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  1. About founder pack refunding.

    No, I mean did you contact support once you noticed it not being in your bank account prior to bringing your bank into it? Is what I would have done honestly, IDK how their black listing goes if its IP or account but I just wouldn't want a permanent irreversible ban. anything in regards to finances is a permanent irreversible ban according to other complaint threads :(. I purchased 2 founders packs. A Masters and a Initiate, both via Debit Card. I refunded the Initiate and got my money back in 2-3 days as it stated :c
  2. SweetFX

    Gameguurd actually blocks SweetFX. But I am sure there are ways around it. But no like Kounat said you should not get banned for it. It is actually just an overlay on top of your client which is why you can disable/enable it with the press of a button while in game.
  3. You CANNOT call the cat WHILE it is CCed, BUT you can call the cat while its in the process of being CC'd. Example, LBD picks up cat and throws it. IF you spam E while your cat is being thrown, cat will come to you. If you do not press E and cat is sleep on floor your SOL.
  4. Early access Jan 15..

    So I'm guessing you didn't see the BDO Founder packs page then. Was pretty official too, eh ;).
  5. Free the boobless lyn!

    Top one isn't a lyn, It's a costume. Second one, I'm not sure but I don't see any tails/ears sooo :c
  6. About founder pack refunding.

    Did you not read your ticket/case that you opened with NCSOFT, via the support website or your email as all correspondences get sent there :)? It clearly states in how long it will take. If you did it TODAY you will most likely not see any money until Tuesday. Friday is holiday and Saturday and Sunday are not business days so nothing is processed on those days. Also, I would not have disputed it with my bank before contacting NCsupport first. They will blacklist your account. Well actually i guess it doesn't matter as you can just create another one in a F2P game.
  7. NCoins Question

    Nope. Sorry They will perform a NC account wipe before release of BNS Wiping EVERYTHING :( Save yourself the headache and wait till game releases and the wipe is finished. RUN Don't grab no shoes or nothin lord jesus.
  8. I'd prefer server named Boku, no, and Pico
  9. LGBT clan in NA servers?

    You are right no guild should tolerate any kinds of horse shit like that however I don't think that was OPs point. If he's legit Maybe He just wants to join a guild with LGBT. Whats wrong with that? Nothing. There are LGBT clubs for reason lol. He should have just been able to ask his question. Got a response and moved on. But Nope :). of course everyone had to come in here asking WHY he needs one. Like it matters /rollseyes
  10. Kata, You should throw F in there at the start tbh. F alongside LB will pretty much give u 100% chi uptime. My PVE rotation for summoner is. Tab > Q > 1 > F > F > LB > RB > LB > RB > LB > RB (until you can RB>RB>RB>RB>RB). Tab sends cat to mob Q sleeps cat so he holds Aggro 1 > F applies that poinson shit you need to get photosynthesis stacks. F Puts applies the healing dot that also restores CHI. then LB > RB > is your ani cancel attack. When just killing trash all i do is press LB RB LB RB and its dead. Of course this will change depending on situation. For pvp... Its literally Tab > C > Tab > F > LB > RB > LB > RB This only works on scrubs tho lol. but its a 100-0. Tab sends Cat C dazes enemy Tab pounces enemy F So you dont run out of chi LB > RB for the kill. again situational :P
  11. LGBT clan in NA servers?

    also @ Barnivere, You are extremely closed minded and probably why OP wants a LGBT friendly guild. Yes he can block people in Faction chat and everything else, but Why would he want to block people in his own guild? There is nothing wrong with OP finding a guild with open minded people who will not judge him or say F***** every 5 seconds. He doesn't want to join a LGBT friendly guild so everyone know he is homosexual. He wants to join it so he can be himself without having to worry about people bashing him. Something I guess you wouldnt understand unless you've gone through it. Also YOU may not care but you are not the rest of the internet nor do you speak for them. because I know for a fact that some people are so strong in their beliefs your race,gender,skin, and orientation still matter within a game or online chat. I can go on and on about this but ultimately it doesn't matter. OP wants LGBT friendly guild let him be in one. How will that hurt you?
  12. LGBT clan in NA servers?

    Um, you'd be surprised. Say OP is a male and has bf... In guild chat someone says I play this game with my GF. He responds sweet I play with my BF. Homophobic guild people start bashing him. LGBT friendly guild act like nothing happened. Same reason why people look for LGBT friendly doctors. Some doctors look at their patient weird when they say that they sleep with same sex. Also @ bait topic? I'm sure this is a legit question and should not be locked, it should however be moved to the clan section.
  13. No I mean C which is the Hammer Daze.
  14. TAB > C > TAB > RB RB RB RB = Win.
  15. Show us your rig!

    who clicks back when it says NEW POST anyways? Thank Di'el and Barnivere. 1,000 USD for that? It's cute af. It doesn't over heat??? My case is bigger than that and I have cooling issues. Well I HAD. but not anymore Purchased better fans
  16. Collective "What we want!" BnS post

    Bladeage pomf Bladeage. Would love to wind stride my trade packs from emerald to misty.
  17. Show us your rig!

    Wut is that o_o
  18. There is TAX on digital purchases, atleast in America IF the company you are purchasing from has a physical location in your state. So everyone who lives in Texas, has to pay State tax but its only 8%. I went to Texas back in October, I purchased a founders pack. I had to pay tax -_- But when I went back to california and purchased another for my brother I did not have any tax :) Maybe with enough complaints NCSoft will change the currency rates for EU players, I'm on your side because it does suck. My friend is from Canada so expensive for master pack for him, I just got it for him cause 200CAD is alot :/.
  19. I'd like to wear my staff somewhere else ;)
  20. Does this game have owpvp?

    I'm not looking down on OWPVP at all, in fact i enjoy OWPVP. Being in Arena all day is not my idea of fun sometimes you need breaks. Clearly If I was looking down on it I wouldn't say HOPEFULLY ON RELEASE IT CHANGES. Which implies I'm hopping it is much better than it was. You're getting hyped up for no reason at all, it is fairly amusing. What does buying things or getting lucky on spins have to do with anything. So what If I purchased soul stones or got 50000 from the wheel. Considering each daily quest gives you 1-3 soul stones o_o, I mean lol. Sorry I lied, it was not 5 soul stones it was 11 soul stones that's a lot amiright? You're only argument is you're not max level you must not play game. Nice pictures btw :).
  21. PvP ranking is ACCOUNT BOUND.

    10/10 I agree. I would love to get Plat on summoner and then run around on every other class and pretend I am the best. We should also have our gear tier account bound. Example If I have legendary stats on one character it should transfer to all characters on my account.
  22. Anyway we can get our money back

    It is possible to still get a refund, I have a Master pack and my little brother has the initiate pack. He isn't into the game because none of his friends are playing they are all focused on xbox one and ps4. So I requested a refund on his pack yesterday (which I paid for) and it was granted almost immediately. I believe 10 minutes after i opened ticket they responded?
  23. If that is the case then NCSoft needs to stop frequenting the Dojo as it is easily available there. How can they support a site and advertise it as the place to go (before they had official forums) if said site has things that are supposedly against their TOS? I will leave it, if the NCSoft moderators do not approve of it they can remove it. As of right now, I do not know if it IS even against their TOS since they seem to be okay with it. I appreciate your concern and thank you for it. However I would like an official response on this. EDIT: Corrected incorrect NCSoft spelling