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  1. Infinite Challenge Costume

    Got it first run, But I agree the long chat is ridiculous. -_- Should be able to turn it off.
  2. Stuck zoomed in

    You have to leave F8 or F9 when you return itll be fixed. Since there are no ques what I have been doing is CTRL ALT DLT to terminate blade and soul and then relaunch it so you stay in same group and it teleports you back to dungeon when you log back in. They need to fix this.
  3. FFS Put a Level Req. On faction/region Chat.

    Faction chat should be 45. Period. No reason to post in Faction chat if you are not high enough to participate in end game faction bullcrap. :) Problem solved.
  4. Hello, You cannot store some costumes into the wardrobe is this intentional? For example the Kaara Glasses or the Profane Shroud. Can we please update warehouse to store all costumes currently available in game :).
  5. Premium Members - Question for you...

    I have 10 minute max que on mushin
  6. Can we get this in F10 please?
  7. Can we...

    Just thought I'd throw this in here i too work 10 hours a day 6am - 430 sometimes 5. during holidays I work 5am-5pm when I get home from work I sit in 15 minute que. not bad. thanks for afk kick timers
  8. BOTS in everywhere

    I only see them when im in F8 or F9. Never seen one in game yet, however I'm 45. Doubt they will come where I am at.
  9. who ever got banned is out of luck

    Dont remember them saying they would be banning for using WTFast. A lot of their player base would be banned.
  10. Why do you think they are locked?
  11. Why do you think they are locked?
  12. How to exit first-person mode

    Got stuck in FPMMO too lol. During dungeon was weird. I left dungeon lobby and went back and that fixed it
  13. Guild Name Cooldown ?

    I agree.
  14. Server up? or Down?

    I've been fine all morning :)
  15. Guild Name Cooldown ?

    Once you use a guild name when it is deleted it CANNOT be used again. No one took it :P
  16. Wouldn't that have been refunded? as all ncoin spent is refunded? No clue tho so im curious :)
  17. Regarding The Outfit in 1 year Prem pack~

    You Know what I agree. I love this outfit and I've been debating if I should use my NCOIN to get it :) But I currently already have 4 months -_- Not sure I want to add another 12 months to that lol. Would be nice if I could buy a total of 12 months then have the option to purchase the costume or something. But I see why they did what they did, the costume is beautiful. Its an incentive, people love incentives lol
  18. Upgrade to Masters dont work!

    Hey Matsumotoo! I'd recommend submitting a ticket to support if you would like to upgrade! I'd do this ASAP as the last day to purchase founder is coming near.
  19. Would just like an update as to what is being done in regards to the server ques and AFK people. If there even is anything being done. Or will this be deleted too? (: Thought forum was way to reach out to community + moderators/staff. But how can you reach out to someone when all they do is delete your post even if it is civil with simple straight to the point questions. Well I know whos not getting an award for best moderation team of 2016 :).
  20. Sooo is anything being done or naa?

    Then this clearly does not apply to you. Carry on. Unless you can give valid information regarding an AFK kick timer, DC grace period, or server restart.
  21. Sooo is anything being done or naa?

    Yup kind of ridiculous that their focus is deleting Topics. Not like my Topic was rude. If you don't know simply say I DON'T KNOW. Deleting the Topic is kind of childish.
  22. Regarding The Outfit in 1 year Prem pack~

    you have to buy that pack specifically.
  23. Regarding The Outfit in 1 year Prem pack~

    We do have limited time outfits. Like other regions outfits rotate out frequently The christmas outfit you see in shop is disapearing after the 29th or 22nd I cant remember. I don't mind if the only way to get that costume is by spending 9,999 Ncoin its a bonus. Just like people paid 125 usd and got bonus costume.