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  1. BnS on Steam?

    Clearly you said steam will want all So I'm on Rhoperese side ;). Please ignore the fact that you said a take because that is completely irrelevant, in fact we don't even see it.
  2. [Suggestion] Clan vs Clan Arena

    Yeah much skill in zerg v zerg.
  3. [Suggestion] Clan vs Clan Arena

    hue skill in zerg v zerg
  4. His post sounded like a weight loss infomercial lol @ 3am in the morning
  5. Question about Master founder pack.

    So you can wear it then send it to another character?
  6. SweetFX

    Created a post about this on reddit. If you read it, it may just tell you how :c
  7. Question about Master founder pack.

    The costume is account bound? Are you sure?
  8. BnS on Steam?

    Tera's pop rised when it was added to steam, Def would not mind seeing BNS on steam :)
  9. You seem a bit upset because no one agreed with your post. This game doesn't need it. It has a PVP flagging system for a reason, someone high level kills you simply res with 3 to take costume off. Quest for a bit and put your costume back on. Or man up and keep it on and keep dying? IDK? Maybe I'd agree with you if this PVP didn't have a flagging system but since it does lol.
  10. Character Name Account Bound Option

    It's like Bomani all over again. aaaaahhhhh
  11. Come on BOOOOOOOOOOOYS Get them fake email accounts out >:) No but seriously shame on you Pohwan.
  12. What does SSD have to do with anything :c I can't hit 60 fps without it? Anyways I play with gtx 780 and 4670k and I don't even play on max settings :P I play with these However with max settings I still get 60+ Fps.
  13. Yeah... lets show them BNS is number one vote botters >_>
  14. When you find out can you please let me know so I can down vote yours as well?
  15. any spare key to enter beta?

    So... You don't have a beta key then? :/
  16. Is NA Blade and Soul Worth Playing?

    And that is why they mentioned releasing patches quickly, so that we can catch up to other regions and be able to participate. Again NEW game. What they are doing makes complete sense. So many people want them to release same patch and be up to date with KR today and jump into esports tomorrow when the other regions aren't even up to date. Since this is a new game, people will need to learn how to play the game before NA/EU can even be considered for esports. Take all the vets out because this is not for them.
  17. Is NA Blade and Soul Worth Playing?

    I'm confused tbh. Are you assuming we won't be getting new content? EDIT: New content quickly, rather. Also I don't mind how the game is releasing. They are doing what they should. This is a NEW game for NA/EU. Therefor content should be released as such. Act as if this game is not released in other regions, those regions have NOTHING to do with our version of the game tbh.
  18. Will there be pvp servers?

    5 seconds* :-*
  19. Launch Client Information!

    DEAD really???? LOL. why
  20. Is this game?

    You still have teams you cant just put on your pvp costume and kill anyone which is what I got from the OP saying "put on pvp costume and kill anyone." So I went into detail. You have teams doesnt matter if its not crimson v cerelean its still going to be red v blue. or black v white. Regardless how you look at it lol.
  21. Is this game?

    Incorrect you have "teams" Red vs Blue. You pick a team at level 4 although you are welcome to change your team throughout your BNS life time. You put on your PVP dobok and you can only attack members of the opposing team. Yes you can kill them anywhere there are no safe zones when you have the faction costume on :).
  22. Countdowns For Your Viewing Pleasure

    Good movie. Also the most pirated movie of 2015 LOL. Sucks :| 15 more days boys. Sucks I start class that week :|
  23. SweetFX

    Like I said, you need to do something to your client in order to get it to work. My client too will close if I run SweetFX :). Or If it doesn't close sweetFX just wont work ^_^. Go look at the Subreddit