly catering ruined the game and then they just spread like a virus/zerg or whatever metaphor and continue to ruin other games since they can easily beat the one they said ruin.

  16. This was stated in the bidding thread, but actually giving priority of bidding (mainly class weapons) to the class that's there first (this could be more detailed into if  the person has a weapon at or prior to the breakthrough) vs non class people that WILL fish up the prices intentionally (Which same thread people state will do, because why not?).

  17. Here's my question for it. From what I read in other forums people are able to bid on any drop. In other forums I read the answer is no, but i'll ask it here since it's a bit more up to date. Are classes (more specifically stuff like purple weapons) class locked? 

    If the answer is no, then that's the big problem to me with the bidding system. You're going to have someone baiting away on an item they're not even on the class for (Like a blade master rolling on kung fu master loot when kung fu master is there). The whole "people needing and greeding on stuff they don't need" that keeps getting thrown around (which is said people referencing other game experiences), other games I've played seen do class loot for specifics. I get the whole "glamour debate" and that's a different beast on it's own. That's a huge problem for people doing class loot runs if they're going to just get baited the whole time (inb4 integrity debates).

    If the answer is yes, disregard the last paragraph.