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  1. Been 10 hours :/

    reroll on different server. if youve been in que 10 hours I doubt you have much of anything.
  2. Mushin

    Change server. Simple fix. If you aren't willing to play on one of the 5000 servers they made that is your problem.
  3. Yeah lock character creation on servers we already created characters on monday-thursday. That'll teach us.. oh wait....
  4. Premium Member Queue

    You realize EVERYONE is premium right?
  5. Servers order at launch

    Jiwan is bae. You can read this.
  6. 1 time OTP Authentication key

    One thing about the Google Auth, if you lose your phone your pretty much Effd.
  7. Game Client Download Link

    Id definitely recommend uninstalled and reinstalling again it should fix your failed to connect issue if it doesn't uninstall again and submit support ticket. Also why would you think you'd be able to connect to an offline server :)?
  8. Blade & Soul preset site & etc

    All you need are the JPGs to use it as a preset.... lol
  9. help pls! with login

  10. Should I overclock my cpu for B&S?

    Blade and Soul uses 1-2 cores... The rest are their for decoration. Yes all 4 cores are used, however it is straining one more than the other. which is why single core. Only 1 core sends the GPU information. Alot of games are like this which is why it is better to get a cpu that has higher single core performance. Unless you know more information about DX9
  11. Sprint Key/function

    Bad girl, Bad, bad girl. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  12. About this 2.7 skill patch-note

    Here you go
  13. Sprint Key/function

    Changing ONE key to press another key is not bannable. Changing ONE key to press multiple keys is bannable. BNS just featured a gaming mouse on their stream... I doubt they would do that if it was bannable :).
  14. It isn't necessary, it will not affect your game play, and it helps keep our marketplace from going P2W. Reasons why it does not bother me. It's extremely convenient to have and for that you should pay for it. People will buy it as inventory space and bank space is limited. That is their selling point.
  15. [Idea] Give them what they want.

    All 6520* people who signed are NOT from Oceanic region. I wouldn't be surprised if some of those signatures were from the same person. How was anyone outside of Oceania not be allowed to sign the petition. Everyone has access to that petition regardless of region. I myself signed that petition and I am clearly not from the Oceanic region. So again what I said still stands. Unless there is a way for people in Oceania to block EVERYONE outside of their region from voting/signing/or pledging money then the only real way for NCSOFT to see how strong their player base is, is by tracing all IPs that log onto their servers. Which is obviously minimal and not profitable in their other games which is why there is still no server for you guys after years of operation. EDIT: So please point out to me where I missed the mark and went off on a tangent. I'm sincerely curious.
  16. New notebook for gaming

    Just look at the price difference, why is alienware 500 usd more? is the 970m really worth 500usd+ over the 960m? That is up to you but I'd say hell no :). I play BNS on max settings with my MSI laptop. Its fine, doesn't over heat.... most it got to was 60c. The cooling on it is lovely. It even has fan controllers.
  17. [Idea] Give them what they want.

    I'm offering both constructive feedback and criticism you jut can't see it because you are biased you will only agree with people who are in hand agreeing with your idea when it is in fact useless just like the petition and just like the countless amounts of threads regarding this issue all over the web and not just for this game either. if you want to convince NCSOFT that having a server in the Oceanic region is profitable you need to reach out to people in the oceanic region ONLY. Not people from all around the world as they are not relevant when it comes to numbers. Or do you still find that inaccurate? lol.
  18. [Idea] Give them what they want.

    Your kickstart is wishful thinking. your wishing that all 6514 or the majority of them pledge 15$ usd when most complain about premium and the price of a costume. 6000 signatures is not a lot.. If only 6,000 people from around the world are willing to sign I doubt the amount of people who pledge money will be significant. Again having people in regions other than Oceania pledging doesn't help your cause. Say this kickstart starts up.... and its succesful YAY you convinced NCSOFT to open an oceanic server (or paid them to anyways) So now they have your server but sadly its a $15 monthly sub so they can continue to make 100k a month as you mentioned in your previous post BUT since you had all regions helping out NCSOFT doesn't really know how many people in Oceania actually pledged. So now they are expecting 100k per month from there subscription. oh wait..... a lot of those pledges came from NA/EU. Do you think people in NA/EU are gonna continue to pay $15 a month for a server they aren't on even if their buddies are there? A for effort, just don't seeing this doing anything. Considering there has been many attempts and even a back and forth thread/conversation with a NCSOFT employee regarding this.
  19. [Idea] Give them what they want.

    But isn't assuming you'd get the majority of those people to pledge 15$ wishful thinking :c? that is a def a lot of money. But what about the long term?
  20. [Idea] Give them what they want.

    Well tbh.. Starting a kickstarter and asking or allowing people in other regions to support it doesnt really show NCSOFT that Oceanic players are profitable and worthy of investing a server in.... You'd have to lock it to the Oceanic reason only. I would love to see an Oceanic server for people of that region. It's just not realistic regardless of what you do to "rally" the troups.
  21. Should I overclock my cpu for B&S?

    BNS does not use more than 2 cores. I'n arena you wont have problems. OWPVP zerg v zerg you'll have problems regardless of your rig. I have my CPU clocked @ 4.2. It works fine. But like I said my fps still bounce all over the place :c
  22. Help Upgrading.

    You're welcome, next time you are confused about whether or not something has been discussed.
  23. Help Upgrading.

    Submit a ticket. Not sure what you would like the general public to do. Or a Forum moderator. Submit ticket or keep trying to apply it until it works :). Or wait for random forum viewer to magically fix it for you
  24. We need more hair styles

    I agree Cyna that wolverine hairstyle ugh...... Lyns character customization is pretty lackluster and LOL worthy to say the least.