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  1. Last night after maintenance I made several dungeon-daily without problems. Today I made all my DCs with 5 different chars throughout the morning (CEST) and no problem finding people to do any DC dungeon. I know that in some hours it's "difficult" find people to do dungeons (work, studies, real life), but it's weird not find people for DC (I'm playing in EU). Alarmist propaganda because you have not found people today... try in another moment. F8 works in a strange way with "channels" between rooms and sometimes I think that the LFP itself works the same and that it
  2. First of all, sorry my bad en! I agree with you, I would not change a word! I've been here since the beta like a little "senpai" now, with a master founder too (didn't hesitate to buy it, now I regret a little, as with many things in this game.), I remember that time when I had to save money because I could not afford to spend money at that time, and it was an illusion for me. I am aware of this game and playing it since the Chinese open beta and then in the Russian private server. For me it was the game of my life, in which I thought to spend 24/7 playing for years and get
  3. Just can play now!! :D lets wait to the infinite treads about new "trove" event aka "The golden lotus" :D just do it!
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