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  1. New notebook for gaming

    Honestly, I wouldn't even touch Alienware IF I had a choice between others. I'd get the MSI personally, but I'm bias because I have that one and I LOVE it. On amazon it cost 1,094$ for 16GB 256SSD + 1TB HDD :). Or 1,129$ for 16GB Ram 256GB SSD + 2TB HDD. I have both a Desktop and this laptop... My desktop is 16GB Ram i5-4670k GTX 780 I did not miss my desktop at all when I went to Dallas for a month :).
  2. I'd get the 125$ pack tbh. I wouldn't even consider 75$ as the 125$ is way more bang for your buck. And if your going to max out inventory/bank on 3 characters(why you would do this idk) but since you want to do that. Its def worth the 50 extra dollars and 1.5 weeks worth of cold cuts and ramen. The 50 extra pouches you get in the pack are worth 25$ the extra 4800 Ncoin you are getting is worth 60$ which you can use to buy more pouches. plus all the extra crap.. yes crap :). Yes you can grind your way with hongmon coins but who says they will be giving those away like candy like they did in CBT? Also to go into the hongmon coins a bit more.... this is the daily spin we will get at launch according to their stream, there are only 2 options for hongmoon coins. and the option in slot 66 barely gives you anything :c Ofcourse you can spend in game gold to get them as well but meh.
  3. Sprint Key/function

    You will cancel your founders pack and no longer play a game because you have to press Shift to run or double tap W? Maybe this game isn't for you if that is your big deciding factor. See ya.
  4. We need more hair styles

    Those male lyn hairstyles tho! /drools Oh wait... what male lyn hairstyles?
  5. So you agree game is p2w? What was the point in the sentences prior to the bolded one if you were just going to unintentionally agree with me. :) EDIT: Also Each Dragon pouch cost 40 Ncoin during Alpha/CBT. So 25 USD or 2,000 Ncoin for just the last row alone. IMHO not worth it to go that far on your inventory, way cheaper to just upgrade your bank. But then again what i think is worth may not be what you think is worth.
  6. Does it matter? Will the root cause in delay change anything? Game goes live January 15th for founders pack holders and January 19th for everyone else. All that should matter.
  7. Oceanic unofficial server?

    I didn't know we still had an Oceanic community TBH. Thought Julianne slayed them.
  8. Go away, Hong clearly thanked me for all my hard work NOT you. You're welcome Hong! Anytime.
  9. Cooler Server? (EUROPE)

    Atleast its not a strawpoll /eyeroll
  10. LOL her feet so big xD
  11. Show us Messie! Just give credit (some people get really mad) :P
  12. 4 Hour wait??? What you waiting for? I'd just download the CBT client and hope it will work for Release. Not like it will hurt you to download it now :)
  13. This is basically the whole thread right now in regards to Familiar's posts. Anyways when I'm hacking on BNS to become the very best PVE'r and Diamond rank and People start complaining, I'll refer them to this thread.
  14. Game profile

    Well, technically it does say upload picture of your CHARACTER :). But as others have mentioned used common sense, if you have to ask your self "is this okay?" it's probably not okay.
  15. Importance of Choosing Servers

    Server is basically just for Dragon at launch. Future would possible be hell island and other open world stuff. and OWPVP if your into that.
  16. This is cute. The BNS community united and pulled a win TOGETHER. Regardless of race whether it be Lyn, Kun, Jin or Gon. We put our differences aside. /tear I'm so proud of you.
  17. Early access Jan 15..

    So BASICALLY, The servers WON'T go down. HOWEVER they mentioned it would be down on there founder packs page as a safety net incase they do need to take the servers down. If someone complains they can just say well we did say servers would be down for 14 hours. Nice to know and also smart on their part ^_^
  18. Thank you for your help Xandra it is really appreciate however it is useless. OP would like to see the FINAL version of these weapons and not the *this art is not final* version. This post will now be considered as spam.
  19. [suggestion] Flying?

    Flying or Gliding doesn't fit in well with this game. I do not approve of this suggestion.
  20. [Suggestion] Option to unsummon cat

    5 second unsummon just as we have a 5 second summon? I too want this. I don't always want my cat out :c
  21. Hi guys I just woke up and it seems we are losing, I'll get right on that! EDIT: Err.. Wrong forums. Sorry. Disregard