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  1. His argument is invalid because the word God is censored? When there are many different variations in guild names that would require 2 spaces....??? Please do not ever become a lawyer.
  2. Okay so if you GASP avoid faction activities why are you wearing the faction dobok? Take it off and quit complaining, simple fix really... That is one thing about BnS if you do not want to pvp you DO NOT have to. You guys are just complaining for the sake of complaining at this point. There should not have to be a compromise and honestly if there is the compromise is this.... Do not want to die, do not wear your dobok. Simple it is a win - win for all. You don't die and the people who do wear the dobok don't have to hear you complain about dying.
  3. This. Honestly, I have no sympathy for someone who complains about dying in a game where you are allowed to flag PVP on or off. I could understand if PVP was on all the time but that simply is not the case. You are questing and don't want to have to worry about someone ganking you while you turn in a quest simply remove your faction dobok, You are doing Faction dailies that require you to wear your dobok at the quest turn in? Go in a group, do it quickly, do it at a later time, or don't do it at all. If you think that turning in faction quests should be easy or without risk you are very wrong. Play another game :| I really hate saying that but eh whatever. It is not like this game requires much to get to max level.
  4. That is like saying in war when you are at your home base or talking to your general you should not be able to get shot. that is not how it works. when you are turning in your quest in a war zone you need to have your eyes opened. why is it taking you so long to turn in your quest anyways? quickly spam f and y and move on. or are you reading everything.? i dont understand o_o
  5. We need credd like system in bns or ...

    People will always buy gold regardless.
  6. Use of Names with God in them

    It isn't a tasteful name for a game anyways. Leave that in RL :)
  7. Incoming Alpha 2 People!!!!!

    Yeah I didn't know how to post it aside from a link which is here|10:0:00&targetMessage=Wooo!&textColor=333333&backAlpha=0&backColor=e2ddcd%22%20width=130px%20height=50px%20wmode=%22transparent%22%20type=%22application/x-shockwave-flash Hmmm there linking system is crap. -_-
  8. Incoming Alpha 2 People!!!!!

    K see you in November :)
  9. Incoming Alpha 2 People!!!!!

    That was happening to me during Alpha 1, All i did was completely disable my virus protection and it launched perfectly OR just add an excemption. I just tried to launch the BNS and it worked perfectly fine, obviously I was unable to complete login though :).
  10. You guys look like the cast of Little Women: LA
  11. Error E02024

    did you still need the XML reader or were you able to get it?
  12. Incoming Alpha 2 People!!!!!

    If you launch last weeks launcher it will install an update Update 4 I believe which is about 56MB? then you'll be good to go :)
  13. Here is mine :c Still trying to improve him before release! If you have any suggestions throw them at me :)
  14. Error 02024 Please Help!!!!

    You may want to take a look at this, I found this on another forum :) Reply from NcSoft Tech Support: I would like to rule out the possibility that there is another program interfering with the game connection. To do this, we use a Windows command called "MSCONFIG." Please note, this command will not uninstall any applications from your computer. All MSCONFIG does is prevent these applications from automatically starting when Windows boots up. To do this: 1. Press and hold the Windows key and then hit the R key. This should bring up the Run dialog box. 2. Type "MSCONFIG" without the quotes, and click "OK." This should open the System Configuration Utility. 3. Click on the "Services" tab and check the "Hide All Microsoft Services" check box near the bottom, then click the "Disable All" button. (You MUST click "Hide all Microsoft Services") 4. Next go to the "Startup" tab and click the "Disable All" button. 5. Once these items are all disabled, click the "OK" button and you will get a prompt to restart your computer. Please restart your computer. 6. Once you return to Windows, please try connecting to the game again. If your issue is not resolved by using MSCONFIG, please generate a new Game Advisor report. That way, we can see what, if anything wasn't disabled by these steps. To reverse these settings, simply run MSCONFIG again and click "Normal Startup" on the first window labeled "General." Note: If you need a specific application to run with Windows but still want to use MSCONFIG, just follow the above instructions and on step 4, re-check any application you feel needs to start with Windows. Examples would be wireless connection software, mouse or keyboard applications or even security applications. Please note that security applications can often be a contributing factor to such issues. If you haven’t done so already, please also disable any Anti-virus, Firewall or other security applications for testing purposes. While we do not recommend running your machine without a security application, should disabling the software help resolve your issue we can reinstall it and work to configure the application so it doesn’t cause this issue. Please try these settings and let me know if they have any effect on your issue. The link for the NCSoft Game Advisor Sfotware: (Instant Download)
  15. Incoming Alpha 2 People!!!!!

    Right, we were an all Alpha1 neighborhood. Now Alpha 2 people are here too? Their goes our property value. On a serious note, Welcome all! (: Glad we all got in.
  16. Error 02024 Please Help!!!!

    have you tried this? How are you launching BnS? With the NCsoft launcher or with the BNS Beta icon?
  17. I'm full time student and full time worker. I have friday-sunday off which are the peak days so ill be able to play it then which is perfect for me :)
  18. I spinned the wheel every chance I got. Yet I did not use 1 thing I got they all syaed in the prize claim chest for me. Yet the game was still easy, so their argument for the Daily spin being the reason the game is easy... is moot.
  19. Incoming Alpha 2 People!!!!!

    Dang, felt good in here without you guys. :|
  20. I second this. It's a good idea and the reason they stated for keeping it for premium was a good one. If you like this game 15$ a month really is nothing...
  21. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if its intended to be this way. Or maybe its just me. However I can see the triangular quest icons on my minimap but then I'm running around the town looking for the quest giver as no NPC has the triangular quest icon above their head :|. Sometimes they will appear but then they disappear right after. Is there a simple fix to this that i am missing?
  22. My anti virus aswell I'm using eset nod 32. I had to disable it in order to run BnS
  23. I would just prefer to be able to customize it tbh. Also LBM premium windwalk is the best :( wish I could have it on my FM