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  1. Stupid maintenance time

    Lets math. Server maintenance started at 1am PST Server maintenance duration last 4 hours. it is now 4:13AM PST. If BNS server maintenance started at 1am with a duration of 4 hours how long do we have left? Anyone know?
  2. ** TO THE STAFF ** Thank you

    lol you made me choke on my cheeto :(
  3. Stupid maintenance time

    Def 2 o clock
  4. Is it possible...

    a few copper? maybe a few silver depending on the amount of gold you are sending over? Not sure. :(
  5. Is it possible...

    Why would you trade it if you can mail it o_O????
  6. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Can you not provide a source to validate your argument? resulting to name calling because you have failed to prove your point? the logic.
  7. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Where did they say it was suppose to be released as only a costume and not in a box? Source? oh wait.... none.
  8. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Luxoria.. When you purchase this RNG box what is it called? Is it called Costume box? NO. lol. It is not suppose to be ONLY for the costume. Do you not understand that?
  9. New RNG Box in Shop!

    No the box isn't just for the costume, its all about the costume for YOU. Like I said you cannot say why people are opening the boxes. I got the costume and guess what? I'm going to open more once the server goes up. You shouldn't be getting anything except the Keys, potions, and unsealing charm which has 100% loot chance everything else is random. You are paying for a chance at the other items. You dont like that you may not randomly get what you want (in this case the costume) then don't buy the box. Just to rub salt in your wounds cause im Petty af Doesn't he look so cute in this costume :)
  10. New RNG Box in Shop!

    You are assuming I got what I wanted, maybe I really wanted that moon water key. You have no clue. Your paying for a CHANCE to get something decent just like when you play lottery. I bought 28 boxes just to see what I would get. I didn't go in expecting anything I didnt even know what the boxes contained. 28 boxes and I have about 10+ of each element of luck. I'm happy with that more than anything. Also don't be upset at ncsoft because YOU made the decision to spend hundreds of dollars on RNG boxes that you hate oh so much.
  11. New RNG Box in Shop!

    I opened 28 boxes. Got the costume. Got 1 moonwater stone. 2 cinderland keys bunch of soulstones and a bunch of elements of luck to upgrade my weapon/accessories with come Feb10th patch. I'm not complainin :)
  12. All macros are against TOS.... Regardless if you are using it in PVE or PVP. You can however reprogram keys on your keyboard/mouse and be okay as long as 1 key uses only 1 key and not 2.
  13. Freeze Premium

    Why would you subscribe to this game in the first place if you clearly seem un happy? These issues didn't just appear over night they have been present since alpha/beta.....
  14. He's assuming everyone who kills him is using a Macro.
  15. You even playing NA/EU version of BNS? You dont get stone from any survey..
  16. Brilliant Moonwater Key

    Or you can just pay 1g and get it off the auction since NCSOFT thought it would be nice to add them 2 weeks after server is opened :D. Shoulda waited coulda saved so much money. NCSOFT is smart introduce mats after people already bought NCOIN to get it initially :P
  17. Premium compensation!

    Maintenance every day rip. For what. -_-
  18. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Is this Archeage?
  19. Rank Badge in Faction Chat

    Who cares about your rank.
  20. Read Before you go Tru Siren!.

    You are going to have to upgrade it anyways... so?
  21. Welp, just had the second recipe ninja'd

    Get friends No but seriously that sucks, I have the 100 run achievement and I've never ran into a anyone changing loot.
  22. Awakened Siren Weapons

    It isn't I promise, plus the 17% crit buff is basically always activated. I'm at true siren atm same thing its good. I'd upgrade you have to upgrade on the 10th to pirate anyways why wait :)?
  23. Awakened Siren Weapons

    Just assuming. When I used my awakened Siren weapon it worked fine. Debatable weather or not true profane is better for its chi recovery tho.