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  1. Hello @Noodle


    I agree 100% I am poor player not much money for reset to run dungeon for crystal. I have some crystal very few not enough to make even half a gem :(. So now it just taking space in my inventory with a small hope that one day I can combine 3 gems that I don't even have.


    I wish that I could sell these to players so I can purchase other item to upgrade my character. 

    For the people who can more easily obtain these items I do not see a problem with having event for more drop rate or something.

  2. 6v6 is like capture the flag only pvping will NOT win you the game unless you beat your opponent into submission like in Tera Fraywind canyon.
    You must capture points even if you do not pvp if you are organized you can come out on top.
    But most people in 6v6 will be premades that are top tier in pvp and with decent gear ^_^


    I'm excited about this tbh.


    We're getting the 6v6 without hell island which brought a bopoe that has crit defense on, much logic.

    wear your lvl 45 moonwater bopae

  3. Hello Vexthal!
    Thank you for your feedback. We would love to accommodate both NA and EU with maintenance times however at this very moment that is not feasible. We will forward your concern to the head development team! Thank you

  4. On 4/2/2016 at 10:00 PM, Sprinkles said:

    Many players don't have the time to run all those dailies to make 25G. More casual players that may only play 2 hours a day can only make a fraction of that gold. Maybe 4 or 5G. If you don't have time to run all dailies all day everyday, the prices are a little crazy and progression comes to a halt. 

    He may be full of poop in regards to the time required to complete said dailies BUT if you only have 2 hours of time to play per day you really shouldnt be complaining about not being able to upgrade your gears :/

  5. with the new patch coming later tonight/tomorrow morning


    POH/BSH/LAB 4man will disapear does this mean that the Lab 10 kill achievement for 3AP will disapear and we can never get it
    meaning we will always have 3AP lower than everyone else who had it :)?


    Or will be still be able to get this after the patch?


    Please don't mention Yeti as IDC about it unless the Yeti AP achievement cancels out the Lab one.

  6. 8 hours ago, DosonTheGreat said:

    This is absolutely pathetic. They are wasting resources on this when they should be focusing on getting rid of the damn bots. Why? WHY? Are they afraid someone is going to be offended by some imagery? The MOST offensive things in this game are the godawful translation and all the bots running rampant. The skills trees are hard to understand with the broken english and inconsistent naming of the skills. Then you have bots almost completely destroying arena and blue dungeons and they wanna TAKE AWAY features? Are you kidding me?

    baby :-*


    Anyways whats this game rated?


    -nevermind rated 15+ for esports. Rip.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Zakaru said:

    Naw it actually pisses me off when summoners won't stop taunting with their cat.  As a KFM I rely on a boss focusing me with their attacks to do my damage.  PLEASE STOP TAUNTING THE DAMN BOSS WITH YOUR CAT.


    When a KFM or BM ask me to tank.

    I tell them no :)


  8. As a Summoner this changed kind of shocked me while I was fighting the dude on floor 7 of mushin. I was like oh wtf...?

    I just had to find a new way to handle the situation its not hard. Simple really. 

    I never used Cat taunt not even when I solo brightstone. I used it on POH and floor 7 however.


    Summoner has A LOT of heals.

    Simply press Petal Storm > doom and bloom and dps inside of it if you need to heal.

    both of those skills will heal you.


    we also have SS, 4, X and 3 to avoid attacks.


    But since they CLEARLY changed the taunt duration they either need to change the tooltip to reflect that or change it back to the 8 second taught.

  9. 3 minutes ago, RenkaiNoctis said:

    Well we only get BSH24/6/4 and Mushin. Not silver frost yet, so I think its best to save until now. And whenever we do, we can get the warrior weapon from Floor 7 Junghado.
    +The fact that labyrinth hasn't come out yet, means we can always go with Mazewalker and get the Nebula sword.


    Could have sworn my post said to make sure you do it BEFORE the 50 patch not today not tomorrow just before. So any time before would be fine.


    If you have the extra money.... upgrade, why wait until a day before the 50 patch to fully upgrade 6 times from true profane????

    Not like there is a lot of shit to spend your money on anyways.


    Also true siren gives 70% chi not 40.

  10. 57 minutes ago, RenkaiNoctis said:

    Ignore what everyone said.

    Keep your True Profane weapon, as your passive "awakened profane" gives you 30% focus for 3 seconds for 10 seconds AND when it finishes you have 100%+ focus which is incredibly op. Whenever you get further like True Siren, which gives you around 25 attack + you only get a good amount of 40% focus when triggered.


    Secondly, your necklace- more piercing = more damage. PVE specially, bosses and mobs have tons of defense in them, so piercing helps out with tons of damage.

    Next is your choice depending on what you want.


    Earring = Your earring gives  gives you the highest crit damage, 100 crit damage is around 25 attack power.

    Ring = Your Ring gives the attack power/critical/crit damage(meaning full utility for ur damage), so it's second mandatory AFTER necklace.

    Then, as for ur gems you want to get. Peridot, 3 second immune when dodge. Diamond(Defence/Evasion/Attack Power). Ruby additional damage. Amethyst Life drain.

    As for your soul shield you have a choice of doing this.
    Arena/Moonwater(tank). OR Poh(Damage).


    Tips : Assasins/summoners/kfm get Evasion diamond. BM's/Destroyers/Lyn blades get the Defense. The rest can get whatever they want. Why? Because : Right now 9G for a friggin attack power is not efficient and it's dumb, your better off buying a 64 silver gem that can save your life until you have enough money to spend.


    2ndTips : As a blade master I'm doing 2600 dmg on my high crits(per click), I have defence gem and the typical gems I mentioned before. I have only evolved my necklace, as everything else is in awakened infernal. i also ONLY have True Profane weapon. Why I'm i mentioning this? it's just proof of damage between the matters of life and dead situations- no reason to waste 10 gold on something you are greedy for.


    3rd and final : Square gems are LIFE, dont go beyond square gems because they are the cheapest and they have nice stats. If you go for pentagonal it better be a diamond. Square gems should be BRILLIANT, Diamond should be SPARKLING. or else it's just not worth it. If you want to be ridiculously tank, be my guest, enchant ur soul shield with prime parts from soul wardens. And if you want insane damage get every gem to give you additional damage.


    Gem mechanic : When "Blocking/evasion/etc../" it doesnt mean when YOU have a function TO block. it means when you character STATUS blocks, does it by itself. This means that when you press F2, and you see your character(make sure u have nothing equiped) look for the highest attribute and place a gem reflecting it(which is why I mention on the 2nd and 1st tips). Goodluck, sorry if I sounded rude I've played in the RU server, TW server as well. I main BM and love the dmgs, dmgs is life. I dont' see many bm's in the late game and that's okay- just know if u see a character with blue hair and black clothes- you just met the one that does crazy amount of damage.

    Renkai Noctis, Soha- peace out and hope u have fun. Sorry if Isounded rude but that's my shortest game guide to you I could think of with giving you as much info as I thought, gave more than asked but, hey I'm sure it helps.



    lol @ this whole post.... 




    EDIT: Like others have said, make sure you upgrade to true pirate before 50 patch or you will be spending more money,

    I'm assuming we will be going down the same path as TW because on there live stream they displayed oathbreaker weapon :c.


    So please (: 
    True pirate before 50 patch.