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  1. Use at own risk.
  2. what are we getting exactly?

    A Partridge in a Pear Treeeeee.
  3. Does this game have owpvp?

    I maxed my weapon and accessories on Alpha. Yes I know we will be getting ONE more weapon upgrade come release but that does not change anything. I think I used 5 soul stones if you think that is why misty will be packed your crazy. Please tell me how many times during Alpha/Beta you had to fend off the opposite faction while killing the dragon? Most of the time they just watch and talk to you lol. Or go to channel 85 and farm it themselves. Again like my previous post said this was only Alpha/Beta HOPEFULLY release will be different. And to answer your question Yes I had several 45's on NA all of which had the misty woods bopae and the faction dobok with maxed equipment. And I have a 50 on KR and TW. EDIT: I also have 1k kills on NA in OW. How I got that? I don't know cause I know for damn sure I didn't kill 1,000 players.
  4. Does this game have owpvp?

    What materials do you need to get from OWPVP to upgrade your weapon??? And best gems from OWPVP? lol. Which gems :)?
  5. Does this game have owpvp?

    Because they don't. But this was just Alpha/CBT I'm sure release will be much different.. hopefully.
  6. What does the Extended Booster Pack ?

    Running tomb of Exiles over and over again for the Bopae is a waste of time seeing as you will out level it in 1-2 hours.
  7. Does this game have owpvp?

    Yes, just roll FM get level 45.. take off weapon. Go to low level zone force grip them then sleep them for 45 seconds. When they try to run do it again.
  8. Missing Website Function

    I don't think they added it because at first these forums were only for BNS Alpha access accounts. So there was no need to make a link when very few people had access and most people could read their emails. However now that game is going to be released they should add one :)
  9. Name Reservation

    MOST people also don't start work at 9pm.
  10. Spanish urgent!

    Just like Australians amirite?
  11. How many people do you think will pay 30 usd a month when they complain about 15 for premium o_o? If you want something purchase it, I don't mind purchasing a costume IDC if its free in another region. We are not in that region.
  12. You should press the Windows key on your keyboard followed by L. Back away from PC, look your friends and family in their eyes and apologize for neglecting them the last few CBT weekends. Then ask them if you are still getting presents and beer even though you went MIA. Anyways It's holidays but i go to work sadly. So I'll be at work when im off work with family sometimes friends. Then play counter strike :). then school starts o_o which will keep me busy until BNS launches.
  13. Popular Name reserves

    Please stop making threads. January 14th Kappa
  14. BNS Korean pays more than 15$ a month to play. But ok
  15. Collective "What we want!" BnS post

    So you don't actually want Blade and Soul... You want another game?
  16. Founder pack benefits

    3 months premium is fine. Hell no to the custom in game chat colors. And I don't know what you mean by special names for forum posts? MASTER PACK OWNER? lol Pass. But I do agree on the weapon skin its horrid :(. I trashed it in beta. Kounat you are not able to make everything as a weapon skin? I thought you could skin anything o_O?
  17. There is no tax for the founder packs unless you live in Texas :)
  18. it will be about 175 CAD if you are from canada. Sorry mate :| I'd try to offer you ways around it but........ currency exchange is a B-word :c
  19. Are you sure? Cause I could have sworn that the staff said this game wouldn't even be releasing o_O
  20. Call it...

  21. Yeah so.... How exactly is anyone suppose to know? (: I believe its safe to assume we will use the Same client for official launch that we used in Alpha which transferred over to each CBT.